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8 Space-Saving Murphy Bed Designs

Check out how these Murphy bed designs cleverly maximize space and increase a room's functionality.

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Garden Igloo

Garden Igloo is a multipurpose, portable geodesic dome that can be used as a winter garden, greenhouse, gazebo, summer canopy, playground, or a …


5 Amazing Renovations in Boston

In a historic city where new builds are uncommon, these homes demonstrate how sensitive renovations balance past and present.

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Inside the Architect's Toybox: CREE LEDs at LIGHTFAIR International 2015

Rita Catinella Orrell was previously products editor at Architectural Record and the founding editor of Snap, a quarterly building products magazine. she launched, a curated list of gifts, gadgets, and gear for consumers, in 2011, and, a resource for architects …


Maison D: A no-frills family home at an affordable price - Images


Casa Invisible: Mirrored Prefab Pulls Disappearing Act

This modern prefabricated home is designed to disappear, in both its physical appearance while in place, and how quickly it can be broken down and …

The Arts

Best Friends Build Tiny Homes on a Ranch to Celebrate Their Lifelong Friendship

Four families inspired best friends everywhere when they decided to solidify their long-time friendship in an extremely unique way. After asking architect Matt Garcia for help, the friends collaboratively designed a personalized ranch right outside of Austin, Texas, so that each family would have …


What You Can Accomplish With a Single Shipping Container

We've seen shipping units stacked and configured in every conceivable way, but we're most impressed when someone creates something new and functional out of just one container. From a guesthouse to an incubator, these designers realized their dreams on the scale of a single container.

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Just Finishing Our 280 Sq Ft Home. It Has Full Kitchen And Bath. Also Stacking Washer Dryer…

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9 Modern Guesthouses

These modern guesthouses are good enough to live in.

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Interior Design

Old Laundry Room Ingeniously Converted Into Small Home by Azevedo Design

Designer Christi Azevedo of Azevedo Design converted an old laundry boiler room in California, USA into a charming guest apartment. The project was …


Muebles ecológicos de madera hechos a mano de Collaptes

en mayo 7, 2015

El estudio mexicano Collaptes nos presenta estos hermosos muebles de madera hechos a mano. Son ecológios y fomentan el diseño

Origami-style cardboard furniture for dorms, urban nomads

W.i.p finally my own container house @Flipboard via containerhouse

Casa construida con Conternedores / Studio H:T | Blog Arquitectura y Diseño

Este proyecto diseñado en 2010 por Studio H:T y construido en Nederland, Colorado, Estados Unidos, se ha valido de dos contenedores marítimos y una …

Casa construida con contenedores / Zeigler Build | Blog Arquitectura y Diseño

No es usual encontrarse con una vivienda como esta en un vecindario tipo, entre otros aspectos porque esta construida con 31 contenedores marítimos

Dallas Couple Builds Luxurious Shipping Container Home

One of the best things about shipping container architecture is that you can go as small or as large as you like. Matt and Barbara Mooney of Dallas, …


Cheers to #Flipboard @Flipboard I have mi own new container house... W.i.p

Modern Kenjo Cabin is a Solar-Powered Floating Room For a Fami...

Limmared, Sweden-based prefab builder Kenjo offers up small prefab cabins designed for those needing more space than can be used as a guest house, …


Movable Wall Reveals An Additional Room In Compact 390-Square-Foot NYC Apartment

Tucked away in a 1920s co-op building located in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan is this 390-square-foot apartment that received a …


Guerilla Furniture Design

Pizzikotto / Andrea Langhi Design

Architects: Andrea Langhi Design
Location: Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Area: 200.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Daniele Domenicali

From the architect.


Hide and Seek - The Architecture of Cabins and Hide-Outs

It’s weekend so its time to head outdoors, to the cabin. Got none? Hide and Seek - The Architecture of Cabins and Hide-Outs will give you plenty of …

Finally, Office Furniture for the Laptop Workforce

Good Mod, a Portland, Oregon, studio and retailer, develops an inventive furniture model for the 21st-century office.

When Spencer Staley started GoodMod—now a multidisciplinary design and fabrication studio, furniture repair outfit, and retailer—in 2002, he was operating from an antique mall, …


Found by HomeWorldDesign


F.Dome.30 – Self-Assembling Geodesic Dome Kit

300 square feet of space allows you to create a cozy lounge outside, but the F30 is still small enough to fit in a small garden. It’s also handy to assemble and can be moved around with little effort. Or, why not go for the full-transparent cover and make it into a perfect greenhouse?


Brace Series by Dino Sanchez - Design Milk

Dino Sanchez’s work is not stranger to Design Milk as we’ve featured his incredible scaled back designs several times before. He’s back with the …


These Modular Seats Can Be Infinitely Rearranged

Matali Crasset's light, hand-held blocks let you rearrange your living room every day without getting a hernia.

What if rearranging your furniture were (almost) as easy as changing your clothes? The Self-Made Seat, a modular seating system by French designer Matali Crasset, is designed to be …

La casa de 7m² más cómoda del mundo

Estamos presenciando un leve cambio en la tendencia cuando se trata de viviendas y del tamaño de estas. El enfoque actual es ir por un diseño

Modular home on concrete posts.

After recent email exchanges with Brandon regarding the Klaas modular building I have started to look at the idea for a current project we have here …