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A Tiny Modular Housing System For Cities Where Real Housing Is Too Expensive To Afford

Will San Francisco become a city only for the rich? The goal of these parking space-sized units is to stop that from happening.

Many cities face a real challenge to remain affordable in the future. They've become so attractive as places to live and invest that they no longer offer basic, decent …


Prefab Australian home produces more energy than it uses

Designed to capture and maximize the flows of sunlight, water and air, this prefabricated home feels modern, light and spacious.


Mini-Metropolis: Charting the Construction of NYC's First Modular Micro-Apartments

It’s no secret that rental prices in New York are amongst the highest in the world: Trying to find an affordable place to call home can feel like you are forever walking in the shoes of Ryan Nethery, creator of infamous Tumblr The Worst Room.

Now, local firm nArchitects have arrived with a …

New York

Found by Magic Suitcase

Intellectual Property

Before & After – A Brooklyn Row House Transformation

Office of Architecture have sent us some before and after images of a renovation and addition they have designed for a row house in Brooklyn, New …


House with Layers of Concrete Planters as the Facade – Stacking Green | Home, Building, Furniture and Interior Design Ideas

This is a house designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects for a couple in their thirties and their mother. It has a green integration of concrete …


These Rusty Shipping Containers Look Abandoned, But Take A Look Inside. Wow, I Can’t Believe It!

Believe it or not, there was a time when shipping container homes seemed like nothing more than a novel idea. While many saw the sustainability …


Australias first carbon-positive prefab house produces more energy than it consumes

Fronted by a floor-to-ceiling double-glazed facade, the self-sufficient Carbon Positive House was designed to maximize solar gain and passive design …

Green Living

These Tiny Homes Can Be Built in a Day

Get in on the small space movement — without the wait.

As popular as it may seem, tiny house living is simply not for everyone. But for those who are brave enough to ditch the extra square footage and downsize, there's a new, appealing option on the market.

Designed by the Dutch architecture firm …



01Upper floor with kitchen space revealed by sliding door

02Orange ceramic glass tiles in the bathroom have a 1960s feel

03Storage space under the …


5 Tiny Home Offices

A desk and a chair can fit almost anywhere. These spaces carve out home offices in petite and sometimes unexpected places.


Josep Patau presenta Pobla, una tipo que saca el mejor rendimiento en las peores condiciones

Josep Patau, al frente de Tipo Pèpel, acaba de presentar Pobla, una tipografía 4×4 que se adapta a los peores terrenos de lectura. Fuente híbrida de

10 fuentes gratuitas para titulares

Hoy te ofrecemos 10 fuentes gratuitas para titulares en una nueva entrega de recursos «free». Tipografías con diferentes estilos para elegir al gusto.

7 Places to Find Inexpensive, Modern Furniture

Go-Cart Mint Console Table, $169 from CB2 Of course we all love IKEA, but sometimes you want something just a little different (or something that all …


Fumi Nakamura's Art


Fumi Nakamura es una artista con sede en Nueva York, centrada en la ilustración, con un pasado dentro del mundo de la moda, y con una larga …

Casa MMMMMS / Anna & Eugeni Bach

• Arquitectos: Anna & Eugeni Bach
• Ubicación: 17465 Camallera, Girona, España
• Área: 300 mt2
• Año Proyecto: 2014
• Fotografías: Cortesía de Eugeni Bach
• Aparejadora: …

Pussycat Yoga | Posters minimalistas de gatos haciendo Yoga

en febrero 4, 2015

Pussycat Yoga es una serie de posters minimalistas realizados por la ilustradora Ella Goodwin, con gatitos en pose de Yoga.


The Guardian: nuevo diseño web

Después de ocho meses de trabajo, el diario británico The Guardian presentó su nueva página web a finales del mes pasado. El equipo del periódico, …

Kids' Toys That Look So Good You Won't Want To Put Them Away

Face it, your kid's toys are never going to be neatly stored. So they might as well look good when they're scattered all over the living room floor. That means no lights, no blaring sounds to wake you up at six a.m., and no Disney junk. Just good design rendered tiny. We've pulled together some …


Got Wood? All-Natural Furniture Is Having a Moment

See the 13 latest home-design pieces—for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and office—spotted by our Details Network community contributors.


Mini House : Modular Structured House with Modern Scandinavian Design

Mini House is a simple building that takes only 15 square meters to provide you with all your basic living needs. It functions as a weekend resort or …


One Bedroom Became Three in This Space-Efficient San Francisco Renovation

Architect Karen Curtiss of Red Dot Studio transformed a one-bedroom into a three-bedroom without increasing space.

Architect Karen Curtiss’s clients gave her only one mandate concerning the renovation of their early 20th-century cottage in San Francisco: convert the one-bedroom into a three-bedroom. …

San Francisco

8 Clever Uses of Curtains

The right window dressing can turn virtually any room into a beautiful space. Here are some examples of deftly deployed drapes and curtains.

New York

7 Super Cool Tiny Houses Revolutionizing Micro-Living

Finally, "small is beautiful" is having its moment...

How to Build the Little Tundra-Proof Case-Study House That Could

In Canada’s Yukon territory, where temperatures can regularly dip as low as -58 °F, a tiny case-study house is a model of efficiency even in the harshest climate: Laird Herbert of Leaf House Small Space Design and Build recently completed the third iteration of his tiny house design.

While the house …

Yukon Territory

BetaBox: A Mobile Prototyping Lab in a Shipping Container

A group of young entrepreneurs turn a shipping container into a mobile incubator for innovation.

The so-called maker movement has the potential to fundamentally change the way things are developed, produced, and fixed in this country, but its shift into the mainstream depends on access to technology …


Shipping Container-Inspired House Idea

German architect Han Slawik created his Homebox design based on the shipping container building model, taking into consideration the ease of …