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F.Dome.30 – Self-Assembling Geodesic Dome Kit

300 square feet of space allows you to create a cozy lounge outside, but the F30 is still small enough to fit in a small garden. It’s also handy to assemble and can be moved around with little effort. Or, why not go for the full-transparent cover and make it into a perfect greenhouse?


These Modular Seats Can Be Infinitely Rearranged

Matali Crasset's light, hand-held blocks let you rearrange your living room every day without getting a hernia.

What if rearranging your furniture were (almost) as easy as changing your clothes? The Self-Made Seat, a modular seating system by French designer Matali Crasset, is designed to be …


La casa de 7m² más cómoda del mundo

Estamos presenciando un leve cambio en la tendencia cuando se trata de viviendas y del tamaño de estas. El enfoque actual es ir por un diseño

Modular home on concrete posts.

After recent email exchanges with Brandon regarding the Klaas modular building I have started to look at the idea for a current project we have here …

United Kingdom

Residential Design Inspiration: Large Pivot Doors - Studio MM Architect

As many of you know, our Residential Design Inspiration posts are often created around design decisions we’re delving into at that moment in our …


5 Tiny Family Homes

You might be able to survive comfortably in a small space—but what about room for the whole family? These petite spaces are built for more than one.

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Originally appeared in Tiny House Fits a Family in 196 Square Feet

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Originally appeared in All Together Now

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Cilindro estufa para supervivencia

Like the Haitian earthquake of 2010, last year's Japanese tsunami disaster spurred designers to re-think what an effective, life-saving response …


Cantilevered Conversion: Sleek Modern Cargo Container Office

Article by Urbanist, filed under Offices & Commercial in the Architecture category.

While many intermodal freight crate transformations turn steel …


Antarctopia: A Vision of Past & Future Polar Architecture

[ By Steph in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ]The most remote and climactically unforgiving place in the world, Antarctica has served as a …


Details & Diagrams: $1,000 IKEA Flat-Pack Refugee Shelter

Article by Urbanist, filed under Houses & Residential in the Architecture category.

Emergency shelters are designed to be short-term solutions, and …


Two if by Sea: DIY Cargo Shipping Container Home on Stilts

“One if by land, two if by sea” goes the poem of Paul Revere – but not in reference to a pair of sea-shipping containers radically converted into a …


Construcción con Contenedores IV. Puertas y ventanas exteriores. - Bajatec Manuales: Soluciones caseras sostenibles.

Por fin me he puesto a añadir este cuarto post del monográfico que trata la construcción de una casa utilizando contenedores de carga. Una vez que el …

150 Best Mini Interior Ideas

Featuring interiors that exemplify the beauty and simplicity of small-space design, 150 Best Mini Interior Ideas is the latest volume in the …

Contemporary Red Shipping Container Home With Glazed Door

Labeled in shipping container home design, shipping container home builders, shipping container homes this Contemporary Red Shipping Container Home


Architecture Photograph: Eccentric Shipping Container House With Brown Paint Wall Feat The Wooden Material Which Has The Wide Door, modern interior design, metal fence, balconies

Eccentric Shipping Container House With Brown Paint Wall Feat The Wooden Material Which Has The Wide Door

Home » Architecture » Enchanting Shipping …


The Jigless Kit helps you fabricate a bicycle at home using 3D printed parts | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Mar. 31, 2015 | By Simon

It’s been a wild and crazy past few years for bicycle design thanks in no small part to the conveniences of digital …


国外有哪些「集装箱」成功改造的案例分享 ?

PUMA City-Shipping Container Store

设计方:LOT-EK工作室 位置:美国

纽约建筑团队LOT-EK和Puma联合创作的的Puma City真是个大规模的空间规划。 它是由24个70英尺货柜自由装配组合而成的可移动概念商店,交错的堆叠呈现虚实的变化以及透光与不透光的美感。这个周身涂满红色外加巨型Puma标志的“移动城堡”,不仅保持了Puma的品牌形象,更 …


House Nara-Zaka

The site is located near the Todaiji Temple in Nara. The location is on the hill with a great view. It is situated on the slopes. This is the home for couples without children.

This house is a two-story with a basement. The structure of underground is RC; the structure of the ground floor is a steel …

Living Rooms

La Trefecta DRT es la súper bici-moto eléctrica y plegable que muchos querríamos tener

A primera vista engaña, pero este híbrido de bicicleta y motocicleta eléctrica es un pequeño prodigio de la ingeniería en la que han colaborado …

14 Off-Grid Projects to Cut Your Energy and Water Usage

Whether you’re building a cabin in the woods that’s disconnected from any power or water sources, or just want to reduce your utility bills, going …

Natural Resources

Modern Functional Space-Saving Furniture Collection - Design Milk

The following post is brought to you by NYFU. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

If you …


A Modern Micro Home from Australia via:

This Prefab Cube Shrinks an Entire House Into One Tiny Structure

Those on a quest to rethink small-space living build tiny houses, install pop-up rentals on vacant lots, and design portable 10-square-foot …

Interior Design

Greensburg Cubed - Green Haus - Kansas State University Exterior 2