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Banksy's Ronald McDonald Sculpture for "Better Out Than In"

For the 16th day of “Better Out Than In,” Banksy has tackled a familiar subject: corporate business and McDonald’s in particular. Dubbed Shoeshine, the new piece is the controversial street artist’s latest commentary on big business and depicts “the powerful figure of Ronald McDonald waving …


Banksy: Why A Million-Dollar Artist's Work Sold For $60

Branding is everything. It can make or break your business.

Companies that get this, spend millions in cultivating strong brands that secure them a loyal following. If you think about what consumers need vs. want, the majority of purchases fall in the “wants” category. Those desires are influenced …


Banksy New Street Piece For "Better Out Than In" - TriBeCa, NYC

Located somewhere in TriBeCa, we will update this post with a more accurate location as soon as possible so keep checking back!

Update: Location =

Banksy “Better Out Than In” Day 15 – ‘Flower Tower’ Check out the piece here...

Banksy hits New York City, but the city hits back

Acclaimed street artist Banksy has crossed the pond from his native UK, and is now leaving his marks all around New York City. Since October 1st, he's created upwards of 10 pieces as part of his monthlong "residency" (to borrow a term from the professional art world), titled "Better Out Than In." …


Banksy Sold Original Artwork For $60 In New York City

NEW YORK -- NEW YORK (AP) — Banksy, the British graffiti artist causing a sensation in New York City, says he sold a few of his artworks over the weekend for up to $60 apiece, far below the thousands they typically fetch.

Banksy wrote on his website that he had set up a stall in Central Park on …

New York City

Banksy Sells Originals For $60 Each At Central Park Booth

With pop-up booth, famed street artist makes just $420 for paintings worth hundreds of thousands.

British street artist Banksy is no stranger to being …

Banksy Channels 'Gladiator' for "Better Out Than In"

Art doesn’t have to take inspiration from the high-brow for an effective piece. Banksy proves exactly that with the latest installment of “Better Out Than In”: a quote from Ridley Scott’s Russell Crowe-starring drama Gladiator. Said Banksy of the Queens-set piece, “Some people criticize me for using …

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Associated Press

Banksy Sells Art for $60 in NYC

Hey New York, get it together. Banksy put some of his original signed pieces up for sale at a Central Park booth on Saturday for just $60—they have an estimated value of over $40,000 each—and hardly anyone stopped to buy them. “A lady buys two small canvases for her children, but only after …

New York City

Banksy Set Up a Booth in Central Park to Anonymously Sell His Original Artwork For $60 Per Piece

Elusive street artist Bansky is currently creating art around New York City for his month-long Better Out than In street show. As a sneaky stunt, …

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Collectible Art At Street Prices: Banksy Sells Pieces For $60

New Yorkers who love a good bargain missed a golden opportunity Saturday, when the artist and provocateur Banksy, whose sly graffiti art adorns collectors' walls, opened a sidewalk kiosk in Central Park to sell his work for $60 apiece.

With original signed art works zip-tied to the wire walls of his …


Banksy Quotes 'Gladiator' In His Latest Mural

Over the weekend, street artist Banksy pulled an outrageous stunt in Central Park, selling valuable art on the cheap to unsuspecting tourists.

For today's installment in his month-long series on the streets of New York, he headed to Queens, where he painted a quote from the movie "Gladiator":


Exit Through the Gift Shop

Would You Buy A Banksy From A New York Stall For $60? Not Many Did

If there was ever proof that the financial value of contemporary art is tied up in marketing and context, it was that British street artist Banksy set up a stall selling signed original canvases to passers by in New York’s Central Park yesterday for $60, yet had only managed to offload one by …


Banksy Sells Original Artwork for $60 in Central Park

Street artist Banksy set up a stall in New York's Central Park Saturday, selling his original pieces — worth tens of thousands of dollars each — for $60.

The event was documented on video and posted on Banksy's website. It took several hours for the first artwork to be sold, to a lady who managed to …

New York City

Banksy Engaged In An Ingenious Stunt This Weekend, Secretly Selling Incredibly Valuable Art For Cheap On The Street

This is pretty clever.

Infamous street artist Banksy — who is in NYC for the entire month revealing new pieces of graffiti or art installations every day — took to the streets and sold original versions of his famous art at cut-rate prices.

The catch: The average passerby would have had no idea that …


Yesterday, Banksy set up a stall in Central Park selling 100% authentic Banksy canvases. Did anyone get one?

Banksy sells original works worth a fortune for £38 each in New York booth

British street artist Banksy is no stranger to being in demand with just one of his pieces fetching up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. But it was a different story for the artist, currently in New York on a residency, when he set up a pop-up booth in Central Park on Saturday.

Writing on his …

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Banksy Has Unannounced Art Sale with Genuine Signed Canvases in Central Park, Sells Almost Nothing

For his 13th day in New York, Banksy pulled a fantastic prank on unsuspecting passersby in Central Park yesterday by setting up an unannounced art …

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Banksy’s “Sirens of the Lambs” Stuffed Animal Slaughterhouse T...

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Graffiti Artist ‘Banksy’ Has Tourists Flocking to One of NYC’s Most Dangerous Areas

His name is “Banksy” — the rarely-seen British graffiti painter whose legions of fans see his work as great art. Banksy recently arrived in America and started what his website calls “an artist’s residency on the streets of New York.”

Each day during his “residency,” Banksy is posting a snapshot of …


“Sirens of the Lambs” by Banksy - Curators, Cultivators, Collaborators. Shop The Hottest Streetwear Brands

In his continuing series “Better Out Than In” Banksy is taking on the meat industry with his new piece “Sirens of the Lambs”. Using a beat up …

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Banksy Unleashes A Creepy Slaughterhouse Delivery Truck On The Meatpacking District

Street artist Banksy has unleashed a slaughterhouse delivery truck filled with squealing, animatronic lambs, cows, and chickens on the streets of New York City.

The mobile installation, called "Sirens of the Lambs," is the eleventh work in the artist's month-long series in the Big Apple.

It will …

New York City

Old Brooklyn Hustlers Charging New Brooklyn Hipsters To See Free Banksy Art

Enigmatic street artist Banksy has put up a new piece in a New York City public space each day since the beginning of his show “Better Out Than In.” When word spread that his latest piece popped up in East New York, Brooklyn, several curious and brave citizens made their way to a part of the city …

New York City

Banksy’s New York Project Took a Very Brooklyn Turn Today

The pseudonymous artist Banksy is currently doing a monthlong “residency” in New York City, which he has titled “Better Out Than In.” The project …

New York City

Famous Graffiti Artists (Including Banksy) Talk About Banksy's Troubled New York Work

Banksy’s recent New York appearances are the biggest news in the local art scene, especially because attention-hungry street artists can’t stop …