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These 10 tiny homes prove that less is so much more.

In case you hadn’t noticed, tiny homes are the next big thing.


Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s because this home, built in the wasted space …


Exotic Ladakh

9 tips to travel on the cheap from someone who's visited 125 countries on $15 a day

Wish that you could afford to travel more?

According to Patrick Martin Schroeder, you can.

For the past eight years, he's traveled around the world and spent approximately $45,000 in the process, which averages out to just $15 per day.

To date, he's visited 125 countries, including all of North …


The gorgeous simplicity of life as a Siberian nomad

Khanty-Mansiysk is an oil-rich and hilly region in central Russia. About 1.5 million people populate this vast area the size of France. The English-language newspaper Siberian Times has called it “the Siberian equivalent of Texas.” Over half of Russia’s oil is produced here. Today, the capital of …

Oil Reserves

A Backpacker's Guide to Months of Travel

Backpacking: no set route, just buying a one way ticket and seeing where the world leads you. This has been my plan since last summer, and I'm now a month into my post-grad travels that will end whenever I feel is the right time to go home.

How do you pack for a trip that you may not necessarily …


10 of the smartest new hostels in Europe

Generator Paris, France

This hostel brand continues its expansion across Europe with the opening of its largest property yet: a 950-bed behemoth in the heart of Paris’s up-and-coming 10th arrondissement. Focusing on young travellers who want a smart place to stay but presumably care more about …

Europe Travel

Photographer's 30 year road trip to document American individuality

• David Graham went on his first road trip in 1981 to capture distinct characters from coast to coast• 
Graham said his pictures are often about the

Road Trips

Meet the nomadic photographer who has been road-tripping with her dog around the US for the past 7 years

In 2008, Alison Turner quit her job in ad sales, hit the road with her rescue dog, Max, and didn't look back. Over the past seven years, Turner and Max have circled the US three times, driven over 100,000 miles, and made several trips to their favorite destination, the American Southwest.

“Ever …


For 10 Years, I’ve Been Climbing And Photographing The Polish Tatra Mountains

I am Karol Nienartowicz, a 30 year old mountain photographer from Poland. For 10 years I have been climbing and photographing Tatras – the highest …


Meet this month’s BBC Travel Photo Nomad

Chris Schober, the winner of May’s photo competition, tells us how he got this amazing shot.

Congratulations to Chris Schober, the winner of May’s photo competition! This month’s theme was Britain’s hidden gems.

Every month, a new winner will be inducted into our Photo Nomad Hall of Fame. We recently

Travel Photography

Calling all Canadian travellers: Get that maple leaf off your backpack

It’s not hard to spot a Canadian while travelling – he or she is usually the one sporting a giant flag on their luggage or backpack. While other travellers may have other countries’ flag patches sewn onto their packs, marking the places they’ve gone, Canadians are the only people in the world who …

Travel (Canada)

The Best Small Hotels Around the World

From Colombia to Chicago

Choosing a tiny hotel will certainly ensure you with that extra attention (or in the case of The 404 in Nashville, extra privacy), as well as more authentic, creative amenities. We’ve rounded up a dozen with incredible appeal—from elephant rides on a private beach in Sri …


The Antarctic Snow Cruiser

In 1939, scientists and engineers at Chicago’s Armour Institute of Technology designed and built a massive new vehicle intended for use in Antarctic exploration. The Antarctic Snow Cruiser measured 55 feet long, weighed more than 37 tons fully loaded, and rolled on four smooth 10-foot-tall tires …


How to Make Your Adventure Story Truly Epic

Do you find yourself reading stories about adventures in outdoor magazines and websites and feeling down about what you did on your summer vacation? …

An LR4 on Southern Africa’s most challenging public road – and all to prove a point.

Some years ago I fell out of favor with Land Rover South Africa when I reviewed their newly released Discovery-2. I didn’t like it one bit. And that …


Sealander Is A Small Amphibious Camper Making a Big Splash

The Sealander combines comfortable camping accommodations with the ability to float on water.Sealander Is A Small Amphibious Camper Making a Big …


10 independent bookshops you should visit worldwide: our readers recommend

Wherever you are in the world, visiting a bookshop is always a treat – but with their numbers dwindling, independent stores that offer something unique are increasingly becoming a destination in themselves. Last year we rounded up some of the world’s most weird and wonderful bookshops – from a …

Allen Ginsberg

9 Striking Photos Of Borders Around The World

Any experienced traveler knows that it's possible to be in two places at once... and sometimes, even three. Some borders are simply metaphorical lines on a map. But other borders provide stark, physical contrasts between one country or region and another.

There are borders that blaze through trees, …

Europe Travel

The excitement of planning a trip…

How often do we hear the statement that it’s the journey not the destination that counts. Prior to any journey commencing is the planning – this is …

Bicycle Touring

15 of the world's craziest roads that push travelers to the edge

There's nothing quite like a relaxing drive down a country road, sun shining and music playing. There's also nothing like nearly plummeting off the edge of a cliff because you didn't quite make a tight turn.


These wild roads around the world will get your adrenaline pumping, or at least give …


Well, that was so much fun! Too much wine to drive so we ended up with the top up in the city ;-) #vanlife #campvibes #vanagonlife #westylife #crepeattack #subarudiesel #explore #argentina #Bomboclockman

Plan Your Next Himalayan Expedition Mindfully

So what now? Two devastating years on the busiest mountain in the Himalaya leaves many questions.

The earthquakes in Nepal this season have had a devastating affect on the local people, particularly those in the mountainous regions of the country. The economic and emotional damage will be present …


1991 VW Vanagon Syncro the perfect "getaways" vehicle - SFGate

Steve Davidson is an attorney in Oakland practicing estate planning, probate and trust administration law. He creates customized living trusts for clients in the Bay Area, presents seminars on the subject, and teaches a certified estate planning course to financial professionals.

Back in the '70s, …


Paris street art: Gare du Nord goes graffiti with Quai 36 project


Nature retaking what was hers

IT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS SWALLOWED UP BY NATURE. Vines are creeping up the walls, windows, doors, around staircases, and inside houses.Gouqi Island — one …


Best summer trips of 2015

Make this a summer to remember by snowboarding in the Australian Alps, stargazing in a Sedona red rock canyon, or exploring a volcanic Global Geopark in South Korea. Whether you’re craving adventure or relaxation, our editors’ list of ten Best Summer Trips—plus one reader’s choice—offers a world of …

Europe Travel

The Roads of Costa Rica

We were cruising down the Pan-American Highway on a new water-cooled BMW 1200GS, as the tropical vegetation whizzed by in an ever-changing …

Central America Travel