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How to Be a Good Traveler in 10 Easy Steps

Those who leave their homes for temporary jaunts to other places can be sorted into three basic categories:

Tourists, travelers, and good travelers.

(Notice that last one wasn’t capitalized — this isn’t about me.)

I owe many of my most memorable trips to the serendipitous kindness of strangers, and am …

Golden Rule

The Tourism Benefits of Being Called the ‘Next Berlin’

Pedestrians walk through the center of town in Leipzig, Germany. vxla / Flickr
Skift Take:
No matter whether it's hype or reality, these "next" titles …


30+ Unbelievable Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet

Fly Geyser, Nevada, UsasourceTianzi Mountains, ChinasourcePamukkale, TurkeysourceZhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu, ChinasourceDragonblood Trees, …

United Kingdom

America’s most beautiful college libraries


11 steps to Frenchify yourself

It takes much more than learning the language to become a real French person. The process of “Frenchification” is what will upgrade you from expat to …

World Politics

The 8 Hardest Places in the World to Visit

Some countries in the world are difficult to visit because they're waaaaay off the beaten path, while others are tough because they just don't like you. Or at least, don't want you there. And these eight strongholds -- well, they're a combination of both: Remote, hard-to-get-to and run by …

Korea Travel

10 of the best festivals in Europe ... that you’ve probably never heard of

Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria

With a wild camping vibe – bonfires, small stages and bunting in the trees – Meadows in the Mountains has built a reputation over the past five years for offering a uniquely magical experience. Set in the lush environment of the Rhodope Mountains, mornings are …

Electronic Music

On the Importance of Keeping in Touch With Old Friends

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from James “Uncle Buzz” Surwilo.

“The friend is the person whom one is in need of, and by whom one is needed. Life …


The rise of bikepacking in Scotland

Bikepacking is one of the newest outdoors trends in Scotland. Why is it so popular?

The activity of bikepacking has featured increasingly in articles, …


One Photographer, Two Backpacks, and an Epic Three-Year Journey

In March 2010, photographer Uruma Takezawa left Japan with two backpacks—one on his front and one on his back. More than a thousand days later he returned.

Carrying only his clothes, cameras, a computer, a tent, and a sleeping bag, Takezawa set out to create a body of work that celebrates the …

Travel Photography

The open road is calling, where would you go?

2015 Tours of a Lifetime


Set off into the wild on your own ultimate backpacking trip

Camping close to home and going on day hikes over easy trails is great, but backpacking takes things to a whole new level.

Gaining new hobbies is …


Camping in Grindelwald, Switzerland

Climbing high into the Swiss Alps you can often feel as though you are entering a different world – the villages and steep and pointy mountains are …


Head to Head: Wagon or Pickup

It would be an obvious assertion to say that overlanders have traditionally favored the wagon, or contemporary SUV, as the preferred platform for …


Drive (or walk!) right through America's coolest tunnel trees

Nothing really highlights just how massive a redwood or sequoia tree can be quite like fitting your family mini van right through the center of one. …

United States

5 American habits I had to give up when I traveled for 22 months straight

At the end of January 2011, I got a stamp on my passport at Incheon Airport outside of Seoul, South Korea.

Freshly 24, I had just spent a year teaching English in the Korean capital.

Next stop: Beijing, on the way to Lanzhou, an industrial town in the center of China where I'd celebrate the Spring …


Why You Should Live in an RV During Your 20's

Some days living in an RV drives me crazy. It’s a small space, dishes pile up after a single meal, and you have to constantly dump your own… well, …

World Domination

The Real Way Around

Wheels (frt/rr): 21/17 in

Around-the-World Comparison: 2015 KLR VS. 2015 BMW 1200 GSA


With typical packages, luggage,

and basic modifications.

A Journey to the End of the World: Tracing Polar Explorer Shackleton’s Footsteps a Century Later

What a seal bodyguard and 2,200-year-old moss have to do with a watershed moment in exploration history.

On April 24, 1916, five men led by polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, the third officer on Captain Scott’s Discovery Expedition, set out on an 870-nautical-mile journey on a 22-foot glorified …

World History

The 7 Natural Wonders Of The Pacific Northwest

April 16, 2015 Danika Harrison 0 Comments

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful regions of the United States and offers some of the most …

Pacific Northwest

Luxury festival camping: ten of the best


National Park Secrets: 10 Fresh Ways to Find Paradise

National Parks

Two Wheeled Nomad: A walk on the wild side

Do you ever let your mind wander to a place just out of reach? Have you seen the fossils of extinct creatures in museums and wondered what they were

Walk on the Wild Side

Overland Exotics

I could preface this piece with with any number of justifications as to why its necessary, but I’m going to call it what it is: This is an …


The heart of historic Mexico City

Mexico’s revitalised capital thrums with reminders of its storied past – and of the cosmopolitan energy that characterises the city today.


Featured Vehicle: 2003 Nissan Xterra

Several weeks ago we posted a feature listing our picks for the top five overland options for 2015. Absent from the list, and causing a considerable …


The Birth Of Your Four Legged Adventure Mobile

While searching for your perfect Overland vehicle, remember that nothing is perfect, and everything is a balance. This match making process is about …

Northwest Territories

Legends of Baja

A cool breeze drifted off the Pacific Ocean, carrying with it the typical morning fog that Tijuana, Mexico, is known for. Somewhere in the border …

La Paz