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32 massive parties everyone should go to in their lifetime

Most people dream about hitting one epic party in their lifetime, whether it's Oktoberfest in Germany, Carnaval in Brazil, or Mardi Gras in New Orleans, USA.

We've found the biggest and wildest parties around the globe.

From dancing in a whirlwind of colors at India's Holi festival to throwing …

Mardi Gras

Photojournalists Shine Light on Empowered Women Throughout the World

“I was about to begin a journey, the journey of my life, in understanding how extraordinary women are, and how even when we view them as victims they are in fact heroes and survivors.” – Annie Griffiths, Executive Director of Ripple Effect and Photographer. Today, be blown away by the powerful …


Going 'Wild': Why more women are seeking out adventure

If your idea of a vacation with friends involves a giant margarita, poolside massages or slot machines, you might be surprised by the latest travel trend. Grab your hiking boots and backpacks — more and more people are planning vacations that feature tents instead of hotel rooms, and Nalgenes …


Drive-In Camping: Top Spots to Pull Up and Pitch a Tent

Driving into the woods and setting up camp only a few feet from your bumper may not have the same cache as hauling a 50-pound backpack into the …


The 3 Greatest American Road Trips to Take in Summer

by Mark Ellwood and Gaia Filicori for Condé Nast Traveler

With gas prices more than a full dollar lower than this time last year -- the lowest they've been since 2009 -- there's no better time to take a classic American road trip. Here are our six favorite road trip itineraries, including where to …

Road Trips

25 Things Only Campers Understand

Do you consider yourself a camper? Do you sleep outside, get dirty and enjoy sitting around a campfire? Then you might be able to relate to these …


The world's coolest caravans and RVs

Asia Travel

The world's most unusual gardens

Europe Travel

Take Your Kit from Car Camping to Backpacking

First things first: Rules are meant to be broken. I once unknowingly lugged a full-size cast-iron skillet into the backcountry on a gear-testing trip …



Photo: kris krüg

Would you like to join us on an expenses-paid rally race across the sun-bleached heart of the Indian subcontinent? Drive a vintage

Asia Travel

10 of the best museums in Europe… that you’ve probably never heard of

Museum Kampa, Prague

A line of yellow penguins and a group of giant, faceless crawling babies marks the site of Museum Kampa, a modern art gallery on Prague’s leafy Kampa Island. The giant babies – by Czech sculptor David Černý – and the surreal penguins,which glow brightly at night, are a popular …


What People Around the World Dream About

An atlas of the subconscious, from Tijuana to Reykjavik

The first thing I learned is: Everybody flies.

Consider the surly taxi driver I met in Ukraine who, when asked what he dreamed of at night, responded, “I jump and then I fly—higher than the trees, higher than the trolley wires.”

“I think when I …


Camping will set you free

Peru is a country rich in culture. It is also vast, challenging, and home to the best adventure riding to be found in both quality and in quantity. A …

Travel (Canada)

Zion National Park's Hidden Hike

IF ZION NATIONAL PARK had a marquee, it would be crowded with the names of world-famous hikes—Angels Landing, Observation Point and the Narrows, among them. But a lesser-known route, the Subway slot canyon, easily deserves equal billing.A narrow passage of eroded red rock filled with chilled, dark …


The 20 best US towns for outdoor adventure

This list could easily have 100 places. The US simply has so many canyons and rivers and slopes, so much coastline, all of it with rad little towns along the way.

So putting together this list, we narrowed it down with a few criteria:

The place should be an actual town, not just a spot or …


Your Biking Photos

Altiplano, Bolivia

Utrecht, Netherlands

Antigua Guatemala

Ngong Hills, Kenya

Fano, Italy

Suzhou, China

Boskoop, Netherlands

Ladakh, India

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gdynia, Poland

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

Baghan, Myanmar

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Merzouga, Morocco

Amasra, Turkey

Stockholm, Sweden

China Travel

European Train Trips

Much of European train travel is about efficiency and comfort—punctually leaving and arriving and having a cozy seat or sleeper compartment in which to devour the latest issue of the Economist. But rail travel in the United Kingdom and on the Continent is also about experience: gaping out the window …

Middle East Travel

9 New Places You Must Add To Your Travel Bucket List

While seeing the places you know and are familiar with is all fine and well, sometimes, adventuring into the unknown can be immensely rewarding. The following nine places may be a bit remote, but they're absolute must-sees before age gets the best of you:

Milford Sound, Southland, New Zealand

Milford …

Bucket Lists

Surreal towns, shaped by nature

From manmade, moveable islands to an entire town built in a meteorite crater, these are some of the strangest ways in which people have adapted their settlements to Mother Nature.

Many travellers tend to seek attractions of the manmade variety: art and architecture, food and music, history and …

Europe Travel

5 travel experts reveal the best places they've ever visited

Some people get to travel for a living.

These are the people we count on to tell us what places are worth a trip and what places aren't, along with other essential travel tips.

We asked five of these experienced travelers what their favorite destinations are.

Here's what they said:

Anne Banas, …

U.S. Travel

America's grumpiest visitors

U.S. Travel

How NOT to behave in 15 countries around the world

After this year's horrible winter, the spring travel bug should be biting with a vengeance. But as you plan your getaways, try not to become the stereotypical "Ugly American."

We did our own research and took a look at a Quora thread that addresses the issue of travel etiquette. In the thread, …

Europe Travel

The Off-Road Retirement Plan

DetailsApril 10, 2015- By Angela White

One year ago, Bob and Jean Fouty bought a Hallmark Cuchara pop-up truck camper and set-out to explore the dirt, …

How to Be a Good Traveler in 10 Easy Steps

Those who leave their homes for temporary jaunts to other places can be sorted into three basic categories:

Tourists, travelers, and good travelers.

(Notice that last one wasn’t capitalized — this isn’t about me.)

I owe many of my most memorable trips to the serendipitous kindness of strangers, and am …

Golden Rule

The Tourism Benefits of Being Called the ‘Next Berlin’

Pedestrians walk through the center of town in Leipzig, Germany. vxla / Flickr
Skift Take:
No matter whether it's hype or reality, these "next" titles …


30+ Unbelievable Places That Look Like They’re From Another Planet

Fly Geyser, Nevada, UsasourceTianzi Mountains, ChinasourcePamukkale, TurkeysourceZhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu, ChinasourceDragonblood Trees, …

United Kingdom

America’s most beautiful college libraries


11 steps to Frenchify yourself

It takes much more than learning the language to become a real French person. The process of “Frenchification” is what will upgrade you from expat to …

World Politics

The 8 Hardest Places in the World to Visit

Some countries in the world are difficult to visit because they're waaaaay off the beaten path, while others are tough because they just don't like you. Or at least, don't want you there. And these eight strongholds -- well, they're a combination of both: Remote, hard-to-get-to and run by …

Korea Travel