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What Does Your Car Camping Vehicle Say About You?

As rent skyrockets in most ski towns, and the trend of mobile tiny homes continues to proliferate, more and more disgruntled ski bums are flocking to …


The usual way to scare off bears on North American hiking trails is by wearing a bell. Seriously, it sounds as if it may as well be a dinner bell.

Buenos Aires

Blood Runs Cold

Most English speakers are familiar with the cliché ‘my blood ran cold’. It occurs to me that for such a phrase to get worn out, many writers had to …


Northern British Columbia

British Columbia is a HUGE and beautiful province. We experienced the Northern portion of it as we crossed from the province of Alberta towards the …

Northern Canada

The building and testing of the Ultimate World Toyota Land Cruiser

In 2010 I was sitting under a tree in the Hoanib River in north western Namibia (while shooting a TV show and looking for desert elephant), all on my …

South Africa

10 Guided Tours That are (Actually) Worth Taking

Exceptional excursions for travelers who have been burned by group tours before.

The words “guided tour” can be a turn-off to many avid travelers. If you’ve experienced the sea of guided tour groups that dominate the Vatican or been bored to tears during a walking tour, you know why. But: tours as a …

Declaration of Independence

The world’s most unique underwater adventures

For most, the depths of the ocean are shrouded in mystery.

Few often venture below the surface of the deep blue sea, and even fewer have explored its far-reaching corners.
Slideshow: 11 Totally Unique Underwater Adventures Around the World

Heck, according to the National Ocean Service, in all of the …


Iran is Great van: no apology or compensation to family from Met

The Metropolitan police have decided not to compensate or even apologise to the European family whose van was broken into because it had “Iran is Great” emblazoned on its sides.

Earlier this month, counter-terrorism police were called to investigate a family van parked outside the Science Museum in …

Middle East

19 Hikes That Should Never Make Your Bucket List

But if the taste of blood and dirt turns you on, then this is for you.

The following trails are extremely demanding and require extensive training, advanced gear, and expertise with highly technical terrain. Many of these hikes also require the fitness and ability to perform strenuous …


Adventure Travel News: Dream Destinations,...

News from the world of adventure travel. This week's highlights include a travel warning in Ecuador, flights to Cuba, and dream destinations.

South America Travel

The Swiss train tourists don’t take

The Rhäetian Railway provides an awe-inspiring, adrenaline-inducing ride past therapeutic springs and mountain-perched castles, crossing 84 tunnels and 383 bridges along the way.

I floated in a steamy, 38C rooftop pool, watching glints of the sinking copper sun reflect off the Rhäetian Alps. Located …

European Travel

Channel Islands Camping: Santa Cruz Island & Beyond

The first thing campers and day-trippers to Channel Islands National Park notice on the boat ride from mainland Ventura, CA, is how quickly one can …


High Passes and Rain Storms

Wrapped in bacon and pan fried with plenty of salt and butter, James and I were furiously consuming what may have been the moistest steaks either of …

Land Rover

Where is the world’s most remote city?

Other than a 65-mile, dead-end stretch to the town of Nauta, there are no roads leading in or out of the Amazonian city of Iquitos, Peru. While its small airport has direct flights to Lima, most goods are shipped in or out by river. The shortest distance would be upriver to Yurimaguas, a roughly …

Travel (UK)

My new attitude to travel is to skip the iconic – and I thank my father for that

My father, who lives in India, loathes travel. He will tell you this himself. When he hears about other people’s road trips, he shakes his head, wishing they had more common sense. The greatest pleasure, for him, is to be at home, reading the news and eating rice and coconut chammanthi. Ideally, the …

North America Travel

Great American Hikes You Need to Take Before Summer Ends

When you think of summertime, do you think of long days in the sun, warm fire-side nights and weekends spent on the trail?

If that’s how you imagine …


Top Ten Outdoor Adventures in the Philippines for Mid-2015

• 1

There’s a thrill-seeking explorer in everyone just raring to come out. But for the lot of us with “normal” jobs, our days are usually spent behind a …


10 Things Traveling Teaches You That School Doesn't

By College Tourist; Author: Sydney Alonso, University of Central Florida

I wouldn't be the person I am today if I never traveled.

Growing up, my mom was a teacher, so I've been instilled with a great love for school. I recognize its importance and value, and even now in college I try to take …


Why This Air Force Physicist Gave Up Everything to Live Out of a Van

“Sometimes I feel more like a homeless person than a traveler,” says Ben Hurst, calling from the Baja Peninsula, to describe the recent direction his …


Hit The Road: A Guide For Setting Up The Ultimate Road Trip

In Richard and Ashley Giordano’s case, they set a date and worked toward it. “We decided on a whim that it was time to go traveling,” Ashley explains. “We had five months to pay off our debts, sell our junk, save some money, build a truck, rent out our condo, and quit our jobs. On October 5, 2013, …

Road Trips

Five ways to guarantee your wife will hate camping

We’ve all heard the stories of things gone wrong, of wives made angry and husbands relegated to the couch. It all sounded so great in the beginning …


10 Beautiful Cities That Every Backpacker Should Visit

For each of these destinations, backpackers can find cheap flights and get to where they want to go quickly and easily.

When finding a place to sleep, …

Europe Travel

From Down Under to the World Over

DetailsSeptember 10, 2013- By Angela White

Gary and Liz Gray sold their motorhome in Europe, flew to the United States, bought a truck and camper, and …

U.S. Travel

Why Jimmy Chin Takes Pictures While Climbing and Skiing Mountains

How a kid from Minnesota found Taoism, skied Everest, and made the year's breakout adventure documentary.

At the beginning of last winter I got a call from Jimmy Chin asking if I wanted to join him for a secret project. "Kit and I are going to try to ski the Grand Traverse," he said.

Let me just …

Adventure Travel

2 trains, 2 continents: travel the rails from Beijing to Moscow

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia -- It was the realization of a dream from a childhood obsessed with trains: taking one of the world's longest train rides, on …


8 of the strangest places on Earth

Derweze, the Door to Hell. Photo: NMK Photography
EARTH IS A MIGHTY BIG PLACE, and if you’re willing to strap on some snowshoes or trek through barren …

Northern Canada

Seeking Travel Inspiration? Make Your Starting Points These 30 Great Books

Near to afar, adventure is filled with stories of conquests, scientific discovery and crazy things. Our list of the 30 best adventure books of all …

Adventure Travel

Dublin Mountains Way named one of the most scenic walks in the world

Image: Artur via Flickr/CC

A WALKING TRAIL through the Dublin Mountains has been named one of the most scenic walks in the world.

The Dublin Mountains …