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The Ultimate Washington Waterfalls Road Trip Is Here – And You’ll Want To Do It

1. Strawberry Bay Falls, Third Beach

There's nowhere better to kick off and end your trip than at a coastal waterfall. This horsetail cascade can be …

Featured Vehicle: AT Overland Jeep JK

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is arguably one of the best four-wheel drives to come out of the United States. It is immensely capable, relatively …

Stainless Steel

Motorcycle Riding, Travel and Camping Gear

Planning an epic ride of your own? Here are a few products that will help keep you (and your devices) charged up.

Roomy enough for two (and with …


The Overhaul in Guyana (part 1) – Welding the Land Cruiser

Cracks at the base of the doors.I think we became aware of cracks at the base of the rear doors back in Ecuador, mid 2014. Just tiny cracks, but …


Best places to see wildflowers -- right now! -- in Death Valley National Park

To the friends who asked: “Why Death Valley? What is there to do there?”

I answer: Wildflowers. OK, yes, stark, stunning landscapes. But, now, especially, wildflowers.

Thanks to heavy rains that sparked flash floods in October and the late January moisture, Death Valley National Park and its …

Death Valley

Amelia the Airstream, a Vacation Home on Wheels

Back in 2011 we shared the Cleveland home of Charity D’Amato who is behind design studio Charteuse and the voice of I Heart Cleveland. At the time …

Amelia Earhart

2015 Adventure Motorcycle of the Year (over $10,000)

OVERLAND AWARD: Adventure Motorcycle of the Year (over $10,000)
Winner: 2015 BMW GS Adventure ($22,045 with premium package)

Sinuhe Xavier pilots the


45 Of The Most Stunning Paradises In The World

Ever wonder where the next paradise you should run off to is? These 45 travel bloggers have revealed their perfect place from all over the world. NOTE: If you have an extreme case of wanderlust, look away now! These places are beyond stunning!

New Zealand - A Broken Backpack

"What if Paradise is in

Adventure Travel

14 places in South-East Asia to see before it's too late

Adventure Travel

Photo by: Tolga Basol. Huaraz Punta Olimpica, Peru

Is Iran Ready for Western Tourists?

NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel delivers a dispatch from Tehran.

"Iran is open for business." Two days after international …


2017 HU Calendar Contest: VOTE HERE!

Here are the "Top 30" photo submissions (in no particular order other than alphabetical) for the 2017 HU Calendar Contest. Vote for your favourites. …

This Is the Ultimate Trip to Mongolia

On the vast, remote steppe of central Mongolia, an unlikely adventure camp has been created by an equally improbable visionary. Welcome to Mongke …

Asia Travel

Volkswagen to offer up 'generous' compensation to US diesel car owners

Volkswagen will offer compensation packages for the 600,000 US diesel car owners affected by the automaker's cheating on diesel emissions tests.


The Gentleman’s Adventure Club: Crossing the Nubian Desert

On the shores of Lake Nubia, where Egypt meets Northern Sudan and the Nile River sat a tired old Land Rover, having rolled all the way from Scotland. …

Land Rover

Beyond Halong Bay: lesser-known highlights of northeast Vietnam

Stunning Halong Bay continues to dominate the itineraries of most travellers in Vietnam, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of the country's northeast.

If you’ve got some time up your sleeve and want to delve a little deeper, you’ll find there is more to this region than cruising around Halong’s …

Asia Travel

Around the World in San Francisco

“Do you like fortune cookies?” an elderly Chinese woman named Maggie asks me as I sketch one afternoon.

We’re sitting on a sidewalk bench outside a store specializing in woks, rows of red paper lanterns strung overhead between buildings. On a nearby street corner, a man plays a two-stringed erhu, …

San Francisco Bay Area

“On the shores of Lake Nubia, where Egypt meets Northern Sudan and the Nile River sat a tired old Land Rover, having rolled all the way f…

“On the shores of Lake Nubia, where Egypt meets Northern Sudan and the Nile River sat a tired old Land Rover, having rolled all the way from Scotland. Three young travellers, modestly self-titled ‘The Gentlemen’s Adventure Club’ were ready to board a barge for the voyage south. It was in the same seats two years previous, winding down the country road from Edinburgh to the Scottish Borders on one of many commutes to woodlands where we ride motorcycles in the summer, that the dream of continuing …

The world's least visited countries

European Travel

Living Large in an Airstream Trailer — House Tour

Name: Matthew Hofmann
Coyote Canyon — Montecito, California
Approx 160 square feet
Years lived in:
6 months — owns the Airstream, rents …


10 Reasons to Visit the Islands of Guadeloupe

The Caribbean paradise of Guadeloupe has somehow managed to stay hidden from the rest of the travel world for quite some time. Now with popular …

Adventure Travel

15 Surreal Places In Texas You Need To Visit Before You Die

The stars at night are big and bright…

1. Hamilton Pool Preserve

Located about 23 miles west of Austin, Hamilton Pool is an extraordinary natural pool that formed thousands of years ago when the dome of an underground river collapsed. During the hot summer months, it’s a popular swimming spot to many …

Adventure Travel

The Airstream Life

First came the idea. Then came the late nights of Craigslist searching. And then it happened quickly: a trip to a derelict horse ranch in the Salinas Valley, an exchange of cash in an old barn, and a harrowing towing adventure up Highway 101 netted me my current abode—a 1959 Airstream travel …


Wish You Were Here: Maui's Remote Eastern Shore

A dispatch from a grateful guest.

Travaasa Hana, on Maui’s remote eastern shore, has just undergone a $12 million renovation, but the good news is …


The rain forest destination Americans are missing out on

Feet propped on a balcony rail, I’m gazing through a small vineyard lined with palms, then out over the edge of a thousand-foot sea cliff. And on the far Atlantic horizon, a sudden apparition: probing forelegs, followed by a colossal spider.

That was just optics. The spider — a small and ordinary …


Here's What to Do If You Want to Quit Your Job and Travel

We make a ton of small financial decisions every day. Do you buy a $10 salad for lunch or brown-bag it? Should you move out on your own or get a roommate? Your little decisions will be smarter (and stress you out less) if you set some bigger-picture financial goals. Name your dream, and see how …


Silk Route off road BMW GS 1200 adventure

44,000 Miles, 18 Countries Astride 2 Suzuki V-Strom 1000s

German couple Mirko and Claudia Nagler have just completed a 44,000 mile (70,000 km) ride of a lifetime through 18 countries over 18 months. To …

Living the Overlander’s Dream, 17/26. Bushmen of Tsodilo Hills

Iconic Land Rover on eBay for £200k

The owner of the first diesel Land Rover to roll off the production line in 1957 has put the valiant vehicle up for auction with an asking price of £200,000.

Tim Hughes said he listed the Series One classic on eBay to spark a discussion about its history.

The once iconic 4X4 does not have its …

Land Rover