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What Does Your Car Camping Vehicle Say About You?

As rent skyrockets in most ski towns, and the trend of mobile tiny homes continues to proliferate, more and more disgruntled ski bums are flocking to …

Whether it's on the local trails or around the world, we hope you're having a great adventure today! #overland

A Guide to Off-Roading For The Uninitiated

So you own a 4x4 but don't know how to really use it. We're here to help get you off-road the right way, without breaking your truck ... or yourself.

​Today's trucks are amazing machines. They're built to comfortably handle highways, but are just as adept once your turn off the pavement and onto the …


36 Hours in Istanbul, Asian Side

The lines to enter major sites on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey’s cultural capital, can stretch for hours. But just across the Bosporus lies the less-harried Asian side, a greener, cleaner and often more conservative swath of the city that offers its own multicultural mix of Ottoman …

Middle East Travel


The usual way to scare off bears on North American hiking trails is by wearing a bell. Seriously, it sounds as if it may as well be a dinner bell.

Buenos Aires

Open-Air Luxury at Zimbabwe’s Ruckomechi Camp

From the very first sip of an oversized gin and tonic, Ruckomechi Camp in Mana Pools National Park reveals itself in a very good way to be a …


Great Moments Exploring Canada Photo Series

I love Canada, almost unexpectedly so. Over the last few years I’ve had some remarkable experiences exploring our neighbors to the north, and in the …

Why Alaska Should Be Next On Your Bucklist, in 27 Photos

Considering Alaska's gleaming lakes, snow-peaked mountains and gorgeous views for miles and miles, it comes as no surprise travelers are captivated by the rugged beauty the 49th state has to offer. On your to-do list for the land of the midnight sun? Glacier tours, wilderness treks, and some of the …

U.S. Travel

Friday is finally here! Go have an adventure! #overland

How Do I Use My Cell Phone While Traveling to Europe?

A lot of travelers prefer to use their own cell phone while traveling to Europe, and some even like to bring their other mobile devices for email, …


Crowe Metal Co. BMW R80/7 Camper Special

Written in indelible black ink above a set of tools in James Crowe’s custom fabrication shop, Crowe Metal Co., are the words What Will You Be …


27 Art Destinations Around The World To Visit Before You Die

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso

1. Spiral Jetty – Great Salt Lake, Utah

In 1970, artist Robert Smithson wandered out onto northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah and began work on what is perhaps his best known project–The Spiral Jetty. Since …


Blood Runs Cold

Most English speakers are familiar with the cliché ‘my blood ran cold’. It occurs to me that for such a phrase to get worn out, many writers had to …


Tibetan crane's winter habitat under threat from Indian hydroelectric project

A hydroelectric project in India’s eastern Himalayas will soon destroy one of the winter habitats of the magnificent Tibetan crane, a vulnerable bird regarded by local Buddhists as the reincarnation of a the sixth Dalai Lama, scientists and environmentalists have warned.

The Tibetan or black-necked …


The Overland Festival

Each summer, Main Line Overland and Touratech host the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival and Touratech Adventure Rally, an enthusiastic gathering of …


5 Underwater Restaurants And Bars Around The World

by Lauren Kilberg, Condé Nast Traveler

Courtesy of Anatara Kihavah Villas

These five incredible spots offer the unreal experience of dining and drinking underwater -- no scuba gear necessary.

1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Ithaa boasts the title of the world's first all-glass undersea restaurant, located …


This couple has spent 15 years living happily in a vintage car and travelling the world.

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In 2000, Herman and Candelaria Zapp set out on a 16-month trip from their home in Argentina to backpack around Alaska. …

South America Travel

Timeline Photos

HU Travellers Meeting California 2015

Michelle Lamphere (Sturgis Chick)

2 years in the Americas - South Dakota to South America via Newfoundland - 20 countries, 45,000 miles and 2 broken …

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Expedition Overland's Central America Expedition Ep8 S2

#Repost @adventure_day ・・・ My 20 today was Encinitas and I had the pleasure of meeting up with @camperlifer. Neil, his daughter Gabby, and their pup Jack are traveling around in their super rad VW Vanagon! Always so stoked when I can meet real people with a similar desire to explore! Thanks for hanging out!! What's your 20?™ 10-20 LIFESTYLE TIP: Follow your heart. You never know where it will take you, but the journey is the adventure. ------------------------------------------- What's your 20?™📍 SUPPORT • INSPIRE • MOTIVATE Learn more about 10-20 by visiting our website www.1020outfitters.com and following us on Facebook. #WhatsYour20 for a chance to be featured. -------------------------------------------- #1020adventures #1020outfitters #WhatsYour20 #1020Family #1020Lifestyle #LiveFree #Wilderness #Adventure #Outdoors #Overland #OffRoad #Jeep #Trails #Camping #Crossfit #Hiking #Mtb #Climbing #Surfing #RunBikeSwim #Triathlete #SUP #StandUpPaddle #DualSport #ADVrider #LifeOfAdventure #vanagon #vanagonlife #vwlife @ San Elijo camp grounds

Calling all overlanders, dream chasers, life live-ers, and so much more... If you want to be inspired and feel a calling to live your life adventurously (which we know you do), don't forget to watch Episode 8 of Central America tonight at 5 P.M. MST. Join us on our journey, and get a peak at how the wonderful Rhonda and Rachelle Overland Queens venture through their Rally in the rolling hills of dessert in the Sahara. #4Runner #KeepItWild #AnywhereIsPossible #Toyota #GeneralTire #Xelles #YouAreLoved

Road and Trail tested - 2015 #Subaru XV #CrossTrek 2.0l Limited on #expeditionportal by Christopher Noel ------------------------------------------------------------- http://expeditionportal.com/road-and-trail-tested-2015-subaru-crosstrek-2-0i-limited/

Northern British Columbia

British Columbia is a HUGE and beautiful province. We experienced the Northern portion of it as we crossed from the province of Alberta towards the …

Northern Canada

Headed for the April Sun in Cuba

The sun was low in the sky as we roared away from the airport in a taxi. Soon we were darting through traffic in the streets of Havana. Decrepit …

Caribbean Travel

This weekend's activities included... http://t.co/5h4v0MKYUL

Road (And Trail) Tested: 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek 2.0i Limited

Travel to the far ends of many remote roads and you will often find––a Subaru. It has as much to do with the spirit of the typical Subaru driver as …


Canada's MALBAIE

Discover Fashionable Down-to-Earth Murray Bay

Three hundred fifty million years ago a meteorite nearly three miles wide crashed into the shore of the St. Lawrence River just east of Quebec City. Traces of the crater can still be seen in the Charlevoix region of the Ebouillement and locals feel that …

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