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Runner Lauren Fleshman on How to Master the Side Gig

Lauren Fleshman agonized as she was deciding whether to end her career as a professional distance runner—but not because she was nervous about money. While amassing an impressive array of podi­um finishes at national and international races, she was also cultivating a few passion projects on the …

Los Angeles

We Need More Female Leaders in Olympic Sports

On International Women’s Day last week, it became alarmingly clear (once again) that gender parity doesn’t exist at the highest levels of Olympic sports. Take track and field, for example, where the gender split among elite athletes is 50/50 and prize money is largely equal, but women only occupy …


Testing the Best Meal-Replacement Shakes

On days when there isn’t time for a full lunch, you don’t have to turn to chalky smoothies or candy bars masquerading as health food. In addition to offering balanced nutrients and cleaner-than-usual ingredients, these next-wave meal-replacement shakes aim to actually taste good, too. A few are …


Team USA Is Dominating the Paralympics

As we all know by now, barring a few impressive performances<b>,</b> the highly-anticipated American Olympic team underachieved in Pyeongchang. Team USA left the Games with 23 medals, and placed fourth in the overall standings. But at the Paralympic Games, which wrap up in three days, the American …

Team USA

How Pro Cyclist Coryn Rivera Balances the Essentials

Last spring, Rivera outsprinted the world’s best cyclists, becoming the first American to win the Tour of Flanders, Belgium’s prestigious 95-mile cobblestoned classic. The 25-year-old Southern Californian began racing pro at age 16 and has claimed 71 national titles across four disciplines— road, …


Why Coogan's Is the Ultimate Runners' Hangout

This weekend, two events promise to unleash a stumbling mass of humanity into the streets of New York City. On Sunday, the NYC Half Marathon debuts a brand-new interborough course, and 22,500 runners are expected to christen the route from Brooklyn to Manhattan, finishing in Central Park. …

Peter Walsh

Why Caffeine Might Not Make You Faster

Sometimes I feel bad that I’m such a supplement skeptic. “Do you think Pill X will make me a better athlete with healthier skin and more regular bowel movements?” someone will ask, pointing me to a small unblinded study with four subjects, all of whom are employed by the company selling Pill X. …

Malcolm Gladwell

The Do-It-All 8-Piece Carry-On Kit

With ever-soaring baggage fees, it’s as important as ever to curate a collection of well-made, multifunctional travel clothes that can fit in your carry-on. The key is finding great pieces that are at once high performance, high style, and high quality—items that pull multi-duty as you go from …


The Gear Molly Huddle Uses to Prep for Boston

Holding the records for the fastest 10,000 meters and half marathon run by an American woman, Molly Huddle is no stranger to speed. At this year’s Boston Marathon, she has her eyes set on 2:20, the benchmark she believes she needs to hit in order to podium. Doing so will require Huddle to shave …


Yep, Pizza Can Be a Recovery Fuel

Pizza is a delicious reward after a tough workout. But we shouldn’t always treat it as an indulgence. Consider the flatbread, pizza’s somewhat healthier cousin. Shawn Hueglin, senior sports dietitian for the U.S. Olympic Committee, says the basic concept here is nutritious and versatile. With the …


Our Favorite Adventure-Travel Podcasts

Podcasts might be the solo traveler’s best companion. On a slow bus ride through Thailand, or waiting out a long layover in Munich? Just plug in your headphones, thumb an app, and suddenly you’re in the middle of an engaging conversation. Or maybe you’re stateside, stuck in traffic during your …

Anthony Bourdain

9 Foods Athletes Should Eat Every Day

“What should I eat?” It’s a loaded question, one that people have been Googling en masse for more than a decade. The specifics of that answer depend on your goals—if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, for example, you’ll need to eat differently than someone trying to ramp up during a training …


How to Sleep Better on the Road

Call me soft, but the thing I appreciate most about Airstreaming over tent camping is a proper bed. I have a great ultralight camping setup, and I use it plenty for backpacking, bikepacking, and hunting. But the truth is, when camping on hard ground, I sleep fitfully and wake up feeling stiff as an …

Time I

The Adventure Traveler's Brief Guide to India

<b>Get There</b><p>Before 2014, the process for procuring a tourist visa to visit India was a bureaucratic nightmare. But now there’s a streamlined system in place: simply fill out the application online, then upload the first page of your passport and a recent photo. The 60-day visa arrives via e-mail in as …

Arunachal Pradesh

The Best Recovery Tools

Reaching peak fitness requires workouts <i>and</i> recovery. Here, five pros and one recovery specialist share the tools they use to prevent injury and prime their bodies for the next interval.<p><b>Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Vibrating Fitness Roller ($199)</b><p><b>Ian Sharman, Ultrarunner and Endurance Coach</b><p>Most days after a …

Rock Climbing

One Man's Pointless Attempt to Rule a Strava Segment

Some people will tell you that having your name on the top of a 0.9-mile segment leaderboard doesn’t matter. I suggest that you remove these people from your life.They are what the youth today call “haters” and what I call “athletic dilettantes” who don’t understand what it means to have a goal …


7 Beginner-Friendly Ultramarathons

There are no two ways about it: Your first ultramarathon is going to be tough. Really tough. Even on flat courses with soft trails, the body and mind take a beating while running 50 kilometers or more. But that doesn’t mean your first ultra-distance race has to be a total sufferfest. We asked …


How Strength Training Makes You Faster

In the wake of Mo Farah’s stunning double gold-medal performance at the 2012 London Olympics, running fans were eager to learn the secret. How had he gone from also-ran to champion after joining Alberto Salazar’s Nike training group in Oregon? One answer that soon gained currency: He hit the weight …


Step Up Your Weekday Lunch Game

When midday hunger hits and you realize you have nothing to eat, it’s easy to turn to an unhealthy option. “All of us do it. You’re grabbing this and grabbing that, and then you end up with poor choices,” says chef Biju Thomas, founder of Denver-based restaurant Little Curry Shop and co-author the …

Healthy Eating

What It's Really Like Inside the Olympic Village

The time leading up to the Olympics is nuts. There’s so much anticipation, focus, and preparation that it’s easy to forget you’re about to compete on the world’s biggest stage.<p>At least that’s what happens to me. Typically, it really doesn’t hit me until they’re putting out the Olympic flame at the …

Kikkan Randall

The Frozen Road

From filmmaker Ben Page, <i>The Frozen Road</i> chronicles the Canadian Arctic segment of his bike ride around the world. The film captures Page as he encounters frigid temperatures, a hungry pack of wolves, and the anxiety of traveling alone. The video has taken home awards from the Banff Mountain Film …

Northern Canada

1,200 Miles Through Patagonia

From filmmaker Marko Roth, <i>Together</i> is a travel film about his 1,200-mile journey through Patagonia.


Public Lands, Public Playgrounds

<b>Bears Ears, Utah</b><p>An ancestral Puebloan site in Cedar Mesa, Bears Ears. (Jeremy Wade Shockley)<p>Bears Ears National Monument protects 1.35 million acres of public land including sites sacred to Native American tribes. (Jeremy Wade Shockley)<p>In December, the Trump administration moved to reduce the …

National Parks

Jordan Hasay Will Outrun You. While Smiling.

Jordan Hasay stood at the starting line of the Boston Marathon last April, feeling a sense of calm she didn’t recognize. She was used to being jumpy and trying to quiet her mind, which starts racing long before her body does. In the past, she was so nervous that she brought coloring books to give …


Motherhood and the Backcountry

From filmmaker Thomas Woodson and Outdoor Research, <i>Bringing Up Backcountry</i> follows mountain guide Jessica Baker and professional skier Rachel Burks into the remote wilderness of Kimberley, British Columbia for a reflection on what it means have a family while pursuing adventures in the backcountry.

British Columbia

A “Plogger” Is a Runner, but More Smug

For several summers in my early twenties, I took an 18-hour train trip from Vienna, Austria, where I lived, to Copenhagen. The best part of the journey came toward the end. Not long after Hamburg, the train boards a ferry to cross a short stretch of the Baltic Sea, and you can briefly go up to the …


The Most Inspiring Skaters In South Africa

<i>Valley of a Thousand Hills,</i> from Jess Colquhoun, dives into the lives of a few skaters at South Africa’s Indigo Skate Camp. Chief among them is 15-year-old Sbusiso Sbisi, who takes second place at a comp in Johannesburg.

South Africa

Montana Boys Enter the Whiteroom

From filmmakers Alex Gostino and Ben Goertzon, <i>Whiskey Facts</i> follows a crew of Montana skiers into the backcountry for a day full of pillows and deep, deep pow.


When a Stress Expert Battles Mental Illness

Last August, I was in New York City doing media spots for my book, <i>Peak Performance</i>. In between interviews, I went on a long run in Central Park and didn’t eat or drink enough afterward. I went to meet a friend for dinner, but the place turned out to be a bar without a real kitchen. I had a stiff …


How to Care for Your Cast Iron Pan

Cooking on cast iron is a no-brainer for delicious camp meals, but making sure it's clean and rust-free is crucial. We partnered with cooking gurus from Fresh Off the Grid to show you how to keep your pan in great shape.