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Phantom Cyber Lands $2.7M Seed Round To Automate Cybersecurity

Phantom Cyber, a cybersecurity startup with an ambitious idea, announced a $2.7M seed round with backing from some of the biggest names in computer security.

Investors include John W. Thompson, former CEO of Symantec, Thomas E. Noonan, former CEO of Internet Security Systems (ISS) and John C. …


Twitter’s new plan to placate Wall Street

Twitter chief financial officer Anthony Noto recently revealed that the social network is thinking about creating a new feature called the Twitter Daily Edition to curate and share the best tweets of each day.

“If you sleep for five to eight hours like most people do and when you wake up in the …

As the Tinder lawsuit wraps up, CMO Justin Mateen leaves the company permanently

Tinder CMO Justin Mateen is out permanently following Monday’s settlement of the sexual harassment lawsuit he was at the center of. He had been suspended in July when the suit came to light, but the departure is now permanent, according to an unnamed Los Angeles Times source. A Tinder spokesperson …

Twitter’s latest experiment turns favorites into retweets (and it’s annoying lots of people)

Twitter is back in experimental mode, but its latest test is annoying people. A sizable number of users are seeing tweets favorited by others in their timeline, just like retweets. They are also getting notifications when others follow someone new.

This was first brought to my attention a couple of …

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Microsoft launches Bing-powered celebrity stalking app

Microsoft today is rounding out its portfolio of apps for iOS with a new program called Snipp3t. The awkwardly named free app is essentially Microsoft’s solution for stalking celebrities like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus. As Microsoft explains:

SNIPP3T (pronounced “snippet”) is an app …


Benchmark Hands Over 5.3 Million Twitter Shares to Investors

Benchmark is spreading the wealth following Twitter’s recent financial success on Wall Street.

The Silicon Valley venture capital firm returned roughly 5.3 million shares of Twitter stock to its limited partners on Friday, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on …


Twitter Paid $134 Million for Gnip

Twitter pulled back the curtain on the financial details of its Gnip acquisition on Monday. The total: $134 million in stock and cash for the Boulder, Colorado-based startup. The package, outlined in a 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, included more than $107 million in cash …

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Apple to buy Swell, a talk-radio app, for $30 million, report says

Apple Inc. is reportedly set to pay $30 million to acquire Swell, a Pandora-like app for Internet talk radio.

The deal was reported late Sunday night by Re/Code, which cited multiple anonymous sources. Neither Apple nor the Mountain View, Calif., start-up responded to requests for comment.

Swell …


LinkedIn's Latest App Aims To Reconnect You With Your Contacts

Every morning, my phone fills up with notification badges—a dozen little inboxes asking to be cleared before I even get to my email. Dutifully or obsessively, I open them all as I walk my dog.

There's a special pleasure I take in swiping through LinkedIn Contacts, a standalone app from the …


Former researcher says Facebook's behavioral experiments had 'few limits'

Facebook's still trying to brush off that whole psychological study with unaware users thing, but according to a former team member and outside researchers, the social network's data science department has had (changes have been promised) surprisingly free rein over how it polled and tweaked the …


With Revenue Roaring, Twitter’s Advertising Team Is Untouched by Turmoil

Twitter‘s top executive ranks have been transformed in the last year, from its general counsel to, most recently, its chief financial officer.

Many of the executives have left or been pushed out as Twitter’s chief executive, Dick Costolo, has brought in a new team to try to increase sluggish user …

YouTube is Now Publicly Shaming Slow ISPs

Google began naming and shaming internet service providers when it expanded its ‘Video Quality Report’ beyond Canada in May, and now it is taking things further after links to the report began surfacing alongside videos for some visitors to the site.

Quartz reports that — taking its cue from Netflix …


Facebook relaunches second Snapchat clone

After accidentally launching – and pulling – its Snapchat competitor Slingshot last week, Facebook has relaunched the app to US customers.

Slingshot borrows Snapchat's key innovation of ephemeral messaging, allowing users to send photos which time out after being viewed, keeping fun missives away …

EBay Users Still at Risk After Cyberattack, Even If They Change Passwords

When eBay admitted Wednesday that it had been the victim of a cyberattack, the company asked all of its 145 million active users to change their passwords. But the intruders had access to a customer database that also included other personal information, including names, mailing addresses and dates …


Twitter reportedly in talks to buy SoundCloud

A "YouTube for audio" acquisition would instantly give Twitter wide access to the music industry -- but it would be pricey.

Twitter may be in talks to …

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Get to know Foursquare's new Swarm app

Find out what all the buzz is about when it comes to Swarm, Foursquare's latest app.

On Thursday, Foursquare launched its latest app, called Swarm. …


Snapchat Has Flubbed On Privacy Again — You Should Really Be Using This App Instead

In case you need another reminder, the best app for sending NSA-proof self-destructing messages is called Wickr, and it beats the pants off of Snapchat.

Snapchat was in the news this week with a bit of a faceplant— the company can no longer legally claim messages sent through its app actually …

Foursquare Swarms Over Swarmly

News that a major company or extremely well-funded competitor has launched a new product with a similar or identical name is certainly the kind of thing that keeps startup founders up at night. Just ask Paper.

Well, the former has just happened to location-sharing UK startup Swarmly, after …


Twitter's working on a 'Whisper mode' to make conversations private

When sharing gossip on Twitter, there's always that moment when you have to boldly announce that the conversation will have to continue over DM. Sadly, as well as killing the mood, it means that group discussions get broken up in favor of individual messages behind the veil. It's a problem that …


Meet Swarm: Foursquare's ambitious plan to split its app in two

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley has spent the last year trying to convince the world that Foursquare isn't what it used to be. The company emerged back in 2009 with a novel app that let people “check in” to a location. That vision, and the local information that followed, propelled it to amass tens …


In Challenge To Google, Pinterest Launches Guided Search

Pinterest confirmed our suspicions that the visual social network is ready to take on Google when it comes to search.

See also:

At an event at Pinterest headquarters Thursday evening, CEO Ben Silbermann announced Guided Search, a new visual way to explore Pinterest’s more than 30 billion pins—links …


Twitter’s TV business is all talk, says NBC exec: ‘The emperor wears no clothes’

Twitter has yet to produce meaningful results for major broadcast network TV shows, reports the Financial Times.

Over the last couple years, Twitter’s business strategy has been to grab a chunk of the massive multi-billion dollar TV advertising budget by making its social network more appealing to …

Skype group video calling is finally free for everyone

While rival services like Google Hangouts have long offered free group video calling, Microsoft is catching up to the competition and finally making Skype group video calling free. Skype users have been requesting free group video calling for years, and starting today Windows desktop, Mac, and Xbox …


Google exec Vic Gundotra is leaving, Dave Besbris is taking over Google+

Google just lost one of its most visible and outspoken executives: Vic Gundotra, the VP of Engineering who has been leading Google+ since its inception and also became the face of the company’s developer relations though his appearances at the annual Google I/O conference, is leaving effective …


Facebook building drones and lasers with Connectivity Lab

The social network is inventing new technologies in house to deliver affordable Internet access to all.

Facebook announced Thursday that it's working …


Game Developers on Oculus Acquisition: From Feeling Validated to 'The Wrong Direction'

Not everybody hates Facebook's acquisition of Oculus Rift: Many developers who've been working with the platform tell Mashable they feel their work — and their belief in the future of virtual reality — has been validated with the $2 billion sale. There are still those, however, who are wary of …


Twitter Is Killing Itself In Order To Grow And Please Wall Street

In case you missed it, Twitter (TWTR) is having big problems as a public company.

They don’t have a problem with their core product. Its users seem to adore it. And it’s not a problem with making ad money from it. All indications are that that’s going swimmingly.

The problem is that its executives …

Who Really Won the $1 Billion YouTube–Viacom War?

In Internet time, seven years might as well be forever—many technology companies don’t even last that long. At least some lawsuits do, however.

Just last week, Viacom and YouTube announced they had settled a $1 billion copyright-infringement lawsuit that was once expected to put to rest some of the …

Instagram reaches 200 million users, more than 20 billion photos

Photo-sharing social network Instagram announced this week that it now has 200 million monthly active users.

The milestone is an indicator for healthy user growth on the service, which Facebook purchased for $1 billion nearly two years ago.

Instagram said it reached 100 million users in February …