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Zuck Details How Artificial Intelligence Will Show You The Perfect Facebook Posts

What’s Facebook working on in its three AI labs? A way to understand exactly what you share so it can serve that content to people with matching interests. Today in a public Q&A on his Facebook Page, CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a closer look at why Facebook is investing in AI, as well as detailing his …

Artificial Intelligence

Periscope founder lets slip name of Twitter's 'Project Lightning'

Periscope chief executive Kayvon Beykpour has revealed that Twitter's curated news service, known as Project Lightning, will be called 'Moments' when it launches

Periscope chief executive Kayvon Beykpour has let slip the name of Twitter's forthcoming curated news service, previously known as …


Facebook scores a win in European class action lawsuit, but the fight isn’t over

A court in Austria has ruled that it doesn’t have jurisdiction to pass judgement on the ongoing class action lawsuit levelled by Max Shcrem against Facebook for alleged privacy violations.

While Facebook trumpeted the decision as a significant victory in the case, that’s not necessarily the end of …


Facebook made a huge move this week that could lead to its next billion-dollar business

Earlier this week, Facebook made a big change to its chat app, Messenger: It's no longer requiring people to have a Facebook account to join.

On the surface, that's exciting for people who don't want to join Facebook, but still want a non-SMS-based way to communicate with their friends.

Mostly …


Instagram Gets Newsy With Trends And Place Search For Exploring Anything, Anywhere

Instagram has real-time coverage of almost everything happening in the world. Now its unlocking that content with a revamped Explore tab featuring Trending Tags, Trending Places, curated content, plus a new Places Search. You’ll be able to see all the photos from Father’s Day or Coachella, scope …


Jay-Z’s Tidal music service loses its second CEO since launching this year

Apple Music may be sorting through its own not so behind-the-scenes shuffling ahead of its launch in one week, but the Jay-Z backed Tidal music streaming service is continuing to struggle at the top. Less than three months since starting the job of interim CEO, Peter Tonstad will no longer be …


Facebook’s concept for mobile ads uses rich imagery and 360-degree views

At an advertising conference in Cannes, Facebook is showing off what it believes could be the next iteration of mobile advertising.

Rather than viewing static images, users would have the option to scroll through various pixel-dense pictures or GIFs. Facebook’s concept apparently makes use of 3D …


Taylor Swift Had Apple Change Its Tune

Twitter unveils 'Project Lightning' to bring live events to life

Twitter is going live. After years of attempting to compete with market leader Facebook on its own turf, Twitter is poised to embrace the key aspect that differentiates the two social networks with a new feature, the code-named Project Lightning, which will allow users to follow live events through …


Starbucks Mobile Ordering Expands To 21 More States, Now Live In Over 4,000 Stores

Starbucks, whose embrace of mobile payments and mobile loyalty in-store has already established the company as a forward-thinker when it comes to new technology, is this morning announcing the expansion of its “Mobile Order & Pay” system to 21 more states, including 3,400 individual café locations …


Snapchat turns geofilter digital stickers into revenue source

Much of social media involves showing off where we are, whether it's watching a ballgame at Dodger Stadium, meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland or eating a pastrami sandwich at Langer's.

Now Snapchat Inc., the ubiquitous social media app among teens, has found a way to capitalize on those location …


How much of your Apple Music subscription fees go to record labels

When Apple Music launches at the end of June you won’t have to pay a cent to listen to all the music your ears can hear for the first three months. If you want to keep using Apple Music after the three month trial period though you’ll have to fork over $10 a month, and according to a new report …

Internet Radio

Facebook Messenger chats its way to 700 million users

CEO Mark Zuckerberg adds that his other messaging application, WhatsApp, has 800 million monthly users.

Facebook's instant-messaging empire continues …


You can now play a game in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has finally got a game you can play while chatting. Doodle Draw, a take on Pictionary, is now available through the app.

You can find the game in Messenger’s overflow menu, alongside several utility apps. Of course, you’ll need to download it from the App Store or Google Play …


You can now share Twitter block lists because people are horrible

Anyone can use Twitter which makes it equal parts amazing and horrible for some users. To help squelch some of the more annoying voices on the social network, Twitter lets users block accounts they find disruptive or worse, threaten said user. Today, Twitter announced that a user's list of blocked …


Vine Updates Search Results To Include Actual Vines, Not Just Hashtags And People

Vine has today updated its app to include even better search results.

When you go over to the Explore Tab, Vine will serve up the top results and the most recent posts for your search. Before, Vine would only return hashtags and usernames, but the new version of search shows actual content, …

Twitter is making it easier to track conversations under tweets

Twitter has revealed a new feature that will make keeping track of conversations easier on the Web.

As of today, Twitter will start grouping conversations together and highlighting notable exchanges underneath the tweet that triggers them. Twitter will decide what tweets get highlighted by taking a …


Chrome for Android will let you search any term on a webpage with just a tap

Google is bringing a new feature to Chrome for Android soon that should make it a lot easier to get answers to the questions that pop up in your head as you’re browsing the Web.

Soon, you’ll be able to get quick search results on specific terms on a webpage by just tapping on it.

It’s even a bit …

Google Chrome

GoPro Outs The Hero+LCD, A $299 Entry Level Camera With A Touchscreen

Meet the GoPro Hero+LCD. The new camera is part of the company’s growing entry-level Hero line that sports capabilities perfect for YouTube. As the product’s name suggests, it features a LCD touchscreen, which is a handy feature for GoPro cameras.

The Hero+LCD will cost $299 when it’s released on …


Facebook, Google Launch New Privacy Features

Facebook and Google announced new privacy measures on Monday meant to protect user data.

On Facebook, people will be able to set up encrypted emails and list their OpenPGP public keys on their profiles. It's not a simple process, but those who care enough about their privacy to download GNU Privacy …


Microsoft will offer Windows 10 for free in July

Windows 10 will be released as a free update on 29 July, Microsoft has announced.

It will be the last major release of the 29-year-old operating system before Microsoft switches to a “Windows as a service” system, which entails updates being rolled out when ready.

This marks a change in Microsoft’s …

Google’s account settings page has received a refreshed design

The last time we saw Google’s accounts settings page receive a fresh coat of paint was last December when the company brought it up to date with the new Material design language, and it seems they’ve gone ahead and updated it again recently.

For reference, here’s what the account settings page …

Getting started with Google Photos

Finally, the photos app you've been waiting for.

You can have your Android M, your Brillo, your Cardboard and any of the other products announced at …


Google's incredible, immersive Spotlight Stories are coming to YouTube

Google is expanding its Spotlight Stories program in a big way at I/O this year, taking the short films beyond Motorola phones and toward the Android ecosystem at large — and during today's ATAP presentation Google confirmed they would be coming to YouTube as well. The news came during a …

Apple-Leased Vans Gathering Maps Info for Shift to In-House Mapping Database

For the past several months, Apple-leased Dodge Caravans with equipment-laden roofs have been spotted driving around the United States. While early speculation suggested the vans could be Apple's first attempt at developing a self-driving vehicle, it quickly became clear that the vans were being …

Android M: small refinements with a huge impact

The future of Android is Now on Tap

by Dieter Bohn on May 29, 2015 at 12:15 p.m.

Last year, Google introduced an elegant, sophisticated operating system with an all-new design that was compatible with everything from phones to watches to cars to TVs. This year, with Android M, it’s refining it.

The …


Say hello to Amazon Stream, a Pinterest-like endless shopping experience

It appears that Amazon has been working on a new shopping experience based on pinboards. Stream tempts you with an endless list of products for men, women and the home, in an easy-to-browse format.

The products shown are all sponsored, said to be updated daily and only list their prices. You do have …

Uber reveals plans for a giant glass headquarters in San Francisco

It's a rite of passage for so many tech companies: building their first wildly ambitious, kind of ridiculous, and generally stunning headquarters to accommodate a ballooning headcount as growth explodes. Uber is the latest to start working on a new HQ, and design mockups for the building were …

Microsoft starts prompting Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to ‘reserve’ their free Windows 10 upgrade

In January, we learned that for one year, Microsoft would offer free Windows 10 upgrades to those running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1. While Windows 10 for PCs isn’t launching until July 29 and Windows 10 for phones is coming after that, we’re now seeing the first indications of …