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Volkswagen announces availability of Android Auto in most 2016 models

Android Auto’s proliferation is imminent. Major car manufacturers continue to integrate Google’s infotainment platform into their vehicles. …


Facebook Search Is Growing — But Not Like the Rest of Facebook

Google has many reasons to fear Facebook. Don’t count robbing its search business among them, yet. During Facebook’s second-quarter earnings call Wednesday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social network has indexed more than 1.5 billion searches a day. Many searches! But in September of 2012, …


Twitter sued over photo copyright

First stolen jokes, now pictures -- an award-winning photographer has sued Twitter over a copyrighted image that has been shared on the social media site.

Kristen Pierson filed suit in California over an image she took of Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li, which was being hosted and linked to on …


Canon's new $30,000 video camera can see where you can't

Canon is already competing with the Arri Alexa and Red cameras of the world, but it's about to take this one step further. Meet the ME20F-SH, a high-end video shooter that features a sleek, subtle and somewhat compact design. Most importantly, Canon's new camera can deliver an ISO equivalent of …


A new Instagram quick edit screen means even Instagram knows filters are passé

It looks like Instagram version 7.3 didn’t just bring new Explore features – but an entirely new edit screen to help quicken the sharing process.

Spotted by Droid Life, the latest build of Instagram for Android sports a new screen that condenses the Edit, Location Tag, User Tag and Caption tools all …


You can now request an invite to buy a new OnePlus 2 phone

OnePlus surprised everybody (including itself) by selling many millions of its first phone, the OnePlus One. Despite trouble getting enough phones into distribution channels last time, OnePlus is sticking with the invite system for its new phone, the OnePlus 2.

You can request an invite on the …

Jack Dorsey’s First Order Of Business As Interim CEO? Twitter Support To The Stars

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Founder of company leaves to start another company. Comes back a few times. Takes role of “Interim CEO” and starts personally doing customer support for celebrities. Haven’t heard that one? OK, well then check this out.

The other day, one Kim Kardashian (powerhouse …


Rumor: iPad mini 4 to be a Miniature iPad Air 2 – Apple Will Release iPad Air 3 in 2015

A new rumor coming from our friends in the far east indicates the Apple iPad mini 4 will basically be a smaller iPad Air 2. The rumor also indicates that Apple could introduce an iPad Air 3 in 2015 after all.


The Japanese-language Macotakara said on Saturday that its industry sources

iPad Mini

Samsung announces monitors with built in smartphone wireless charging

Samsung is big on wireless charging these days, having adopted both PMA and Qi standards with its Galaxy S6 smartphone. The company has now announced …


Researchers have found a new texting vulnerability in Android

This morning, researchers at Zimperium Mobile Security announced a new vulnerability in Android, targeting the multimedia messaging system. Dubbed "Stagefright," the vulnerability affects roughly 950 million Android devices worldwide, according to researcher estimates, although the most vulnerable …


RIP to Twitter backgrounds: All user profiles on the web will now be white - BBC Newsbeat

Your customised Twitter background just died.

Say goodbye to sunlit landscapes, tiled pictures of Harry Styles and pugs in watering cans; from now on when you visit someone's Twitter profile all you'll get is white.

This blank canvas is meant to show off tweets themselves, rather than users' profiles.

Harry Styles

WhatsApp for Android now makes sure you never miss a conversation

WhatsApp has been updated on Android with a few useful new features, including an option to mark conversations as unread, as spotted by Android Police.

Tap and hold on any conversation pane and you’ll spot the new feature at the bottom of the menu. It adds a green circle to your selected chat so …


How to Increase Your Sales Using Instagram

Social media has evolved into a treasure trove for marketers who know how to harvest fans and customers. Here are some ways to market to different segments of consumers on Instagram.

Social media has evolved into a treasure trove for marketers who know how to harvest fans and customers on Facebook, …


Spotify bites back at Apple Music with weekly ‘mixtape’ playlist for each user

The music-streaming battle between Apple Music and Spotify isn’t just about which one has the Taylor Swift album: it’s about which one has the best playlists, and the ability to recommend them to the listeners who’ll love them.

Apple Music made a strong start on the first of those: the service has …

Music (UK)

Facebook Can’t Prevent Your Posts From Being Used Against You In Court

A New York state appeals court ruling that Facebook can’t challenge search warrants seeking users' private account information was a stinging defeat for Internet privacy advocates.

Facebook said in a statement that "overly broad search warrants -- granting the government the ability to keep hundreds …


iOS 9 Beta 4 - Here’s what changed!

Uber Wins Round 1 In Fight With NYC Mayor

After days of a political battle, de Blasio's administration has temporarily relented on plans to cap the number of Ubers on NYC streets.

After an aggressive fistfight over New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposed cap on the number of cars ride-hailing companies can add annually, Uber and the …

New York City

Sketchy Chinese report claims iPhone 6s will drop 16 GB storage option, instead start at 32 GB

MIC Gadget is claiming that retail versions of the next-generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus do not come in 16 GB variants. Instead, the report suggests that the new iPhone will start at 32 GB, with 64 GB and 128 GB available as the higher tier options.

The report is based around sources within …


First successful drone delivery made in the US

The first US government-approved drone delivery has successfully transported 4.5kg of medical supplies to a rural health clinic.

The drone, made by Australian drone manufacturer Flirtey, took part in the demonstration, which was approved by the Federal Aviation Authority, in partnership with Nasa on …


Hackers claim attack on notorious cheating website AshleyMadison

Updated: July 20 at 2 a.m. EDT with statement from Avid Life Media.

A hacking group is threatening to expose millions of users of AshleyMadison, the extramarital affairs website, unless their demands are met.

The hack, first reported by KrebsOnSecurity, has been claimed by a hacker or group of …


Spotify's music map shows UK fans are obsessed with local artists

LONDON — Music fans in the UK have pretty geographically tribal listening habits, a new interactive map from Spotify has revealed.

Their Musical Map: Cities of the World project has mapped the unique tunes played in nearly 1,000 cities across the world, from Vancouver to Auckland. Analyzing some 20 …


Twitter buyout hoax will happen again, blame easy access to company web names

How hard was it for scammers to buy a fake Bloomberg site and move the market? Easy, due to rules that let anyone buy “company” websites.

News from “Bloomberg” about a Twitter TWTR buyout saw Twitter’s shares shoot up 8% on Tuesday, and then drop back down when traders figured out the story was …


Former Reddit CEO says the site's about to be purged

Steve Huffman's going to reveal Reddit's new content policy tomorrow, but one of his predecessors is promising that it'll be a "purge." Yishan Wong, who ran the site between 2012 - 2014 and has spoken in support of Ellen Pao, has decided to "declassify a lot of things," airing plenty of dirty …


Now you can control Hulu with your Apple Watch

You can now use your Apple Watch as a Hulu remote control.

The new version of the Hulu app for iOS [iTunes link] includes Apple Watch support. The app lets you use your watch to control playback not just on your iPhone, but also on the Xbox One, PS4 and Chromecast.

The app lets you pause, turn …

Apple Watch

Lexus' hoverboard 'is like floating on a cushion of air'

The Lexus hoverboard is real, folks. It's not computer-generated imagery you're looking at, and it's not smoke and mirrors. In fact, what looks a lot like smoke emanating from below the Japanese luxury brand's hoverboard is actually caused by the liquid nitrogen required to keep the 'board's …


Apple releases new, faster, iPod touch with 8MP camera and 128 GB option, new Nano/Shuffle colors

As we reported this morning, Apple has today launched a new version of the iPod touch, featuring a 64-bit A8 CPU. This breaks a long run of neglect for Apple’s cheapest iOS device, which last received an update way back in 2012. It will be a huge leap in performance over the previous iPod touch …

iPod Touch

Uber Has 30 Days To Comply With The Law Or Face Suspension In California

Uber faces suspension of its license to operate in the state of California within 30 days and up to $7.3 million in fines for refusing to comply with state laws, according to a judge.

The law requires Uber to hand over operational data regarding requests for accessibility to the California Public …


Facebook is turning business pages into storefronts

In case Likes are a bit too virtual for you, Facebook is continuing to push forward with "buy" buttons. Facebook tells BuzzFeed Newsthat it's now beginning to build online stores into a small number of business pages. This is only a test for now, but it's pretty clear where Facebook wants this to …


Facebook lets you choose what appears in your News Feed

If you're a regular Facebook user, you'll know that the posts that appear in your News Feed are visible because of an algorithm. It's part of the company's mission to reduce post overload, but it can often mean that you'll miss updates from some of your friends. In May, Zuckerberg and co. began …


Apple's Share of Smartphone Industry Profit Rises to 92%, Despite iPhone Representing Less Than 20% of Sales

A new report out over the weekend by Canaccord Genuity estimates that Apple has recorded a 92 percent share of the world's entire smartphone market in the first quarter of 2015, which is up from 65 percent a year earlier. The company managed to do so on less than 20 percent of actual smartphone …