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Microsoft launching Surface 3 with built-in 4G LTE

The company is starting the roll out the devices in Japan, Germany and the UK. Sometime this year, they are due to come out in the US as …

Microsoft Surface

Facebook scores a win in European class action lawsuit, but the fight isn’t over

A court in Austria has ruled that it doesn’t have jurisdiction to pass judgement on the ongoing class action lawsuit levelled by Max Shcrem against Facebook for alleged privacy violations.

While Facebook trumpeted the decision as a significant victory in the case, that’s not necessarily the end of …


Smart Android Launcher Yahoo Aviate Gets Overhauled, Accused Of Being A “Google Now Clone”

Yahoo’s Aviate Android launcher, which the company acquired for $80 million in order to own a piece of the growing mobile ecosystem, as it doesn’t have its own mobile operating system or hardware in play, has seen continued development in the months following the deal. The latest addition to this …


Facebook made a huge move this week that could lead to its next billion-dollar business

Earlier this week, Facebook made a big change to its chat app, Messenger: It's no longer requiring people to have a Facebook account to join.

On the surface, that's exciting for people who don't want to join Facebook, but still want a non-SMS-based way to communicate with their friends.

Mostly …


iOS 8.4 Launching at 8 AM Pacific Tuesday, Beats 1 Goes Live at 9 AM

Former Beats Music CEO and current Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers made a brief blog post yesterday summarizing some of his background in music leading up to this week's debut of Apple Music while also revealing Apple's launch schedule for iOS 8.4 and the new Beats 1 radio station.

According …

Zane Lowe

Instagram Gets Newsy With Trends And Place Search For Exploring Anything, Anywhere

Instagram has real-time coverage of almost everything happening in the world. Now its unlocking that content with a revamped Explore tab featuring Trending Tags, Trending Places, curated content, plus a new Places Search. You’ll be able to see all the photos from Father’s Day or Coachella, scope …


Jay-Z’s Tidal music service loses its second CEO since launching this year

Apple Music may be sorting through its own not so behind-the-scenes shuffling ahead of its launch in one week, but the Jay-Z backed Tidal music streaming service is continuing to struggle at the top. Less than three months since starting the job of interim CEO, Peter Tonstad will no longer be …


iOS 9 beta 2 will prompt users to temporarily delete apps if they don’t have enough memory

If you were considering loading the new iOS 9 beta, but were unsure if your device had enough space — it may not matter. Some users are being prompted to temporarily remove apps ahead of loading the new operating system.

First reported by 9to5Mac, users on Twitter are noticing the option to delete …


Facebook’s concept for mobile ads uses rich imagery and 360-degree views

At an advertising conference in Cannes, Facebook is showing off what it believes could be the next iteration of mobile advertising.

Rather than viewing static images, users would have the option to scroll through various pixel-dense pictures or GIFs. Facebook’s concept apparently makes use of 3D …


Ubuntu replaces Android on the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition (hands-on)

If you haven't heard of Ubuntu, I can't blame you. It's a version of the open-source software Linux that has been around for years on PCs, but it's …


How Uber and Lyft Are Trying to Solve America’s Carpooling Problem

These startups are finally starting to look like true ride-sharing services

First, the bad news: carpooling has been on the decline in America for nearly four decades. That practice could be helping the environment and America’s commuters, who are needlessly stuck for hours each day on packed …


Hound puts Google Now and Siri to shame

Google dives deep into health tracking with a medical wearable

The same company that gave us Google Glass is now working on another kind of wearable: a health tracker.

Google has developed a wristwatch-like device that can track your pulse, activity level, heart rate and skin temperature. The big difference between this new device and the company's Android Wear …


Twitter tells Jack Dorsey: you can't be CEO if you keep running Square

Twitter is sending a loud message to its co-founder and interim CEO Jack Dorsey: if you want to be full-time CEO again, you're going to have to step away from Square.

"I’m Square CEO and that won’t change."

In a note to investors this morning, Twitter said that it will only consider CEO candidates …


Taylor Swift Had Apple Change Its Tune

Apple Looking to Eliminate Home Button on iOS Devices, Integrate Touch and Display Driver Chips?

Apple is seeking to develop an in-house single-chip solution for integrating both the touchscreen and display drivers for mobile devices onto one chip, according to a new report today from Taiwanese site DigiTimes. The touch and display driver integration (TDDI) chips would also include "integrated …


North Korea is blocking Instagram on some phones

PYONGYANG, North Korea — Warnings are appearing on Instagram accounts in North Korea that claim access to the popular photo sharing app is being denied and that the site is being blacklisted for harmful content.

Opening the app on mobile devices using the North Korean carrier Koryolink has resulted …


Twitter unveils 'Project Lightning' to bring live events to life

Twitter is going live. After years of attempting to compete with market leader Facebook on its own turf, Twitter is poised to embrace the key aspect that differentiates the two social networks with a new feature, the code-named Project Lightning, which will allow users to follow live events through …


Massive security flaw may threaten millions of Samsung Galaxy phones

Have a Samsung Galaxy device? Chances are it has a security flaw that lets attackers install malware on it or eavesdrop on your calls, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Chicago-based security firm NowSecure has published a report claiming that a bug in the Swift keyboard software, …


Apple iPad Pro, Twice The Size, Twice The Apps, And Twice The Price?

Apple apparently left an Easter egg in the beta version of iOS 9 that strongly suggests support for a forthcoming super-sized iPad. The iPad Pro, as many now call it, will likely have a resolution of “2732×2048, which at 12.9-inches, comes out to 263 pixels-per-inch,” according to Chance Miller at …

iPad Apps

Starbucks Mobile Ordering Expands To 21 More States, Now Live In Over 4,000 Stores

Starbucks, whose embrace of mobile payments and mobile loyalty in-store has already established the company as a forward-thinker when it comes to new technology, is this morning announcing the expansion of its “Mobile Order & Pay” system to 21 more states, including 3,400 individual café locations …


Box follows Dropbox with deep Microsoft Office integration

Microsoft is hitting the cloud hard with its newest Office integrations. After partnering with Dropbox to allow direct Office document editing and syncing, Box is now getting the same treatment.

Starting today the new deep integration with Office Online will allow users to preview, edit and even …


How Kamcord could run away with mobile gaming videos while YouTube fights with Twitch

Gaming is a visual medium, and that has helped video sites like YouTube and Twitch build huge audiences of people seeking game-related content. But as more of the world shifts its game time to mobile, a new company is trying to establish itself as the leader there.

Kamcord is a startup based in San …


BitTorrent launches $2 photo sharing app Shoot for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

BitTorrent launched a new photo and video sharing app today called BitTorrent Shoot. You can download the new paid app now directly from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and the Windows Phone Store.

As a way to try the product, BitTorrent lets you make your first three sends for free. You’ll then be …

Data Synchronization

Snapchat turns geofilter digital stickers into revenue source

Much of social media involves showing off where we are, whether it's watching a ballgame at Dodger Stadium, meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland or eating a pastrami sandwich at Langer's.

Now Snapchat Inc., the ubiquitous social media app among teens, has found a way to capitalize on those location …


'600 Million' Samsung Mobiles Vulnerable To Keyboard Cracking Attack

Given everything that’s occurred over the last two years, Android phone owners would be forgiven for thinking major manufacturers had their backs when it came to security, especially encryption. But a serious issue affecting a default keyboard in as many as 600 million Samsung mobiles highlights …


Sony's latest flagship phone can tell which headphones you're using

If you've ever found the music from your smartphone to be lacking, Sony wants your attention with the Xperia Z4v. Sony's latest flagship phone, exclusive to Verizon in the U.S., can actually detect what kind of headphones you're listening with, optimizing the music or gameplay so you'll hear the …


Facebook launches Moments app to find and share photos of your friends using facial recognition

Facebook has unveiled Moments, a new app that uses facial recognition software to scan your camera roll for faces to make sharing pics easier.

Here’s how it works: scanning your phone’s gallery, Moments finds faces of your Facebook friends, then offers them up for private sharing. If you’ve got pics …


How much of your Apple Music subscription fees go to record labels

When Apple Music launches at the end of June you won’t have to pay a cent to listen to all the music your ears can hear for the first three months. If you want to keep using Apple Music after the three month trial period though you’ll have to fork over $10 a month, and according to a new report …

Internet Radio

Facebook News Feed changes again: Now it's all about time spent reading

Facebook revealed on Friday that it has tweaked the stream of information you get on the service once again — this time to factor in the amount of time you spend looking at a post.

Previously, how high or low a post showed up in your News Feed — or if it showed up at all — depended on how much your …