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If you have a kid you know

Amazon Exec: IoT Reverses the Internet

Facial recognition on pigs is just a day in the life of Sarah Cooper, Amazon Web Services' general manager of IoT analytics and …

Internet of Things

Image by Heidi Williams

This May Help Cure Your Thyroid Gland And Balance It's Hormones

When you’re driving a car with no gas in the tank, you’re not going to get very far. Granted, the car will run on fumes for a few miles, but getting …


Pinus Pengger, Yogyakarta. Indonesia.

Joined-up Thinking - Why Machines Will Take-Over the World

<b>It took decades of wrangling, but most of the world's nations finally took the threat of climate change seriously enough to do something about it.</b><p>Climate change deniers still abound, but since about the year 2000 most environmental scientists agree that not acting quickly risks a global catastrophe …

Amazing road on Kangaroo Island - Isabelle Antonetti

Apple's Cook tells MIT graduates: temper technology with humanity

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Reuters) - Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday warned graduates at MIT, a pioneer in fields like computers and robots, about technology’s dehumanizing aspects and urged them to infuse its development with their own values.<p>“I’m not worried about artificial intelligence giving computers …

Artificial Intelligence