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(Mention DESMOND DRUMMOND as a reference to get a discount).2018 Arizona Winter LeaguePlayers Report: January 30th, 2018Players Depart: February 26th, 2018Location: Ray Kroc Baseball Complex (Yuma, Arizona) Registration is now open for the 12th season of the Arizona Winter League! Over 30 AWL Alumni are currently playing Pro Ball in 2017! The Arizona Winter League is for current and aspiring professional baseball players that are looking to improve their skills under the direction of veteran professional baseball managers and MLB scouts. Former coaches include Greg Tagert, Brooks Carey, Billy Horn, Tim Johnson, AJ Cicconi, Chris Paterson, Chris Mongiardo, Scott Nathanson, Carlos Lezcano, Brent Metheny, Les Lancaster, Mike Pinto, Jose Canseco, Ozzie Canseco, Orv Franchuk, John Harris, Mike Marshall, Eddie Dennis, Dan Firova, Chris Carminucci, Von Hayes, Pete LaCock, and Rusty Meacham. Prospective players gain exposure to managers and scouts who have the ability to sign players for the upcoming professional season. Players get to perform over an extended amount of time instead of a typical two-day tryout. The AWL has a history of successfully being able to get players signed to pro contracts. This is a great way to get started in professional baseball and a great investment in your baseball career MORE DETAILS BELOW

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Who abuses animals?Cruelty and neglect cross all social and economic boundaries and media reports suggest that animal abuse is common in both rural and urban areas.Intentional cruelty to animals is strongly correlated with other crimes, including violence against people. Hoarding behavior often victimizes animals. Sufferers of a hoarding disorder may impose severe neglect on animals by housing far more than they are able to adequately take care of. Serious animal neglect (such as hoarding) is often an indicator of people in need of social or mental health services. Surveys suggest that those who intentionally abuse animals are predominantly men under 30, while those involved in animal hoarding are more likely to be women over 60. Most common victimsThe animals whose abuse is most often reported are dogs, cats, horses and livestock. Based on the 1,423 U.S. cruelty cases on’s 2011 digest in which species of the victim was specified:70.1% involved dogs. 20.9% involved cats. 24.1% involved other animals. #fundraisers #hope #faith #dogslives #support #keepinguptodate

Most of all US Health and Human Services officials, said in a press conference Monday afternoon the 14 hospitals in Puerto Rico are almost all fully back on the electrical grid. 55 Percent Have No WaterFirst of all about 55 percent of Puerto Rico’s population is without drinking water, the U.S. Department of Defense reports. 95 Percent Have No PowerTherefore the vast majority of the 1.57 million electricity customers in Puerto Rico remain without power, the DOD said Saturday. The agency added that damage assessments and restoration efforts are underway, focusing on critical facilities. 2,400 MilesAlso Hurricane Maria knocked out nearly all of Puerto Rico’s 2,400 miles of transmission lines. More than 30,000 miles of smaller distribution wires, leaving the island almost completely without power. 10 MonthsIn addition residents in remote areas could be without power for up to 10 months, Lieutenant General Todd T. Semonite, commander of the Corps of Engineers said in a press conference Monday. “Sometimes we just need someone to be there for us. Not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but simply so that when we fall we are supported and cared for during the hard time.” #fundraisers #relief #crisis #puertorico #support #doantions #keepinguptodate

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WordPress was originally designed for news-oriented sites, but because of its ease of use and flexibility, people are now using it to create all kinds of websites.The problem is, most WordPress sites aren’t really “news sites”, since the average user doesn’t know how to effectively use the WordPress Menu function and static pages to create a website with a logical navigation and optimal content layout.FACT1: Not every WordPress site should be organized in a total blog format with only categories and posts. Hence WordPress is not just for blogs.FACT2: Too many users fail to make effective use of static landing pages, consequently causing their important content and visitors to get lost in a sea of dated posts.FACT3: in addition traditional static website owners shy away from using WordPress due to the fact that they assume their content can only be organized in reverse chronological order.FACT4: Existing WordPress users struggle to make their menus link to the pages they want.PREVIEW LINK BELOW