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Where Does The Internet Get Its Energy? Tech Companies’ Power Sources, Visualized

Where tech companies like Apple and Amazon source their power has major impacts on local energy policy. Here’s the breakdown on how each big tech company keeps the lights on.<p>Digital interactions increasingly shape our lives. The online world we build for ourselves increasingly impacts our physical …

72 percent say no to Google Glass because of privacy

Like a bunny girl in a nunnery, Google Glass is struggling for acceptance.<p>What once seemed like a new technological light at the end of the tunnel, now merely engenders fears that the light is trying to film you.<p>The latest evidence for this is a study by market research firm Toluna. This study …

Google Glass

Be creative and imaginative! I'm not alone. I have my funny adorable friends! Can you see them? Which one is your favorite?:D #serenadeprince #Line #LineCamera #Creative #Art #04082014 #Like #Share

Claudine + Niño = CLAUNI (Clowny) :D The #Joy and #Happiness are in our names. #Love and #Trust are in our hearts. #serenadeprince #Camera360 #Keychains

5 most incredible discoveries of the week

A microbe that nearly made the Earth a dead zone and an intriguing ocean discovery on a moon of Saturn highlight the list:<p>1. Villain That Nearly Killed All Life on Earth Is ... Tiny: Name your favorite culprit for the mass extinction that wiped out nearly every life form on Earth 250 million years …

Hidden rays

5 Incredibly Effective Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder |

Regular readers know I definitely believe in the power of hard work. As Jimmy Spithill, skipper of Team Oracle USA, says, "Rarely have I seen a situation where doing less than the other guy is a good strategy."<p>But we can all work smarter, too. And clearly we all want to, as evidenced by the …

Time Management

How to Actually Succeed on Google+

“Our philosophy and strategy is platform agnostic, so, it can tie into many different platforms,” said Curtis Midkiff, Director of Social Engagement at the American Red Cross.<p>According to Midkiff, this philosophy is to craft a visually focused story about the Red Cross and to engage with people …

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Ang tunay na lalaki hndi sukatan kung ilang magagandang babae ang napasagot mo! Nasusukat yan sa reponsibilidad at paninindigan. ;D

If you think life is a game, then you've been cheating. It is not ok to take a short cut through your problems, you need to face them. #serenadeprince #Music #SuccessNoShortcut

Show yourself as an open-minded person. Make your significant other feel comfortable. #serenadeprince #LineCamera ;D #MensHealthMagazine

Keep your intellectual skills on the alert to be aware of risks and make the most opportunities. #serenadeprince #MusicLover

Eto pa! Serenade Boy Level 2 ! :D Sarap tlga bumalik sa pagkabata... #FlashbackFriday #serenadeprince #serenadeboy

"Life without music is a mistake" #serenadeprince #MusicLover #Pioneer #HereComesTheBoom

The Serenade Boy! :D #FlashbackFriday #serenadeprince #serenadeboy

Nothing is permanent but change! :D Happy New Year! #serenadeprince #photogrid #music #magazinecover

Merry Christmas Everyone! All of us have different reasons to celebrate and be happy. :D #serenadeprince #MerryChristmas #love

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