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My Courses on the New Embarcadero Academy

The online training site Embarcadero Academy, an independently-run but Embarcadero affiliated training web site, was launched a couple of weeks ago: …


Part 07 - Pawel Glowacki - Deploying to Amazon Cloud


TBufferedFileStream v TFileStream with Stephen Ball


JWT authentication with Delphi. Part 2

In the first part of this article, I introduced the concept of authentication, the benefits using token-based authentication (opposed to …

Software Development

Explaining Tasks in Delphi Parallel Library... by Creating too Many Tasks

Recently, I wrote some new demo for Delphi PPL (Parallel Programming Library), while doing some research for an online class -- which is available …


Why should I subscribe Quark Cube ?


Quick tip: Delphi and C++Builder keyboard shortcuts in Parallels

I run Delphi and C++Builder on a Mac, and I do this through Parallels, after switching from VMWare Fusion a few years ago.I've read requests before …


FmxLinux Getting Started

Getting Started with FmxLinux<p>Thank you for downloading FmxLinux. This guide will help you get started with FmxLinux.<p>Overview<p>FmxLinux is a toolchain …


Tutorial: Aquarium with FireMonkey (Delphi DX 10.2 Tokyo) on Windows 10

Windows 10

9 FireMonkey Component Suites To Get You Up And Running Fast In Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

Delphi 10.2 Tokyo ships with a massive amount of FireMonkey components for cross platform development on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. However, …

Web Development

07 - FireDAC Beyond Basics: Simplify Robust Database Interactivity Using DB Scripting


TMS Software

Feature overview<p>Interface between TMS FMX Grid and TMS Flexcel to provide import/export capabilities to .XLS & .XLSX, .PDF formats<br>• Support for cross …


Service Oriented Architecture with WebBroker


Microsoft mentioning RAD Studio Desktop Bridge Support

It is a fairly interesting time to see Microsoft promote RAD Studio Berlin Update 2 support for the "Centennial" bridge, as the only IDE providing …


Creating Your First C++ Android App

Android Apps

Six Easy Ways To Embed JavaScript Engines In Your Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Apps

JavaScript is a useful scripting language which you can incorporate within your Delphi 10.2 Tokyo apps in a number of ways. There are open source, …


Delphi on Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an example of a single board computer. These low cost hobby or project computers are a prime staple of the Internet of Things. …

Raspberry Pi

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