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Debug with CodeSite – Dave's Development Blog

Overview<p>The is a RAD Studio IDE plug-in that allows you to right click on an identifier in the code editor and add a breakpoint containing a …


FmxLinux Screenshots

Full support of Hi-DPI<p>WebBrowser Fedora 24<p>WebBrowser Ubuntu<p>IME Support<p>Native Style - Ubuntu<p>ControlsDemo on Fedora 24<p>Transparency<p>FMX App on Xfce<p>FMX …


VerySimple.Lua 2.0 – a cross-platform Lua 5.3.0 wrapper for Delphi XE5-10.1 Berlin

VerySimple.Lua is a Lua 5.3 binding for Delphi XE5- 10.1 Berlin which automatically creates OOP callback functions for Win32, Win64, Mac OS X, iOS …


Object Pascal to C++ Builder Coding – Dave's Development Blog

Overview<p>This page is intended to provide useful information about translating Object Pascal code into the C++ Builder code.<p>My use of C++ Builder in …


Delphi Skill Sprint - Building RESTful Servers - Craig Chapman


An Overview of Elements of Functional Programming in C++

This article is a brief introduction to the functional programming style when using an imperative language like C++. In particular, we will use …


Expert Delphi webinar replay - Part 2


Cross Platform Activity Progress Dialog For Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows In Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

The Hospitality Survey Client project is part of the Hospitality Survey App template for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo that Embarcadero has released through …

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IDE Notifications – Dave's Development Blog

Overview<p>This IDE add-in provides a notification log (dockable window) to capture all the IDE notifications from a session of RAD Studio.<p>It’s provided …

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How to control "the system audio volume" of iOS

Use C++Builder 10.2 to control audio volume of iOS.<br>I used the MPVolumeView class of iOS.<br>The MPVolumeView class is declared in …


Build Dynamic Forms At Runtime With Hospitality Survey Editor For Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

Embarcadero has released a Hospitality Survey App template for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo through their GetIt platform. The Hospitality Survey App consists of …


Building a (real) Linux daemon with Delphi - Part 2

In the first part I showed how to run a normal console application in the background, now is the time to build a real Linux daemon with Delphi!<p>First …


Hotfix for 10.2.1 Inherited VCL Forms Released

This hotfix addresses a bug introduced in RAD Studio 10.2.1 and reported as RSP-18792 in Quality Portal. The issue causes an inherited VCL form to …

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REST with Datasnap Details in Practical Application Part 2

Previously I presented points of attention to be considered in practice with REST in Datasnap, in this post we will address the project …


Must Have RAD Accessories – Documentation Insight

Best Viewed Fullscreen (recorded 1080p) http://chapmanworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/docinsight.mp4<br>Read More

Enterprise Connectors

Make Connecting to Any Application as Easy as Connecting to a Database<p>Move, integrate, and analyze data with ease utilizing our NEW FireDAC …

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Enterprise Connectors Released Today

After a successful beta for the past couple of months, I am excited to announce that the CData Enterprise Connectors have been released. The 30 day …


Delphi Skill Sprint - FMX 3D Data Visualization - Pawel Glowacki

Data Visualization

TNotifyEvent debouncing in Delphi – Code Partners

Every developer who works with UI handles a lot of user input. And it’s not a rare situation that we don’t need to handle every incoming event …


Web Front End Framework


TMS Software

Features<p>Powerful ribbon style toolbar component<p><b>TTMSFNCRibbon</b><p>Based on a set of existing fully-featured FNC components<br>• Office-inspired ribbon<br>• Multiple …

JavaScriptCore Kit (JSKit)

Cross-platform JavaScript framework for Delphi. Evaluate JavaScript programs from within a Delphi app, and support JavaScript scripting of your …


Use C++Builder to get Android current ringtone mode.

The getRingerMode of JAudioManager. is Returns the current ringtone mode of Android.<br>JAudioManager::getRingerMode() is also available in …


MiTeC Homepage

<b>Overview</b><p>Donation<p>Please help to keep improving and developing of this freeware tool and consider Your donation. Thank You.<p>Description<p>DDG allows you to …

Windows Server

Tutorial: Arc representation with FireMonkey (Delphi DX 10.1 Berlin Up2) on Windows 10

Windows 10

Setting a Tab Item Badge Value

I recently received some questions on how to display a circular badge icon and badge value on a tab item in TTabControl.Badge icons are commonly set …

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AppTethering Leaderboard - Passing Objects Remotely and using Resources

AppTethering opens up a range of powerful features for coupled applications. Beyond the basic features for calling remote actions (which is rather …


Delphi Performance Tuning – Creating 500 Panels on a Form

I needed to create 500 panels on a form for a game that I was assisting another person with … and Delphi was choking. It was taking 20 seconds to do …

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Why do we still use C++ Builder? – C++ Builder

Time saver<p>As a C++ Builder developer for over 15 years and now a lecturer at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences I immediately recognized C++ …

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