AYA Summit 2014

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Snapshots from Malawi: Teach a man and woman to farm and they’ll eat forever

<i>By Jane Maynard. This post originally appeared on her blog, This Week for Dinner.</i><p><i>Jane recently traveled to Malawi with ONE Girls and Women and Heifer</i> …


About AYA

Welcome to the AYA Summit. The African Adinkra Symbol, “<b>AYA</b>,” or the fern, is a symbol of endurance, resourcefulness, and growth.<p>We hope these …

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AYA Summit: Why Girls Panel

AYA Summit: From Tweet to Shot Panel

AYA Summit: Trafficking Here and Abroad with Cindy McCain and Kristen Howerton

AYA Summit: Marquesha Babers

AYA Summit: Nicholas Kristof

AYA Summit: Change Through Better Health Panel

AYA Summit: End Ebola Panel

AYA Summit: Electrify Africa, Empower Women

AYA Summit: Change Through Economic Opportunity Panel

AYA Summit: Danai Gurira

AYA Summit: Storyteller Clementine Wamariya

AYA Summit: Agenda

<b>Wednesday, October 22</b><p>3:00 – 6:00 pm – Registration, The Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row, 2100 Massachusetts Ave NW<p>6:00 – 8:00 pm – Cocktails at The …