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A picture is worth 1,000 words: Matt Damon shares photos of programs in India

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true when it comes to illustrating the narratives of people around the world–there …

Matt Damon

A Dozen Amazing Facts About Africa

Africa is a huge continent made up of 54 countries and over a billion people. But did you know that in Ethiopia, clocks are upside down with our 6:00 …


Ebola is still here

“The world has not yet won the battle against Ebola. Until Ebola is eliminated, getting to zero should remain the highest priority.”It’s been over a …


Two Nights in Denver

This blog was written by Aimee Giese, a blogger, photographer and dedicated ONE member.

“I first heard of ONE at a U2 concert years ago and still have …


Stronger in Pink: Meet Liberia’s First Female Fleet of Motorcycle Taxi Drivers

Esha Chhabra is a journalist who covers social enterprise, technology for social impact, and development.

Photo: United Nations Development …


Humans of South Africa: The Sandanezwe Disability Project

This is the second in a series of posts on a study abroad in South Africa by Juliet Schear. You can read the introduction to and part 1 of the series

South Africa

You need to check out these 4 innovators changing the world in unexpected ways

Over the past several decades, we have seen major improvements in public health around the world resulting in increased lifespans, decreased child …


Listen up world: It's time to talk about periods!

By Jennifer Iacovelli

Jennifer is a writer at another jennifer and the creator of simple giving lab. Her passions are writing, philanthropy, her

Developing Countries

We Need Your Help to Break the Log-jam on AGOA

Creating the conditions for strong economic growth is an essential component in the fight against extreme poverty. One tool the U.S. government has …

World Politics

The Media and NGOs: Out of Love?

[View the story “The Media and NGOs: Out of Love?” on Storify]


10 things you didn't know about extreme poverty

UNICEF just released their most recent report and it’s all about kids. In the context of the upcoming announcement of new Sustainable Development …

Extreme Poverty

8 truly inspirational African artists you should know

Contemporary art is a fast-growing field in Africa for young artists who want to make their voices heard. The following 8 artists use that voice to …


Pope Francis on the impact of the world’s inequalities

By Kedar Mankad and Emily HuieA pivotal moment is set in the calendar in a few short weeks. In Addis Ababa on 13-16 July, leaders and Ministers from …

Pope Francis

Real Men Wear Babies

In celebration of Father’s Day on Sunday, we are excited to feature a post by guest author, Doug French. He is a blogger and founder of the Dad 2.o,

Father's Day

We fought Ebola through film

This post comes to us from Brooks Marmon of Accountability Lab. Photos by Morgana Wingard.

“Liberia’s Ebola epidemic was prolonged by corruption and a


G7 Summit 2015: 7 ways that 7 world leaders could change everything in 7 days

Our giant G7 balloons in Dresden, Germany.

In a few days time, the leaders of seven of the world’s richest countries will meet in Germany for a global


First Hollywood, then Bollywood, now Nollywood!

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nollywood.1. Nollywood is the colloquial name given to the Nigerian film industry.Photo credit: …


Jumpstart your summer playlist!

Summer is here, which means it’s time to roll the windows down and blast your favorite songs whilst grabbing the attention of everyone around you. A …

ONE Campaign

PHOTOS: action/2015 heads to the UN

This morning, action/2015 went to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to encourage leaders from around the world to #FinanceOurFuture – we …

United Nations

Bono and ONE Meet with Leaders in Ottawa

Bono and NGO leaders meet at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to discuss Canadian foreign aid

ONE and our cofounder Bono hit Parliament Hill in Ottawa on …

Canadian Politics

On World Refugee Day, you might be surprised who was a refugee!

June 20 is World Refugee Day – a day dedicated to honoring the strength and determination of refugees: women, men and children forced to flee their …

United Kingdom

Breaking Down Walls by Painting Them: Senegal's First Lady of Graffiti, Dieynaba Sidibe

Dieynaba Sidibe, Senegal's first female graffiti artists breaks boundaries and advocates for women's rights through powerful artistic expression.

Yoga Is Helping End Poverty in Africa—No, Seriously

One organization is spreading peace and love by helping marginalized youths earn a stable income as yoga instructors.

A Seva Safari participant …


Snapshots from Malawi: Teach a man and woman to farm and they’ll eat forever

By Jane Maynard. This post originally appeared on her blog, This Week for Dinner.

Jane recently traveled to Malawi with ONE Girls and Women and Heifer


Where does your country rank on the Good Country Index?

We interview Simon Anholt, the creator of The Good Country Index. Where does your country fall on this list ? The index ranks 125 countries according …

TED Talks

Melinda Gates’ bold announcement on nutrition

Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images for Images of EmpowermentOver the past 15 years, the world has made amazing progress in reducing the number of …

Melinda Gates

12 Women Who Changed The World

Throughout history and across cultures, women and girls have faced innumerable challenges and injustices. Our Poverty Is Sexist report emphasizes the …

How You Can Change the World by Shopping!

As Olivia Wilde, actress and co-founder of Conscious Commerce, likes to say: “your dollar is your vote.”


Strong Girl tactics: One campaign song aims to strike a blow for women

Nine female musicians from seven African countries have come together on a new song calling for women and girls to be central to the fight against poverty.

In a shift from previous anti-poverty music campaigns that have been criticised for ignoring African musicians and misrepresenting the …

Show us your #strengthie!

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