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Haiti's "pillars of society" are also its most vulnerable

Nicole Melancon is a Minneapolis-based freelance journalist, traveler, and global volunteer who shares her passion for travel, culture and social


5 women scientists from the developing world you need to know

By Kristina Bravo. Kristina is the Assistant Editor for TakePart. This post originally appeared on TakePart.Rabia Salihu Sai’id, Mojisola Usikalu, …

Women in Science

Busting the foreign aid myths: Man on the Street

ONE hit the streets to ask everyday Americans what they thought about US foreign aid. Did you know that less than 1% of the US federal budget goes to

Foreign Aid

fighting superhero

For this year’s World Tuberculosis Day, ONE’s Cornelia Lluberes sat down with Kedibone Mdolo. Kedibone is a practicing nurse and active member of the


Photo essay: Guinea Wasted

This post originally appeared on Peace Corps Passport. Hilary Braseth currently resides in San Francisco and serves as Platform Manager of OpenIDEO’s


Interview: Dayo Olopade talks Nigerian election and hashtag activism

Photo Credit: Kalamu

This post is part of ONE’s “Reporter Perspectives: Covering Africa” blog series.

Dayo Olopade is flipping the stereotypical


Why we must invest in girls and women in humanitarian crises

Photo Credit: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

By Jessica Uccellatori, Regional Gender and Protection Advisor, Mercy Corps & Kedar Mankad, Policy Officer


Balash’s story: The only female vet in the Upper Nile

By Ashley HamerBalash is a unique young woman.She thinks she is the only female vet in Upper Nile state, the area of South Sudan in northeastern …

Women's News

Five Women Farmers in India Growing a Better Future

Photo credit: Emily Scott Pottruck for LandesaThis photo essay comes to us from Landesa.Thanks to state and national level programs across India, …


Urgent! Protect global poverty-fighting programs in the US budget

This could be really bad.

This week, the House and the Senate are putting out their blueprints for the budget. And they’ll start voting on it …

Government Spending

Why I care about vaccines

By Rana Chakraborty, MD, FAAP, American Academy of Pediatrics

Photo credit: Carl Forti

There are dozens of reasons why I care about vaccines – why we …


13 GIF reactions to the fact that poverty is sexist

Because there’s no other way to react to the absurdity of this fact.

1. When you’re a girl and whether you live or die depends on where you were …


Reboot development with girls and women

This blog first appeared on Beyond BRICS.

There is a simple truth that the world ignores at its peril: poverty is sexist. These three words must be a …

Women's News

Bags to Riches: Empty backpacks fill students' lives

Akbar Khan is a recent high school graduate who is spending his gap year as an intern at ONE. When we found out he started his own nonprofit, Bags to


Communicating Creatively (SSIR)

Making Ideas Move Making Ideas Move, presented in partnership with the Communications Network, is a blog series on how effective communication has …


Chelsea Clinton: Girls and women deserve to lead the lives they want

It’s 1995. TLC’s “Waterfalls” is at the top of the charts. “Forest Gump” just won best picture. Kerry Sturg’s one-footed vault landing during the …

Women's News

New policy report: Poverty is Sexist

Poverty is sexist.

The evidence is clear — extreme poverty disproportionately affects girls and women, from their health to income to personal safety. …


Michael Froman: Why trade is essential to pulling people out of poverty

Global Apparel Kenya Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company located in the Athi-River, on the outskirts of Nairobi. The factory operates under …


Judi’s story: How I escaped child marriage in Kenya

Siegfried Modola is an independent photojournalist and documentary photographer based in East Africa. Find out more about him on his website.


Child Marriage

Photo essay: Turning bullets into bracelets

We love the exclusive bracelet our friends at Raven + Lily made for us. We love the story behind the bracelet even more.Raven + Lily , a …


14 inspirational quotes from pioneering women

By Mary Scharffenberger and Anna LembergerMarch is Women’s History Month! Throughout history, women activists have been a source of inspiration and …


In Liberia, juggling boyfriends to survive

“I had three boyfriends.”Her response to the question ended with a girlish giggle and a slightly embarrassed grin.“But now I have one,” Alice …


7 Ways To Lay Down The Truth On Foreign Development Assistance

Who better to lay down the truth than the beloved memes.

1. Batman is sick of Robin, and everyone else, thinking we spend too much on development assistance.

The U.S. spends less than 1% of the federal budget on global poverty-fighting assistance. These programs help the world’s poorest people stay …


7 Women Civil Rights leaders you need to know

By Aishling Thurow and Anna Lemberger, ONE Girls and WomenActivist Fannie Lou Hamer speaks during the Freedom Summer. Courtesy the General Board of …

Civil Rights

Preventing hunger in the shadow of Ebola

Once motorcycle drivers, these men in Liberia wait for work during the Ebola crisis. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard, UNDPLast December, it became …


Why women and girls are the secret weapon in ending poverty

We’ve picked some of our favorite images and matched them up with facts to show why investing in women and girls is so important here at ONE. Pupils …

Women's News

From catchphrase to action: Learning lessons on Ebola

This post originally appeared on Devex.John Whiteside wears protective gear before receiving a patient suspected of having Ebola at a medical unit in …


The joy of learning

Joe is a videographer and ONE Regional Faith Leader. He recently traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

I …

Addis Ababa

11 Global campaigns that prove women rock

With International Women’s Day less than a week away, we thought it appropriate to look back at some of our favorite global campaigns that prove that …

Women's News

Power Summit take over on Capitol Hill

We are in the midst of ONE’s annual Power Summit – when 179 of our top volunteers, Congressional district leaders and campus leaders come together in …

Capitol Hill