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Ebola petition delivered

Left to right: President Ernest Bai Koroma (Sierra Leone), President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia), President Alpha Condé (Guinea), ONE’s Global …


Why poverty is sexist: agriculture edition

This is part of our series of blogs exploring the facts about why poverty is sexist.

Poverty and gender inequality go hand-in-hand; girls and women in …


Why poverty is sexist: health edition

This is part of our series of blogs exploring the facts about why poverty is sexist.Poverty and gender inequality go hand-in-hand; girls and women in …


Nowhere In The World Uses Mobile Banking As Much As Africa

A new World Bank-Gallup poll shows that the countries of sub-Saharan Africa are the world’s leaders in sending, spending, and saving money via phone.

While it would be easy to assume that using your phone to pay for things is for hipsters and techies, the results of a World Bank survey released …


Tax Day fun and games

Doing your taxes is certainly no fun, but finding out that a tiny portion of my tax dollars went to save hundreds of lives makes the whole process a …


QUIZ: Who said it?

We can all be change-makers. But can you guess who said these inspiring quotes?View SurveyInspired to do something? Take action for women and girls …

Energy poverty in Africa

Last year, ONE members across the country worked tirelessly to get an energy bill passed through Congress. While the bill didn’t pass (yet!), you all …


SIGN THE PETITION: Make aid count

Want to hear something unbelievable?

Less than half of the money we spend on US global aid goes to the world’s poorest countries - the people and …

Money counts

We don’t want your money – we want your voice. That’s what ONE usually says. We aren’t about fundraising, and we don’t want donations. We are all …


Step up your social media game and follow these 10 change-makers

No doubt about it, social media plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. It can be mindless and silly, or it can be used to advocate for …

Social Media

Where to find ONE on social media

Most of you probably know that ONE is active on Facebook and Twitter (in fact, that’s probably how you got here!), but did you know that ONE has a …

Social Media

Foreign aid close to record peak after donors spend $135bn in 2014

Aid spending by the world’s richest states hovered around an all-time high last year, but development assistance to the least-developed countries (LDCs) fell by 16% from the year before, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has said.

Member states of the OECD’s …

Foreign Aid

10 reasons why millennials are going to save the world

Our guest blogger this week is Kyle Towers, a regular contributor to EliteDaily, where this article was originally published.

Dear Mother Earth,


Nobel Peace Prize

Angélique Kidjo and the importance of quality education for girls

Angelique Kidjo. Photo Credit: Bex SingletonI was born and raised in Benin, West Africa in a very special family. I didn’t realize it but my parents …


8 Instagram accounts from Africa you should be following

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks and can be used for anything, from capturing the small moments in life to championing a …


Energy poverty is sexist

In the developed world we rarely walk into a room and think twice before flipping a switch to turn on the lights. We seldom, if ever, consider the …


The mothers who drive their communities

By Violette NalutaayaMama Aisha (not her real name), the first wife in a polygamous marriage, goes to the garden every morning from 6:00 a.m. until …


Poverty IS Sexist BUT here's what can be done to stop it

A map of the big moments we need to influence – click on the markers to explore.

Our Poverty is Sexist campaign makes it clear that girls and women are …


Joyce’s story: Cyclist champion in Kenya

By Jessica HatcherJoyce Nyaruri won her first race riding a cheap, rattling, Chinese-made, sit-up-and-beg style bicycle known locally (and …


Two decades after the genocide, empowering female entrepreneurs in Rwanda

Photo Credit: Indego Africa

This blog comes to us from our partner Indego Africa.

April 7th, 2015 marks the 21st commemoration of the Rwandan genocide, …


Haiti's "pillars of society" are also its most vulnerable

Nicole Melancon is a Minneapolis-based freelance journalist, traveler, and global volunteer who shares her passion for travel, culture and social


5 women scientists from the developing world you need to know

By Kristina Bravo. Kristina is the Assistant Editor for TakePart. This post originally appeared on TakePart.Rabia Salihu Sai’id, Mojisola Usikalu, …

Women in Science

Busting the foreign aid myths: Man on the Street

ONE hit the streets to ask everyday Americans what they thought about US foreign aid. Did you know that less than 1% of the US federal budget goes to

Foreign Aid

Kedibone Mdolo, South Africa’s own TB-fighting superhero

For this year’s World Tuberculosis Day, ONE’s Cornelia Lluberes sat down with Kedibone Mdolo. Kedibone is a practicing nurse and active member of the


Photo essay: Guinea Wasted

This post originally appeared on Peace Corps Passport. Hilary Braseth currently resides in San Francisco and serves as Platform Manager of OpenIDEO’s


Interview: Dayo Olopade talks Nigerian election and hashtag activism

Photo Credit: Kalamu

This post is part of ONE’s “Reporter Perspectives: Covering Africa” blog series.

Dayo Olopade is flipping the stereotypical


Why we must invest in girls and women in humanitarian crises

Photo Credit: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

By Jessica Uccellatori, Regional Gender and Protection Advisor, Mercy Corps & Kedar Mankad, Policy Officer

Balash’s story: The only female vet in the Upper Nile

By Ashley HamerBalash is a unique young woman.She thinks she is the only female vet in Upper Nile state, the area of South Sudan in northeastern …

Women's News

Five Women Farmers in India Growing a Better Future

Photo credit: Emily Scott Pottruck for LandesaThis photo essay comes to us from Landesa.Thanks to state and national level programs across India, …


Urgent! Protect global poverty-fighting programs in the US budget

This could be really bad.

This week, the House and the Senate are putting out their blueprints for the budget. And they’ll start voting on it …