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Meet the scientist who makes identical snowflakes

The old adage “No two snowflakes are alike,” is wrong. At least in the laboratory.<p>So says a scientist at the California Institute of Technology who has been making twin, and even triplet and quadruplet snowflakes in controlled conditions inside a homemade snowflake creation chamber.<p>Kenneth …

Walt Disney Company

An arcane American law protected by powerful interests is causing insane traffic jams

For many Americans, the experience of driving on a coastal highway like Interstate 5 in California can be a nightmare of dodging massive trucks hauling cargo between US cities. In Europe, not so much.<p>That’s because for decades, European nations have turned to the sea rather than the road to …

Puerto Rico

SpaceX wants to beam Internet down to Earth. Here’s how it will start.

SpaceX is preparing to hit another orbital milestone with the launch of a pair of experimental satellites on Sunday that are designed to beam an ultrafast, lag-free Internet connection down to Earth.<p>The test satellites, dubbed Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b, are a part of a years-long plan by chief …

Net Neutrality

The scientist who makes twin snowflakes


Despite global warming, some reefs are flourishing, and you can see it in 3D

Maybe it’s not the end of the world for corals after all.<p>That’s one of the surprising findings of a new project called the 100 Island Challenge, led by two scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego.<p>Jennifer Smith, Stuart Sandin and their team from Scripps are studying the …

Great Barrier Reef

Robolights: The backyard robot Disneyland



Animals’ delicate capillaries become art in these eerie 3D images

Making art from dead animals is not Scott Echols’ intention, per se, but the three-dimensional images that he has made possible have the quality of magnificent virtual sculptures.<p>Echols is a veterinarian in Salt Lake City who specializes in birds, but his interests span much of the animal kingdom. …

Leonardo Da Vinci

The strange tale of the lost California sphinx

After nearly a century, the shifting red dunes of California’s Central Coast are giving up their final secrets. For 10 days in November, archaeologists used shovels, horsehair brushes, and gallons of quick-hardening foam to unearth and remove a nearly complete Egyptian sphinx from the sands of …


In The Deep

Animals can see things we can't. A team of scientists takes a one-of-a-kind camera to the South Pacific to see the ocean as no human has before.

In The Deep

Scientists are trying to talk to dolphins. It’s a decades-long quest to decode an alien culture, and it could open the door to communicating with …

In The Deep

Scientists are trying to talk to dolphins. It’s a decades-long quest to decode an alien culture, and it could open the door to communicating with …

Gaze Upon the Mother Shrimp That Punches Its Enemies to Death

Peacock mantis shrimp are feisty little creatures best known for hammer-like appendages that help them dismember their enemies punch by punch. But …

The Jones Act: The 100-year-old law that makes traffic worse


The Snail-Smashing, Fish-Spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp | Deep Look


Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy Peaceful Overhead Beach Photography

Luis Aguilera photographs sunbathers and swimmers with effortless beauty.<p>Hanging out on the beach, wading, applying sunscreen—all are great attributes of a day at the beach. What is surprising is how all of these individual actions add up on a grander scale? Photographer Luis Aguilera uses a drone …

MOZA Air 3-axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilization and Control System

The MOZA Air features the same advanced technology and high-quality materials as the<br>MOZA Lite 2, but with an enhanced appearance and improved …

Artists are using a revolutionary process to construct the world’s largest stained glass window

For over a thousand-years, the technology and techniques used to make stained glass have not changed all that much. Artists cut large panes of colored glass into smaller pieces, and assemble them using molten lead into works of mostly-religious art. The process is time-consuming and labor-intensive.<p>…

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Making the largest single stained glass window in the world

Stained Glass

Artist creates stunning mirrored house installation in the Coachella Desert Valley

An artist has created a captivating installation in the Coachella desert in the form of a completely mirrored house that catches the light and reflects the beauty of the surrounding landscape.<p>Created by Doug Aitken, the piece is called “Mirage” and is a site-specific sculpture composed of …


MIT’s new robot reads your thoughts and knows when it made a mistake

Computers are exceedingly powerful machines, capable of instantly completing a litany of tasks that would take humans infinitely longer to carry out. But as useful as they may be, computers are often infuriatingly unable to understand us. If you don’t carry out every function—even the most …


Most people are secretly threatened by creativity

Creativity is highly prized in Western society—much touted by cultures that claim to value individualism and the entrepreneurial spirit. But scratch beneath the surface, and it turns out that a lot of schools and businesses aren’t actually all that excited about bold new ideas. By and large, we …

Arctic Circle

Liberals need to stop obsessing over privilege or they’ll never accomplish anything

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, a debate emerged over whether the general women’s strike planned might merely end up as a day of leisure for ladies who’d probably be lunching regardless. Some progressive critiques—Sady Doyle in Elle, Maureen Shaw in Quartz—framed race and class …

Britain is beautiful in these winning photos from new drone photography competition