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How Many Employers Could be Affected by the Cadillac Plan Tax?

The inclusion of FSAs here is important. FSAs generally are structured to allow employees the opportunity to divert some of their pay to pretax …

Health Insurance

House Republicans Really Think They Can Amend Obamacare This Fall

A health care legislative package is tentatively expected to move in the coming months.

While congressional leaders continue to debate whether to pursue near-full repeal of the Affordable Care Act through budget reconciliation, and GOP presidential candidates lay out Obamacare-replacement proposals, …


Making Medicaid Work: Dentists For The Poor

America’s “independent sector”—its civil society—is the best-funded and most robust in the world. It consistently develops new and effective approaches to some of the nation’s most serious social problems. Since 2001, the Manhattan Institute has sought to identify and recognize some of the most …


Can Health Care Be Cured Of Racial Bias?

Jane Lazarre was pacing the hospital waiting room. Her son Khary, 18, had just had knee surgery, but the nurses weren't letting her in to see him.

"They told us he would be out of anesthesia in a few minutes," she remembers. "The minutes became an hour, the hour became two hours."

She and her husband …

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Scott Walker’s Obamacare replacement plan, explained in 500 words

Presidential hopeful Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) released the most detailed Obamacare replacement plan among the Republican contenders.The Walker plan …

Scott Walker

Hutchinson halts Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood

Chaos in Colorado risks key Senate seat for GOP

The 11 gushiest emails in Hillary's inbox

Farmers: Trump 'terrible for agriculture'

Emails show Hillary's political sleuthing

Walker: Only 12 states are going to pick the next president

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has directed the state’s Medicaid agency …

Planned Parenthood

Health law sign-ups keep growing; uninsured rate declines

WASHINGTON — Nearly a million people signed up for health insurance under President Barack Obama's law even after the official enrollment season …

A Belated Look at New York’s Cooling Towers, Prime Suspect in Legionnaires’ Outbreak

Since the outbreak that gave Legionnaires’ disease its name nearly four decades ago, water-cooling towers have been identified as prime breeding grounds for the deadly disease.

But even as cases have increased across the nation, and experts have called for more safeguards, New York City has done …

Legionnaires' Disease

Congress tried to fix mental health care in 2008. Lawsuits charge it isn't working.

When it passed in 2008, the federal mental health parity law was supposed to be a major achievement for Americans with mental illnesses.Historically, …

Mental Health

The Long March Toward Medicare

The Progressive Party proposes "a single National health service" in their platform.

State health insurance bills are struck down in California and …

Liberal News

Senate Dems Block GOP Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate blocked a Republican drive Monday to terminate federal funds for Planned Parenthood, setting the stage for the …

Republican Party

Our Sex-Crazed Congress

TO appreciate the dumbing down of American politics, consider this: Conservative Republicans, indignant about abortion, are trying to destroy a government program that helps prevent 345,000 abortions a year.

Inevitably in politics there are good ideas and bad ideas. But occasionally there are also …


Bigger May Be Better for Health Insurers, but Doubts Remain for Consumers

Deals among the nation’s largest health insurers in recent weeks have been almost head-spinning. But whatever the details, if the combinations are finalized, the result will be an industry dominated by three colossal insurers.

Consumer advocates, policy experts and former regulators say that what …

Health Care

Maintenance of Certification -- A Hot Topic in Medicine Most Patients Don't Know About But Should

Would you be willing to visit a physician who is not "board certified"? That may be a question you'll have to ask yourself if a small but vocal group of doctors get their way.

At present, there are 880,000 practicing physicians in the United States. More than 800,000 of them are certified by one or …


Transgender Women Face Inadequate Health Care, 'Shocking' HIV Rates

Transgender people are not getting adequate health care, and widespread discrimination is largely to blame, according to a recent World Health Organization report. And the story is told most starkly in the high rates of HIV among transgender women worldwide.

JoAnne Keatley, one of the authors of …


Ronald Reagan’s lasting healthcare legacy: How ’80s deficit spending and conservative ideologies reshaped the healthcare debate

In Obama's first term, Democrats managed to enact Obamacare without expanding Medicare. History explains why

Deficits and Defense

The election of Ronald Reagan to the presidency in 1980 furthered the ascendance of conservatism in national politics. The Reagan administration sought to cut taxes, …

Political History

About that job-killing Obamacare: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in 40 years

Clearly, President Obama's socialism is destroying the country.
The fewest Americans in four decades filed applications for unemployment benefits last …

Jobless Claims

While health care jobs fall short, officials say Medicaid expansion on track to pay for itself

By Al Cross
Special to NKyTribune

The basic financial premise of Kentucky’s expansion of Medicaid under federal health reform is that the addition of …

Health Care

Utah's expanding Medicaid — An end to the free ride, for four states that switched to — Puerto Rico reps to meet Burwell

Chaos in Colorado risks key Senate seat for GOP

The 11 gushiest emails in Hillary's inbox

Farmers: Trump 'terrible for agriculture'

Emails show Hillary's political sleuthing

Walker: Only 12 states are going to pick the next president


Puerto Rico

Medicaid at 50: Evolving to Improve Health, Lower Costs | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

While researching our paper on state Medicaid innovations that improve health while cutting unnecessary spending, we were surprised at how many …


Even Nuns Aren't Exempt From Obamacare's Birth-Control Mandate

A federal appeals court rules that the Little Sisters of the Poor received a sufficient religious accommodation.

They’re the perfect plaintiffs: elderly nuns who wear habits and care for the poor and elderly. When the Little Sisters of the Poor filed a complaint against the Affordable Care Act’s …


Federal Court Upholds Health Law’s Contraceptive Coverage

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court Tuesday handed the Obama administration another victory in its effort to guarantee coverage of contraceptives under the Affordable Care Act, rejecting a challenge by the Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Roman Catholic nuns.

The United States Court of …


Broader Statin Use Gets Support From 2 New Studies

Two studies published Tuesday lend support to controversial new cholesterol guidelines that could vastly increase the number of Americans advised to take cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins.

The guidelines, issued by two leading cardiology societies in November 2013, move away from trying to …


More Medicare money matters — Precision medicine initiative bandwagon rolling — Cures continues

Chaos in Colorado risks key Senate seat for GOP

The 11 gushiest emails in Hillary's inbox

Farmers: Trump 'terrible for agriculture'

Emails show Hillary's political sleuthing

Walker: Only 12 states are going to pick the next president

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Medicare to start covering end-of-life discussions

Medicare will begin reimbursing doctors for appointments with patients who want to discuss end-of-life care, a proposal that had the crazy right-wing …


The Real Story of Obamacare's Birth

One reason for the continued resistance to the Affordable Care Act is a badly distorted narrative of how it became law.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s remarkable 6-3 decision in King v. Burwell saves the Affordable Care Act from evisceration, although Obamacare will undoubtedly face a continuing pattern …


Jeb! trashes Obamacare in public, but privately made a cool half million off it

Liberal News

In Health Law, a Boon for Diet Clinics

Dr. Michael Kaplan looked across his desk at a woman who had sought out his Long Island Weight Loss Institute and asked the question he often poses to new patients: “Where do you think you go wrong with food?”

The 38-year-old patient was about 20 pounds overweight and, as she described it, …

Healthy Eating

The US just had its first measles death since 2003

(US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)This has been a bad year for measles.We started 2015 with one of the worst measles outbreaks in recent …