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Jeb! trashes Obamacare in public, but privately made a cool half million off it

Jeb! has called Obamacare "flawed to its core" on several occasions, but apparently it wasn't too flawed for him to make a handsome profit from. Josh …

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In Health Law, a Boon for Diet Clinics

Dr. Michael Kaplan looked across his desk at a woman who had sought out his Long Island Weight Loss Institute and asked the question he often poses to new patients: “Where do you think you go wrong with food?”

The 38-year-old patient was about 20 pounds overweight and, as she described it, …

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The US just had its first measles death since 2003

(US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)This has been a bad year for measles.We started 2015 with one of the worst measles outbreaks in recent …


Medicare & Medicaid 50th Anniversary

Medicare & Medicaid: Keeping Us Healthy for 50 Years

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law legislation that established the …


Obama Administration: Federal Benefits Can No Longer Exclude “Gender Transition Services”

A transgender man prepares to inject himself with testosterone.Photo by Erin Siegal/Reuters A hard-won victory was granted to the LGBTQ community …


As nation awaits Obamacare ruling, report cites 6 percent drop in uninsured Floridians

Times Staff Writer

The percentage of Floridians without health insurance dropped nearly 6 points after the Affordable Care Act took full effect, …


The Issue That Won’t Go Away

So another atrocity has us talking about race again. And rightly so. Nothing about America makes sense without understanding the long shadow cast by the original sin of slavery.

And yes, it’s an integral part of the left-right divide. Look at “Why Doesn’t the United States Have a European-Style …

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CBO: Repealing Health Reform Would Increase Deficit | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

• Repealing health reform (that is, the Affordable Care Act, or ACA) would increase the federal deficit by $353 billion over 2016-2025 using CBO's …


King v. Burwell: Did the Supreme Court already tip its hand?

The Supreme Court will rule this month on King v. Burwell, a case arguing that Obamacare's insurance subsidies are illegal. A decision in favor of

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Doctors Are Partisan On Obamacare (Just Like Everybody Else)

When it comes to health care politics, it looks like doctors and nurses are just as partisan as the rest of us. A survey released Thursday found that …

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Vast data warehouse raises health overhaul privacy concerns

WASHINGTON (AP) — A government data warehouse stores personal information indefinitely on millions of people who seek coverage under President Barack Obama's health care law, including those who open an account on but don't sign up for coverage.

At a time when major breaches have …


Study of returns to the ER suggests lack of follow-up care

WASHINGTON (AP) — No one wants to make a repeat visit to the emergency room for the same complaint, but new research suggests it's more common than previously thought and surprisingly, people frequently wind up at a different ER the second time around.

Already some ERs are taking steps to find out …


The Supreme Court's Obamacare decision will determine if this cancer patient gets chemotherapy

Marilyn Schramm is thinking about moving.She is a 63-year-old retiree who lives in Texas, and since November 2013 she's purchased health insurance …


Experts: States 'Completely Unprepared' If SCOTUS Kills Obamacare Subsidies

State lawmakers are struggling to come up with a contingency plan if the Supreme Court invalidates their federal Obamacare subsidies, according to a …


Here's another way Obamacare is changing U.S. healthcare for the better

The aimed to go well beyond merely making health insurance more accessible to millions of people who couldn't buy it in the individual insurance market; many provisions were designed to fundamentally change for the better how healthcare is delivered in the country. A new study shows one way it's …

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Democrats Have Every Reason to Save Republicans From an Obamacare "Bloodletting"

Sometime this month, possibly as early as Monday morning, the Supreme Court will issue its ruling in King v. Burwell. If the Court ignores both the …


Talking Red State Blues

WHEN you mull over the differences between states that vote for Republicans in presidential elections and states that vote for Democrats, what do you think about? Perhaps religion: People in red states are far more likely to believe in God. Or maybe media consumption: More people in blue states …


How an Inaccurate Soundbite Might Take Down Obamacare

A challenge based on four words of the law amounts to little more than politics dressed up as a legal argument.

The Supreme Court is about to decide another blockbuster case arising under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The specific issue is whether federal-tax subsidies are available to people who …


Obama spokesman says Florida GOP putting politics over poor people in Medicaid fight

President Obama's two-day stop in Miami has nothing to do with Florida's upcoming special legislative session forced by a disagreement over how to …


Senate plan deserves fair hearing from House, Scott: Editoral

In a good-faith effort to break the health-care policy deadlock that has immobilized Tallahassee, Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner unveiled a …

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Tampa Bay business leaders push Gov. Rick Scott to support expanding Medicaid

Tampa Bay area business leaders write the governor, saying expansion would "make sense for Florida."

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Debunked: Every Republican Reason for Adding a Work Requirement for Medicaid

After the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that states could choose whether to accept Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, many red states opted to reject …

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Former Republican Senator Admits the Obamacare Court Challenge Is Built on Lies

For months, when the Affordable Care Act was still swimming upstream through the legislative process, President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats …


Morning Plum: GOP already divided over how to respond if Court guts subsidies - The Washington Post

Some Congressional Republicans have apparently decided it might prove a wee bit problematic for the GOP if the Supreme Court guts health coverage for millions of people and they don’t appear willing to do anything about it. So they are offering a variety of contingency fix plans that would …

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Cancer screening: An example of when less can be more, experts say

Americans get too many tests to screen for common types of cancer, and the American College of Physicians wants them to stop.

New clinical guidelines from the medical group include a litany of statistics that illustrate our obsession with cancer screening. Among them: About 6 in 10 adults submitted …


Coverage to Care: No Longer Fighting Depression Alone

I spent the last 10 years fighting depression, virtually on my own. As a part-time waitress and college student, I couldn’t afford health insurance …

PolitiFact Florida: Medicaid expansion would help many of the same people that LIP helps

Washington may favor expanding Medicaid, Gov. Rick Scott argues, but it won't help the people being served by the soon-to-expire Low Income Pool, …


Obamacare's Unpopularity Can't Kill It

Politicians -- Republicans as well as Democrats -- can learn a lot from the short history of health-care reform. The lesson is: Get the policy right and improve the world. But don't expect it to help your party.

Jonathan Cohn has a fascinating essay in the American Prospect exploring why the public …

Preventive Services Covered Under the Affordable Care Act

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If you have a new health insurance plan or insurance policy beginning on or after September 23, 2010, the following preventive …