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Calling Someone Other Than the Cops

Many kinds of urban disorder would be better addressed by people who aren't police officers.

The simplest way to reduce the number of Americans who are abused by police officers is not to retrain cops or to reform their subculture. It is to significantly reduce the number of adversarial interactions …


Fresno to South Bend to Louisville: The Elusive Elements of Civic Success

More cities, more assessments of what works, and why

Earlier today I mentioned a video that a public-private alliance in Fresno, California, has produced to explain why they want to bulldoze a historic, artsy downtown pedestrian mall and re-open it to cars. Described that way, naturally the project …


Is the Pentagon Messing with Texas?

The U.S. military may not be using a summer exercise to institute martial law in Texas, but Governor Greg Abbott isn't taking chances.

Texas has the rare distinction among U.S. states of having been, for a decade in the 19th century, its own nation. That history of independence, that lingering pride …


A Path to Citizenship, Clinton Says, ‘Is at Its Heart a Family Issue’

LAS VEGAS — For months, Latino activists frustrated by President Obama’s inability to overhaul the immigration system have pressed Hillary Rodham Clinton about what she would do differently.

On Tuesday, she tried to answer those pleas. At a campaign event here, Mrs. Clinton, surrounded by children …

Hillary Clinton

Senate, Along Party Lines, Passes Cost-Cutting Budget Blueprint

WASHINGTON — The Senate gave final approval Tuesday to the first joint congressional budget plan in six years, ratifying a 10-year blueprint that would cut spending by $5.3 trillion, overhaul programs for the poor, repeal President Obama’s health care law and ostensibly produce a balanced budget in …

Public Finance

Why Warren Buffett Is Torn on the Minimum Wage

Economists can't agree on the right ways to fight inequality.

Around this time last year, Warren Buffett seemed stumped by the question of minimum wage. "I thought about it for 50 years and I just don't know the answer on it," he told CNN. He hinted at the direction he was leaning—if minimum wage …

Warren Buffett

Tesla and the Texas Tea Party

How lawmakers championing states' rights and small businesses came to endorse government-sanctioned cartels

Today’s Tea Party is at the height of its influence and power. Its representation in Congress has never been greater. It has become a powerful force in many states, including the big enchilada …

Tea Party

Another Piece of Evidence That America's Students Know Little About Their Country

Eighth-graders continue to display far-from-sufficient knowledge about geography, civics, and history.

American eighth-graders continue to demonstrate lackluster knowledge and skills when asked basic questions about U.S. history, geography, and civics. New data shows that only between 18 and 27 …


When an HIV Crisis Trumps Ideology on Drug Policy

The outbreak of cases in rural Indiana has forced a skeptical Governor Mike Pence to authorize—and extend—a needle-exchange program.

In the summer of 2009, then-Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana voted with nearly every other Republican to keep in place a 21-year-old ban on federal funding for …


Contrary to Conventional Wisdom, New Teachers Are Staying on the Job

It's widely believed that turnover is high among novice educators, but new data suggests that very few of them leave after their first year.

Despite previous reports that new teachers are ditching their professions in record numbers, new federal data suggest that a grand majority of novice classroom …


Actually, Immigration Can Create Jobs

The traditional view that an influx of new workers takes work away from native-born Americans is only part of the story.

When critics of immigration make their case, they often point to the labor market. The argument goes something like this: An increase in the supply of workers creates additional …


Expanding Medicaid Trims Hospitals' Costs Of Caring For Uninsured

When patients show up in the hospital without health insurance, they often receive charity care — the hospital treats the person and then swallows some or all of the costs.

It's central to the mission of many nonprofit hospitals, particularly those serving low-income areas.

"That's why we're here, …


Brand-Name Medicines Dominate Medicare's $103 Billion Drug Bill

Brand-name drugs to treat heartburn, diabetes, depression and other common afflictions of the elderly were among the most expensive drains on the federal government's Medicare prescription benefit, costing more than $1 billion each in 2013, newly released data show.

The federal government popped the …


Ohio Republican Gov. Kasich On Expanding Medicaid: 'It's My Money'

No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. That's exactly the argument Ohio Gov. John Kasich is making for why Republicans should choose him as their nominee in 2016.

"I will tell you that you can't be president if you don't win Ohio. That's not even a question," Kasich said …


Episode 620: Why Batteries Suck

Most technology has been getting faster, smaller, and cheaper, every year. Everything except batteries.

This is not just a problem for the iPhone 6 Plus owners of the world. It's holding back two of the biggest technological revolutions in the world: electric cars and solar power. A better, cheaper …


Repositioning Scott Walker

As Scott Walker has transformed himself from a three-time statewide winner in blue-leaning Wisconsin to a hard-right Republican primary candidate, he has jumped to the head of the pack in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Walker’s re-creation of his political identity is a test of whether a Republican …

Scott Walker

The American Way of Birth: Why Do Republicans Hate It?

Republicans in Congress keep coming up with new ways to drive home the point: Immigration is bad; fear it.

This week it’s a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on a fringe subject that is forever on the wish list of the restrictionist crowd: Ditching the birthright citizenship clause of the …


Did Psychologists Help the Government Torture?

One of the more disturbing aspects of the Bush administration’s twisted justifications for torturing prisoners after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was that the C.I.A.’s jailers were using medical personnel to monitor interrogations and essentially give their blessing to the abuse.

Many …


Who Is Tesla’s Home Battery For?

Late Thursday, Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, said the company will starting selling the batteries that are used in its luxury cars for use in homes and businesses. The home versions of the batteries, called Powerwall, will cost $3,000 for a 7 kilowatt-hour model and $3,500 for a 10 …


Picking Up the Tab for Low Wages

It is hard to overstate the extent to which work no longer results in a decent paycheck and a rising standard of living in this country. The portion of the economic pie that goes to working people is currently near the smallest on record, in data going back to 1947. Similarly, the gap between …

Tax Credits

More Excuses on the Patriot Act

Software designers have a term — “minimal viable product” — to describe early versions of things like iPhone apps that they can rush to market. The idea is to get something out and refine it as you go along. That’s the argument being made for a measure in Congress that would modify the Patriot Act …

Patriot Act

With New Factory, Tesla Ventures Into Solar Power Storage for Home and Business

In recent years, the fast-growing popularity of solar panels has intensified a central challenge: how to use the sun’s energy when it isn’t shining.

Now, Tesla Motors, the maker of luxury electric sedans, says it is taking a big step toward meeting that challenge with a fleet of battery systems …


At Long Last, a Kentucky Derby Only About the Horses

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — This is an altogether different Kentucky Derby. It hasn’t been hijacked by bombastic owners. There has been no need to manufacture story lines. No, for the first time since I have been coming here, the horses are the genuine stars and there is a sense that the 141st running of …

Kentucky Derby

Loretta Lynch and the Dysfunctional Senate

Loretta Lynch and the Dysfunctional SenateThough he began his political life as a moderate, Mitch McConnell has evolved into a fierce conservative …


The Catastrophe

The CatastropheSpalding Gray’s brain injury.What role did the car crash and the damage to his frontal lobes play in his decline? Photograph by Noah …


White House spokesman on Texas governor's military drills: 'I have no idea what he's thinking'

Governor Greg Abbott's (R-Texas) decision to deploy the Texas State Guard to monitor a US military training exercise was met with puzzlement by the White House on Wednesday.

"I have no idea what he's thinking," White House spokesman Josh Earnest told a news conference. The eight-week training known …


Report Says American Psychological Association Collaborated on Torture Justification

WASHINGTON — The American Psychological Association secretly collaborated with the administration of President George W. Bush to bolster a legal and ethical justification for the torture of prisoners swept up in the post-Sept. 11 war on terror, according to a new report by a group of dissident …


Confused about session? Let us help you.

It's no longer a debatable claim to say that the 2015 legislative session has ventured into uncharted territory.

The session jumped off the rails at …

Florida Legislature

U.S. Special Forces Operate in more than 80 Countries

The reach of the U.S. military is virtually endless, with nearly every nation on earth having some kind of American armed forces presence. The …


A solar future isn't just likely — it's inevitable

I plan to write a great deal about the short-term prospects for clean energy, both economic and political, but I want to begin life here at Vox with …

Renewable Energy