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The right way to do drugs

The argument for the legalisation of cannabis has been won. Now for the difficult bit

IT IS like a hash-induced hallucination: row upon row of lush, …


Too many neurons spoil the memory

Tell me where dwell the thoughts, forgotten till thou call them forth? Tell me where dwell the joys of old, and where the ancient loves, And when will they renew again, and the night of oblivion past, That I might traverse times and spaces far remote, and bring Comforts into a present sorrow and a …

The Brain

Elizabeth Warren wants the CDC to consider fighting the opioid epidemic … with marijuana

As tens of thousands of people die from opioid painkillers and heroin each year in what's been called an epidemic, some officials are looking for …


9 Immigration Questions That Sanders And Clinton Haven’t Been Asked In The Democratic Debate

While Republicans debate immigration at length in their debates, moderators for the Democratic debates have mostly left immigration — one of the most controversial and central issues of this cycle — aside.

Last week, Republicans debated immigration policy at length — a frequent feature of the …

Hillary Clinton

Democrats Seek Emergency Cash for Opioid Crisis

Democrats Want Emergency Cash to Fight Opioid Abuse

Shaheen, left, and Schumer, right, are seeking emergency funds to tackle opioid addiction. (Photo …

Rob Portman

We're Doing Preschool All Wrong, Says New Book

And it could harm an entire generation of kids.

Kids need more time for free play in preschool, argues childhood development specialist Erika Christakis.

Disappearing are the days when preschools were havens for free play and make believe. They're now factories for rote memorization and dry …


President’s Budget Would Bolster TANF | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

• Increases resources for TANF. The budget adds $8 billion to the TANF block grant over five years. Each state would receive some portion of those …

What Obamacare Can’t Do | Jacobin

To celebrate the release of our new issue, “Up From Liberalism,” subscriptions to Jacobin start at just $14.95.

As the Democratic presidential primary …

The Clinton-backed 1994 crime law had many flaws. But it didn't create mass incarceration.

Michelle Alexander, famed author of The New Jim Crow, published a scathing takedown of Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, arguing that "Clinton doesn't …


NIIT-picking to sustain Medicare

There are three ways to increase the sustainability of Medicare, the deservedly much-loved program that provides affordable, quality health coverage to almost 50 million mostly older Americans: cut spending, raise more revenues and/or slow the growth of health costs. (Another way would be to deport …


College Kids Caught With Drugs May Not Get Kicked Off Financial Aid Anymore

"It is not the Education Department’s job to punish students for drug infractions," Sen. Orrin Hatch said.

Sens. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) are co-sponsoring legislation to repeal a law that bars students with drug convictions from continuing to receive financial aid.



Peyton Manning, You’re Our Only Hope

Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos speaks to the media in Santa Clara, California, Feb. 3, 2016.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Years from now, in a country …

Peyton Manning

Are immigrants really flooding our borders?

“People are pouring across the southern border,” the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said in a debate in December. That image has …

World Politics

A Maryland Lawmaker Offers A Radical New Solution To The Heroin Crisis

"This is a harm-reduction strategy for the rest of society," said Dan Morhaim, a physician who serves in the state House of Delegates.

Dan Morhaim, a physician who serves in Maryland's House of Delegates.

The war on drugs has failed. Slap that assertion into Google and you'll find it in quotes being …


Federal Prisons Are In Crisis. Congress And The President Need To Step Up.

The drug war's harsh sentencing has led to serious overcrowding, a new report says.

El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma.

WASHINGTON -- U.S. policymakers need to grab this "defining moment" and dramatically change the way America's overcrowded federal prisons operate, according to a …


Trump basks in growing sense of inevitability

The real estate mogul is reveling in a flurry of polls that show him only getting stronger heading into the Iowa caucuses.

A sense of inevitability is growing around Donald Trump with just six days to go before the Iowa caucuses as new polls show the billionaire businessman extending his lead and …

Donald Trump

Concentrated Wealth and Poverty in Connecticut's Neighborhoods | DataHaven

The full version of this report is posted at TrendCT: …


How Much Credit Does Bernie Sanders Deserve For Obamacare?

As Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Bernie Sander’s health care proposals continue, one of his defenses is that he "helped write” the Affordable Care …

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has the most realistic plan to boost wages and job creation

Here's one more reason to take Bernie Sanders's candidacy seriously: He has put forward statements and arguments on what is by far the most powerful …

Bernie Sanders

Idiotic Conservative Anti-Stimulus Talking Point Won’t Die

Movement conservatives are understandably (and even commendably) apoplectic with the rise of Donald Trump, who has appealed to the right-wing id …


A Power Congress Grabbed, Then Rarely Used

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid helped insert the “atom bomb” into legislation years ago. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Twenty years ago, it was enacted …

Harry Reid

What Donald Rumsfeld Knew We Didn’t Know About Iraq

EXIT POLLS: Big numbers for independents and late deciders

Clinton looks to avert big loss to Sanders in New Hampshire

Trump's rivals scramble for second place in New Hampshire

Trump team struggles with candidate who won’t adjust

3 things to watch in New Hampshire

Long lines of Trump voters in his …

Donald Rumsfeld

Oil's whiplash above $30: dead cat bounce or double-bottom base?

The oil market's roller-coaster ride this year is not over yet, technical analysts warned on Friday, with new lows likely to come after traders catch their breath.

U.S. oil futures for March CLH6 surged 13.5 percent on Thursday and Friday, erasing nearly half the losses racked up since the start of …


Florida leads country in new HIV cases after years of health department cuts

TALLAHASSEE - Florida leads the nation in new HIV infections, but it's not being treated as a crisis by Gov. Rick Scott or the state's top health …


What’s Happening to Obamacare’s PPOs?

Last month, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a report titled “Burnt Offerings? PPOs Decline in Marketplace Plans.” The title said it all. …

Health Care

Analysis of 2015 Premium Changes in the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplaces

Updated Jan. 2015 – Map and tables reflect most recent premium data available.

The map and 50-state table are updates to our September analysis, which …


A Note on Carter Price's: What Have We Learned About the ACA Over the Past Year?

I find myself, over and over again, how well ACA implementation is doing in the Blue States that have implemented it enthusiastically--I would have …


Senate wants sentencing reforms that improve outcomes, reduce prison population

The Florida Senate is drafting an ambitious package of bills that will reform the state's sentencing laws to give judges more flexibility, provide …


Archbishop Gomez: Those with irregular immigration status 'do not cease to be our brothers and sisters.'

Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez issued the following statement today on the Supreme Court decision to review Texas v. the United States of …


A ‘Lean’ replacement for ‘Big Civic’

Photo credit: Knight Foundation on Flickr.

“Big Civic” is disappearing. The days when CEO roundtables, mayors for life or a few big foundations were …