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Algorithms And Accountability Of Those Who Deploy Them

Slate recently published a piece entitled You Can’t Handle the (Algorithmic) Truth, written by Adam Elkus, a Ph.D. student in computational social …


DEA approves first drug trial of ecstasy to treat anxiety and depression


Debunked: Every Republican Reason for Adding a Work Requirement for Medicaid

After the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that states could choose whether to accept Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, many red states opted to reject …

Health Care

Former Republican Senator Admits the Obamacare Court Challenge Is Built on Lies

For months, when the Affordable Care Act was still swimming upstream through the legislative process, President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats …


The Cost of an Adjunct

The plight of non-tenured professors is widely known, but what about the impact they have on the students they’re hired to instruct?

Imagine meeting your English professor by the trunk of her car for office hours, where she doles out information like a taco vendor in a food truck. Or getting an …

College & University

Who's Afraid of African Democracy? by Helen Epstein

Poor Burundi. Landlocked, tiny, and known mainly for ethnic conflict, it was for years the subject of one of the most intense international …

Morning Plum: GOP already divided over how to respond if Court guts subsidies - The Washington Post

Some Congressional Republicans have apparently decided it might prove a wee bit problematic for the GOP if the Supreme Court guts health coverage for millions of people and they don’t appear willing to do anything about it. So they are offering a variety of contingency fix plans that would …

Republican Party

JPMorgan Sounds the Alarm on Inequality

The first study from the newly established JPMorgan Chase Institute, released yesterday, offers an intriguing “big data” glimpse at economic …


From Think Tank Jobs to Capitol Hill

The Revolving Doors of D.C.’s Think Tanks

We all start somewhere. How to get from a think tank to Capitol Hill (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Interning is …


Politics of a Congressional Pay Raise Are Still Toxic

Politics of a Pay Raise for Congress: Still Toxic

Hastings says Congress needs a raise. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

When the doors slid shut on Capitol …


Students sue Florida college claiming they were forced to undergo vaginal probes

Two unnamed female students enrolled in Valencia College’s Medical Sonography Program said they were forced to undergo “invasive transvaginal ultrasound procedures” as part of a medical training program.

According to the federal lawsuit, in fall 2013 the Plaintiffs expressed concern to Barbara Ball, …

College & University

Low-income homeowners get free solar panels thanks to cap & trade

The spread of residential solar power has been largely a middle-class affair.

Despite plunging prices in the last seven years, rooftop solar arrays remain an expensive home improvement, costing $15,000 or more. A 2013 study by the liberal research and advocacy group Center for American Progress …

Renewable Energy

Calculated Risk: Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama

By request, here is an update on an earlier post through the December employment report.

NOTE: Several readers have asked if I could add a lag to …

Hillary Clinton

Nash's Nobel prize

Our coverage on the award of the Nobel prize for economics to John Nash in 1994

The games economists play | Oct 15th 1994

Game theory is now part of

Game Theory

The Government Found a Cheap Way to Switch to Renewable Energy. Now It Needs to Use It More.

Big defense contracts awarded to big defense contractors are usually a big cause for concern. They tend to go over budget, often for things we don’t …


The United States’ Program for Selling Citizenship Is a Scam

A recent spate of newspaper stories has revealed that several countries around the world have started selling citizenship to foreigners. Some of the …


Monday Smackdown Watch: Robert Waldmann Defends Janet Yellen from Brad DeLong

Robert Waldmann: In Which I try to Defend Janet Yellen from Brad DeLong: “Fed Chair Janet Yellen said, among other things:

For this reason, if the …

Janet Yellen

Chuck Norris: I Never Said The Military Was Trying To Take Over Texas

Actor Chuck Norris on Sunday accused the media of twisting his words to say that he believed the federal government was trying to stage a military takeover of Texas.

The "Walker, Texas Ranger" star added his name earlier this month to the list of politicians and public figures who expressed concern …

Chuck Norris

Carl Hiaasen: Taken for a ride on the Boondoggle Express

All Aboard Florida, also known as the Boondoggle Express, is having public-relations problems.

Skepticism, anger and legal challenges stand in the …


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Dutch Sea Level Rise Expert: Miami Will Be "the New Atlantis," a City in the Sea

A few months after Hurricane Sandy bared down on New York, killing over 150 people and wreaking $65 billion in damage, federal leaders cried for help …


“The party of white people”: How the Tea Party took over the GOP, armed with all the wrong lessons from history

The Founders were a divided bunch. They believed in debate but also in solving problems. Someone tell the Tea Party

There was an emerging disagreement among conservatives, one that grew out of differing dispositions, if not principle. The Tea Party movement possessed an almost centrifugal force in …

Political History

The second life of memories: Where they go when we forget

New research suggests traces of a lost memory might remain in our cells' nuclei

Once a memory is lost, is it gone forever? Most research points to yes. Yet a study published in the online journal eLife now suggests that traces of a lost memory might remain in a cell’s nucleus, perhaps enabling …

Second Life

Our dogs can read our minds: The new neuroscience of animal brains and understanding

Understanding emotion in others is basic to survival, grounded in evolution. Animals have the skill just as we do

In the quest to identify what might be unique to the human mind, one might well ask whether non-human animals have a theory of mind. In fiction, perhaps, they do. Eeyore, the morose …


They’re all still lying about Iraq: The real story about the biggest blunder in American history — and the right wing’s obsessive need to cover it up

Conservatives are trapped in an outdated and delusional worldview. Rubio, Jeb and media sycophants make it worse

Republicans’ verbal gyrations over the Iraq War should not be dismissed as the usual rhetorical jabberwocky of an election season. Their stumblings and justifications provide an important …

Middle East

Education reformers have it all wrong: Accountability from above never works, great teaching always does

Common Core or No Child Left Behind -- reformers always try to manage change from above. It fails & hurts our kids

In late 2001, three months after the September 11 attacks, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) passed both House and Senate with strong bipartisan majorities and was signed by a …


Two Wesleyan Students Indicted on Federal Drug Charges

Eric Lonergan and Zachary Kramer face five counts of selling controlled substances after 12 people overdosed on a tainted batch of MDMA

A pair of former Wesleyan University students accused of dealing a bad batch of the party drug MDMA on campus will face federal drug charges. U.S. attorney Deirdre …

U.S. Attorneys

The Far Right and the Far Left Are Stuck in Facebook Echo Chambers of Their Own Making

Does Facebook filter our political discourse? Last week, the company released a study of user profiles that purported to show that the social …


Pope's pronouncements making trouble for GOP Catholics

Francis may be popular with the general public, but key Republican primary constituencies are wary.

Catholic Republicans are developing a pope problem. Earlier this month, Francis recognized Palestinian statehood. This summer, he’s going to issue an encyclical condemning environmental degradation. …

Climate Change

AdultFriendFinder Exposed in Data Hack

When it comes to personal information you definitely don't want spilling onto the Internet, your sex life is pretty high on that list. And yet, for …