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A Wealthy Governor and His Friends Are Remaking Illinois

The richest man in Illinois does not often give speeches. But on a warm spring day two years ago, Kenneth C. Griffin, the billionaire founder of one of the world’s largest hedge funds, rose before a black-tie dinner of the Economic Club of Chicago to deliver an urgent plea to the city’s elite.

They …


Will there ever be another Charlie Munger?

The short answer is: no. Every human is unique, but Charlie Munger is particularly unique. As just one example, he is rational in ways few people can …

Charlie Munger

Teacher: A student told me I ‘couldn’t understand because I was a white lady.’ Here’s what I did then.

Emily E. Smith is a fifth-grade social justice and English language arts teacher at Cunningham Elementary School in Austin, Tex. She was just awarded the 2015 Donald H. Graves Excellence in the Teaching of Writing award given at the National Teachers of English Language Arts Convention in …


Instability in Marketplaces Draws Concern on Both Sides of Health Law

WASHINGTON — The latest turmoil in health insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act has emboldened advocates on both sides of the political spectrum, providing ammunition to conservatives who want to shrink the federal role and liberals who want to expand it.

UnitedHealth Group …


There Is Only One Way to Defeat ISIS

We must hold accountable our Middle Eastern "allies"—the states and bankers and political elites—who persist in funding mass murder.

There was a strange stillness in the news on Saturday morning, a Saturday morning that came earlier in Paris than it did in Des Moines, a city in Iowa, one of the …

World Politics

How Donald Trump courted the right-wing fringe to conquer the GOP

McKay Coppins a senior political writer for BuzzFeed and the author of the new book, “The Wilderness: Deep Inside the Republican Party’s Combative, Contentious, Chaotic Quest to Take Back the White House,” from which this essay is adapted.

Early one evening in January 2014, I sat in a darkened den …

Donald Trump

The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Undoing of the GOP

Most weeks, New York Magazine writer-at-large Frank Rich speaks with contributor Alex Carp about the biggest stories in politics and culture. This

The Best Health Care Fix You've Never Heard Of

There was a moment in the second Democratic presidential debate that perfectly illustrated the difficulty of dislodging the media’s comfortable …

Health Care

The Objectification of Muslims in America

In the wake of terrorist attacks, the United States shows the worst of its everyday bigotry.

The first Muslims who came to the United States were likely African slaves. Later, in the middle of the 19th century, Muslims emigrated from the territories that would become Syria and Lebanon and settled in …


What Happens When Students Create Their Own Curriculum?

Dozens of schools around the U.S. are opting to ditch the traditional school structure altogether to motivate teens in new ways—and it seems to be working.

This story is part of a short series on innovative ways teachers are rethinking the traditional lesson plan. What’s one that resonated with you


Paul Ryan Succumbs to ‘Broken’ House Rules

The Speaker’s reformist ambitions fall victim to his need to manage the media cycle.

Before taking the speakership last month, Paul Ryan made a promise to fix a “broken” House of Representatives and return the chamber to “regular order.” Eschewing the centralized authority of his predecessor, John …

Paul Ryan

Brown University's $100 Million Inclusivity Plan

The ambitious effort that could transform the institution and inform how other campuses respond to student protests.

Every university responds to student protests in its own way.

Earlier this month, scores of Brown undergraduates formed a circle on a quad and listened as black classmates expressed …

Brown University

The Deepening Divide on College Campuses

Scroll down to find all the staff notes and reader reactions to the controversies over race and free speech on college campuses. (A similar debate on campus PC and mental health is here, spurred by our Sept ‘15 cover story.) Join the discussion via email.

A reader quotes an earlier one:

Either quotas …


Highways Destroyed America's Cities

Can tearing them down bring revitalization?

America loves its freeways. After the 1956 Federal Highway Bill created the pathway for a 41,000 mile interstate highway system, states and cities jockeyed for the funding to build ever-more extensive networks of pavement that could carry Americans quickly …

Urban Ecology

The GOP Is Finally Emerging From Trump Denialism

The contours of the outsider-as-favorite Republican primary began to take shape this summer, when the candidates without establishment support, led …

Donald Trump

Study: Obamacare Has Made Young Adults Lazier and Happier

Millennials, presumably with health insurance, at play.Shutterstock/Wavebreakmedia Under the Affordable Care Act, young adults are allowed to stay on …


Liquid Democracy: True Democracy for the 21st Century

Liquid Democracy, also called Delegative Democracy, is a powerful voting model for collective decision making in large communities. Liquid Democracy …


Our political system is just this corrupt: Lawrence Lessig explodes our diseased, dangerous Congress

Our campaign-finance system is a mess. Its sharpest critic explains how our democracy has been bought and paid for

Tweedism corrupts representative democracy. Not in a criminal sense, but in a design sense. Tweedism defeats the design weakens the dependency a representative democracy is meant to …

Lawrence Lessig

Massachusetts is making a change that could signal the beginning of the end of high-stakes testing in schools

The Massachusetts State Board of Education has voted to forego Common Core testing in favor of redesigning its own state exam, an influential move from a national education leader that may hasten the end of a national high-stakes testing era, while challenging education experts to come up with a …


Trump’s Week of Fearmongering and Falsehoods

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on October 8, 2015 in Las Vegas.Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images …

Liberal News

Congress Earned Voters' Disrespect

The Senate left town last week, its work unfinished. Majority leader Mitch McConnell’s partial government shutdown continues. Among other things, Republicans still refuse to take up many of Barack Obama’s judicial and executive-branch nominations -- a roadblock that makes it hard for the courts and …

Political Science

The Size of Government and the Fate of the Middle Class

There's an interesting Washington Post article up today by Jim Tankersley about the Clinton and Sanders approaches to the budget/taxes and whether …


Protester gets punched at Trump rally. Trump: “Maybe he deserved to get roughed up.”

Yesterday, at a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham, AL, a local activist named Mercutio Southall Jr. started shouting "Black Lives Matter!" as Donald …

Donald Trump

A New Threat to Obamacare

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel speaks on Nov. 10, 2009, in Washington.Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images Is Obamacare in trouble? This week, …

Liberal News

Former Obama Terrorism Adviser: Change Your Strategy, Mr. President

America’s preeminent counterterrorism official says ISIL can be defeated only if we treat it like the Taliban in 2001.

One of the duties of a senior policy adviser is to tell the president when his strategy isn’t working. By any measure, our strategy in Iraq and Syria is not succeeding, or is not …


Rejecting Test, Massachusetts Shifts Its Model

BOSTON — It has been one of the most stubborn problems in education: With 50 states, 50 standards and 50 tests, how could anyone really know what American students were learning, or how well?

At a dinner with colleagues in 2009, Mitchell Chester, Massachusetts’s commissioner of education, hatched …

Common Core

Spurred by Defiance and Necessity, Life Goes On in Mali After Attack

BAMAKO, Mali — On a sunny morning one day after gunmen went on a murderous rampage at the Radisson Blu hotel, a local dignitary sped across town in his official government S.U.V.

There was no motorcade of bodyguards trailing the man, no dark tinted windows, not even a siren to clear the road. The …


Brussels Remains on Highest Alert Level as Manhunts Expand

BRUSSELS — The Belgian authorities for a second day on Sunday maintained the highest possible alert level, virtually locking down the capital as they extended their hunt for a widening number of suspects linked to the Paris massacres and who were poised, they feared, to carry out an imminent new …


Military Reviews U.S. Response to ISIS Rise

WASHINGTON — When Islamic State fighters overran a string of Iraqi cities last year, analysts at United States Central Command wrote classified assessments for military intelligence officials and policy makers that documented the humiliating retreat of the Iraqi Army. But before the assessments …