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Striking Pictures From International Space Station Reveal Gorgeous Earth

Space Science

World's weirdest science studies

There are lots of times we explore the serious side of science. This isn’t one of them.<p>From hamsters on Viagra to how regularly to swear, Head squeeze’s Greg Foot and Hannah Fry look at some of the silliest experiments carried out in the name of science.<p><i>For more videos subscribe to the</i> Head squeeze</i> …


India's Aam Aadmi Party office attacked in Delhi

<b>The office of Delhi's governing Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been vandalised by a mob protesting at remarks made by one of the party leaders on Kashmir.</b><p>The protesters, who said they belonged to a hardline Hindu group, attacked the office with bricks and stones.<p>They were angry at Prashant Bhushan's …


Would you take smart drugs to perform better at work?

Drugs that boost brainpower are increasingly being taken by healthy people to study or work harder. Could this become the norm, or a condition of employment?<p>Would you let your child get on a bus driven by someone on mind-altering drugs? What about having an operation conducted by a surgeon taking …

The Brain

Second DNA Code Discovered Hiding Within DNA: Scientists

A second DNA code has been discovered by a group of scientists, hiding within DNA, or the genetic code.<p>Information within the newly discovered second …


Indian media outrage over gay sex ruling

<b>Media in India are expressing outrage over the Supreme Court decision to uphold a law that criminalises homosexuality.</b><p>Wednesday's ruling reverses a landmark 2009 Delhi High Court order which had decriminalised homosexual acts.<p>According to Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), a 153-year-old …


Best space images of the month

Here are some of the most stunning pictures captured during a memorable month in space – from a rare eclipse to historic Mars missions.

Space Exploration

The new revolution in ideas

We asked the world’s foremost thought leaders for their visions of the future, they tell us why now is a particularly special moment in time for radical ideas.<p>“New ideas pass through three periods,” said sci-fi author and visionary Arthur C Clarke. “1) It can’t be done; 2) It probably can be done, …


25 Books That Changed The Course Of History

But what about the lives of an entire generation? Can a book change the future?<p>Miriam Tuliao, assistant director of central collection development at the New York Public Library, helped us come up with a list of 25 books that changed the course of history.<p>From the Torah to Orwell's "1984," these 25 …


How sleep makes your mind more creative

It’s a tried and tested technique used by writers and poets, but can psychology explain why first moments after waking can be among our most imaginative?<p>It is 6.06am and I’m typing this in my pyjamas. I awoke at 6.04am, walked from the bedroom to the study, switched on my computer and got to work …


Why computers of the next digital age will be invisible

Computers are hi-tech, right? Our children may not see it that way. The next generation of digital devices will be hidden, says Tom Chatfield, bringing both benefits and dangers.<p>The author Douglas Adams once made a witty point about technology: the inventions we label “technologies” are simply …

Quantum Computing

Could we harness power from black holes?

It might seem like an absurd idea, but physicists have long pondered whether black holes could one day be tapped for energy, says Phil Ball. But how possible is it?<p>Imagine the scene: highly advanced civilisations get enormous amounts of energy from black holes, be it extracting it from collapsed …


What will it take to set up colonies in space?

An ambitious idea for creating giant orbiting homes in space is being resurrected by a think tank. If you think this sounds absurd, it’s worth noting this group predicted travelling to Moon 30 years before it happened.<p>Imagine a pristine landscape of fertile fields and forests nudging up against the …

Buzz Aldrin

Secret city design tricks manipulate your behaviour

Hidden in our streets and buildings are "unpleasant designs" that force us to make certain choices, discovers Frank Swain. Once you know what they are, it will transform how you see your city.<p>When Selena Savic walks down a city street, she sees it differently to most people. Whereas other designers …

Feed a cold, starve a fever?

The popular proverb makes sense intuitively when you are feeling ill, but is it actually true? Claudia Hammond examines the evidence.<p>The popular proverb that we should eat when we have a cold, but not when we have a fever makes some sense intuitively. Since fevers usually only last a day a two and …


50 Best Albums of 2013

Vampire Weekend cut the cute and raised the stakes, Kanye assaulted our ears, Bowie shocked the world and Miley tossed a dance-pop party grenade<p>50<p>The …

Eddie Vedder

Tech and Science

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Building computer brains that can reason like humans

What if a computer chip could think – and react – just like a human? IBM’s Cognitive Computing Group believes such a breakthrough is just around the corner.<p>Computing has developed at an amazing pace over the last few decades, but even today’s computers are essentially glorified calculators, says Dr …

Cognitive Computing

Bored? Hunt for dark matter in your spare time

Astronomers hunting for the invisible stuff that holds galaxies together are making progress by turning to the wisdom of the crowd.<p>It is the next “big hunt” in modern physics. Following confirmation of the existence of the Higgs Boson earlier this year, physicists now have their eyes on dark …

Dark Matter

The Internal War Over the Volcker Rule

The so-called Vol­ck­er Rule, a pro­vi­sion in the 2010 Dodd-Frank fin­an­cial-re­form law that would ban banks from mak­ing risky bets with their …


How X-ray vision will fuel better car engines

Particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider don’t just answer life’s big questions, they could also reveal how to make our cars much more efficient.<p>When particle accelerators hit the headlines, it's usually when they are used to probe big questions about the fundamental nature of matter, …


We must become a multi-planet species

The technology to reach nearby planets is possible, and one astronaut thinks we must colonise other worlds for our long-term survival.<p>One person who would like to see humans living outside the Earth in our lifetime is former astronaut Jeff Hoffman. The technology to reach nearby planets is …


Bitcoin Prices Are Going Insane

This morning, the bizarre digital currency known as Bitcoin hit another all-time high, ticking $402 on the Mt. Gox exchange.<p>It hasn't stopped.<p>Now it's at $429.9, $55 or 15% more than its price just 24 hours ago.<p>On Tuesday, the Winklevoss brothers, who are Bitcoin bulls, gave a pep talk about it …


The Fastest-Growing Jobs Of The Last 3 Years

Job openings in both positions have multiplied 12 times over since 2010, TheLadders said. By comparison, all jobs tracked by the company grew on average 1.4 times over the same period.<p>TheLadders generated its ranking of the fastest-growing job titles by analyzing the words and phrases people used …


Dropbox Is All Business On The Same Day Amazon Announces Competing Product

At Dropbox’s office on Wednesday, employees milled around in ties and collared shirts–foreign attire for any Silicon Valley startup–as the San Francisco-based company announced plans for a revamped business service. It was prescient timing too, as CEO Drew Houston and his cloud storage firm prepare …

Cardiologists recommend wider use of statin drugs

Dramatically escalating the fight against heart attacks and strokes, the nation's cardiologists have rewritten the guidebook on how Americans should be treated with statins and unveiled a plan that could double the number of patients taking the cholesterol-lowering drugs to about 70 million.<p>The new …


What Are The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine?

Louis Pasteur once proclaimed, “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” It turns out he was right (in moderation, of course). …

Siem Reap

This Collection Of War Photography Holds Some Of The Most Haunting Images You'll Ever See

"Photographs are our collective memory of war. Luckily, most of us don't ever experience it first-hand," Tucker told ShutterLove, a photography website.<p>The survey has now been collected in a museum exhibition called, "War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath," showing currently …

Brooklyn Museum

Surreal landscapes around the world - Telegraph

National Parks