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With Gruberie, Your Waiter Doesn’t Need To Take Your Order

One of the hacks from our Disrupt NY Hackathon already has a customer: in less than 24 hours, Gruberie set up a site, built an app, and convinced a local diner to install Gimbal beacons so they could test their service in the real world.

When you walk into a restaurant that supports the service, you …


Here's How To Remove Apps From Apple Watch

Though third party apps interface with a paired iPhone in order to run on Apple Watch, an installation does occur when adding apps to the Apple …

Apple Watch

Holograms Could Bring Videogame-Like Navigation to Your Car

There are plenty of ways to get directions in the car, but most have one big shortcoming. Whether you’re using a standalone GPS, in-car navi system, …


ICYMI: Why we love the Apple Watch (and you will too)

You’re bound to love the Apple Watch as much as we do, and we’ve got a fantastic issue of Cult of Mac Magazine to prove it.

Buster and Rob team up to review the fan-flipping-tastic Apple wrist-held, while Leander waxes rhapsodic about how great this new Apple gadget really is. Rob takes a look at 7 …

Apple Watch

Sith TV : Smart phones in the future./ สมาร์ทโฟน ในอนาคต

How to set up and use iCloud on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

iCloud lets you sync and store all the data that's important to you, from photos and documents to calendars and contacts.Apple's online storage …


5 cool tricks your iPhone can do with the latest iOS update

The latest update to iOS 8 lets you filter spam texts, tell Siri to use a speakerphone, and more.

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Meerkat Launches Its Android App To All

Live video streaming app Meerkat beat Twitter’s own Periscope to market on iOS, and now it’s available on Android for all, with no Periscope app for Google’s mobile OS to be seen. The Meerkat app for Android carries a “Beta” label, as did a previous version that was locked down only to a select …


Tim Cook wears a unique Apple Watch that nobody else can buy

Apple CEO Tim Cook wears his Apple Watch everywhere (even in the shower). But if you look closely at photos of his watch, you can see that it's a totally unique model that is not available to the public.

Take a look at the photo of Cook holding an Apple Watch at the top of this article. Notice …

Tim Cook

Hobnob Lets You Create Personalized Event Invites To Send By Text

There are a number of services today that allow you to create and send digital invitations to birthdays, parties and other events, where the invites themselves are sent out via email, social networks, or even by postal mail if you choose. But a new application called Hobnob, launching now, is …

Time and Date

Apple Confirms Tattoos Can Affect Apple Watch’s Heart Rate Sensor Readings

Apple has updated its Apple Watch support documentation, confirming that the device may have issues when worn by users who have wrist tattoos. The changes were added following a series of reports from new Apple Watch owners who found that their tattoos seemed to interfere with the smartwatch’s …

Apple Watch

17 Apps Every Modern Gentleman Should Have On His Phone

Maybe it was almost socially acceptable to behave like a bro when you were caressing a keg and singing Cornell's fight song ... maybe.

But now it's time to grow up.

Lucky for you, Business Insider is here to help you by turning your smartphone into an even more useful sidekick.

Covering everything …

App Store

Airtable Launches Its API And Embedded Databases

Two months after launching its unique organizational tool, Airtable is rolling out two new features that’ll make it easier to share your personal spreadsheet/database hybrids with others in a way they’ll find useful.

In addition to sharing direct read or edit access to the relational databases you …


Microsoft announces new tool for effortlessly porting iOS apps to Windows 10

Microsoft announced today during its Build conference that it will release a tool for developers to port their iOS apps directly to Windows 10 as “universal apps” that run on both phones and desktop computers. Developers will be able to feed their existing Objective-C code into a new software …

Microsoft Windows

Apple will soon let you shop the Apple Store from your Apple Watch

Amazon and Target won’t be the only major retailers on your wrist for long: sources say that Apple is finishing up work on a version of its Apple Store application for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch app will come “soon” as part of an update to the Apple Store iPhone and iPad application, and will …

Apple Watch

‘Marvel Future Fight’ action RPG for iOS arrives as Avengers: Age of Ultron movie hits theaters

With the North American release of the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie hitting theaters tomorrow, Korean developer Netmarble has perfectly timed the release of its anticipated “Marvel Future Fight” action RPG for iPhone and iPad.

Available on the App Store now for free, the game features 36 …


Apple Looking Into Built-In Telephoto iPhone Camera Lenses

Apple’s iPhone is just about the best smartphone camera you can get, but a new patent application provides a good indication of how it could get even better. The patent is for a “small form factor telephoto camera (via AppleInsider) and describes how the company might make a camera with a narrower …


4 New iPhone Apps Changing the Way We Discover Content

With so much content flying around the Internet at any given time, it can be difficult to find the information you need. Information overload is a big problem today and this is especially challenging for professionals who want to stay on top of the most relevant and important content of the day …


Chrome Can Now Warn Users Who Type Gmail Passwords in Dumb Places

No matter how much Google does to harden its servers, hire the world’s best security engineers, and root out hackable bugs in its products, it can’t …


10 killer tips to get your Apple Watch set up just right

Navigating the Apple Watch can be a little confusing at first, and it definitely takes a while to get your notifications dialed in so it’s not …

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch is now on the wrists of members of the general public for the first time, and opinions about its usefulness are flying fast and furious.

Here at TechCrunch, we’ve been sharing our thoughts in an ongoing diary, featuring daily entries describing what it’s like to use the Watch as we …


Gmail ditches a web view built to highlight ads

Gmail on the web is getting a little more drab... and arguably, that's a good thing. Google has confirmed to Marketing Land that it's no longer testing a grid view in Gmail's promotions tab that showed you images rather than plain old text. It was meant to help email advertisers showcase their …


7 Important Points In Preparing For The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things sounds more like J.J. Abrams’ next sci-fi thriller than a major inflection point in business technology. Which makes the fact that IoT is about to invade the business landscape on a massive scale somewhat ironic—and wholly appropriate.

Enterprises have been tossed by some …

Internet of Things

4 new things we learned about Windows 10 from Microsoft Build 2015

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's corporate VP of the operating systems group, took to the Build 2015 stage to go over new Windows 10 features.

As expected, …

Microsoft Windows

Airbnb Finally Releases An App For Browsing Its Listings On Tablets

A few weeks ago, I was looking for an Airbnb in Austin to share with my girlfriend while we’re in town for a buddy’s wedding. We were specifically looking to find a place that didn’t involve sleeping in an Airstream or someone’s converted garage, and a place where we were unlikely to be awoken in …


Turns out the cheapest Apple Watch has the best screen

The Apple Watch is out and making its way to wrists around the world in a variety of different versions, but in a surprising revelation it appears …

Apple Watch

The best Mac and iPad keyboards

Keyboards are important — so important that many people won’t “work” on their iPads without real keys to type on. No one complained when desktop mice gave way to laptop trackpads, or when trackpads evolved into tablet touchscreens, but the switch from physical to virtual keyboards has been met with …

Computer Hardware

Instapaper on Apple Watch

Today we’re introducing a whole new way to get through your articles with Instapaper for the Apple Watch. The Watch app allows you to navigate to any …

Apple Watch

Facebook Is Eating the Internet

The state of the media in 2015 begins and ends with the tech giant.

Facebook, it seems, is unstoppable. The social publishing site, just 11 years old, is now the dominant force in American media. It drives a quarter of all web traffic. In turn, Facebook sucks up a huge portion of ad revenue—the …