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Should I buy an Apple Watch for my child?

Yesterday, it was the hottest day in July ever recorded in the UK – hitting a sweltering 37 celcius in some spots. It was also the day that I got locked out of my new apartment in London.

The frustration passed – I didn’t forget my keys, they just no longer worked – and a locksmith turned up. I was …

Apple Watch

Attention leakers! Scanner Pro 6 for iOS is the document scanning app you’ve always wanted

Readdle does good of job of making apps to deal with PDFs and other documents. The latest update to its scanning app, Scanner Pro for iOS, will delight people who deal with a lot of paperwork and, potentially, the next Edward Snowden.

The update is free to existing users. The developers are running …


Solid Explorer’s powerful Android file manager gets a facelift and Chromecast support

After six months of beta testing, developer NeatBytes has updated its Solid Explorer file manager app for Android.

The latest version brings a Material Design interface, support for numerous cloud storage services and the ability to beam media files to your Chromecast-equipped TV.

Most notably, Solid …

File Manager

BIGGEST List of the Week! 10 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps On Sale for Free Right Now

Welcome to our biggest list of the week featuring paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Today we’ve got 10 paid iOS apps for you and on any …


Snapchat no longer requires holding Snaps & Stories to View

We told you earlier this year that Snapchat was considering changing a major part of how its app works, and today the social network has officially introduced that change: viewing Snaps and Stories now works with a single tap. Previously, part of Snapchat’s signature user experience included …


19 of the best iOS apps from June

June was a busy month for new and updated iOS apps, from pure productivity and money-saving to new photo tools to make the most of your camera.

Oh, there’s an almost irritatingly addictive new game in here too.

We’ve pulled it altogether into one handy list, so all you need to do is click your way …


You can now use any Android app on your Mac w/ BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks, a free desktop Android emulator that lets users play any mobile game or app on the big screen with a mouse and keyboard, has mostly been limited to PC users until today. But Mac users are about to get access to the software that the company says already has around 90 million users on …


Smart software fixes bugs by 'borrowing' from other apps

The days of waiting anxiously for bug fixes (assuming they come at all) might soon be over. MIT developers have built a system, CodePhage, that automatically patches flaws by borrowing features from other apps. The tool scans apps to see how they perform security checks, and imports any superior …


17 of the best Android apps from June

June was a busy month for Android apps, from pure productivity to an app that will make personalized game recommendations for you and much in between.

We also take a look at a painfully simple way of streaming porn on your Android device, if that’s your sort of thing. PushBullet managed to score two …

Android Apps

Apple Music First Impressions: Convenient All-in-One Experience With Overwhelming Design

As Apple Music gears up to launch in the next few hours this morning -- 9 AM Pacific to be exact, following iOS 8.4 at around 8 AM Pacific -- a few publications have posted some detailed first impressions of the the music streaming service. Getting to mess around with the app for the first time, …

Radio Stations

The ONE Smart Piano could make learning to play much more fun

When I was six years old, one of the ways I amused myself was to sit down at the baby grand piano in the living room and tap out tunes I heard on the radio. In response, my parents embarked on a six-year run of piano lessons.

While I eventually warmed to the disciplined practice required, once the …


Meet the former Apple engineer who designed 2 apps every iPhone owner has probably used

If you're an iPhone owner, you've almost certainly used one of the two apps that engineer Scott Goodson created back in the mid-2000s.

As one of the first 10 engineers to work on iPhone's first software, OS 1.0, he built the Stocks and Calculator apps.

Both apps have gone through significant updates …


Facebook’s new iOS photo uploader looks a lot like Snapchat

Facebook has been ‘taking inspiration’ from Snapchat for a while. It started with its own disappearing photo app, Slingshot, then released an app that mashes up stickers with your photos.

Now the company’s taken it one step further and put most of the features from those standalone apps directly …


Were All Those Rainbow Profile Photos Another Facebook Study?

The social network learns more about its users than they might realize.

Facebook, you may have noticed, turned into a rainbow-drenched spectacle following the Supreme Court’s decision Friday that same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right.

By overlaying their profile photos with a rainbow filter, …


Apple Music debuts Tuesday -- everything you need to know

LOS ANGELES - You've probably heard of this new music subscription service launching from Apple, thanks to pop star Taylor Swift.

After a short tiff over royalty rates, Apple and Swift are back together again. And now, Apple Music launches Tuesday. Here's a preview, and how to get it.

--What is Apple


Instagram's All-New Search & Explore Features Will Change How You Use Instagram

By helping you discover photos more easily, the social network is going to feel like a news app, a travel guide, and much more.

More than 300 million people use Instagram. They share more than 70 million photos a day. But for most of us, those gigantic numbers don't mean much: We live in our own …


Facebook wants to give your photo uploads a Snapchat-like flair

Facebook may be not as in tune with the teen crowd as Snapchat, but that isn't stopping it from trying to fit in. TechCrunch has discovered that Facebook is testing an iOS photo uploader that lets you overlay Snapchat-like filters, stickers and text on pictures as you post them. While it's not …


Facebook algorithm can recognize people if it can't see their face

A number of companies have developed photo software for facial recognition, but what happens when your face is partially hidden? What if it's completely covered up? Facebook's artificial intelligence lab developed an algorithm that remedies the issue by picking out folks with other clues. Instead …


Spotify or Apple Music? Which streaming music service is right for you?

If it seems like there's suddenly a whole bunch of different music streaming services, that's because ....there's suddenly a whole bunch of different music streaming services.

With Apple about to throw its considerable weight into the streaming music industry, the already crowded market now seems …

Entertainment Industry

5 can't-miss apps: Kiwi for Gmail, Disney Gif, Medium and more

Between iTunes showcasing LGBT pride and Facebook's rainbow-filtered profile photos, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps.

Luckily, each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's list includes a GIF keyboard app from Disney, a new Gmail app for …


Apple's iPhone 7 Secret Camera Project Revealed

Despite its incredible success over the years and some very convincing advertising campaigns, the iPhone is now well and truly outgunned when it comes to core camera specs. Perhaps not for long. Since the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple has been continually filing patents detailing all manner of …


Apple Researching Geofencing Tech That Could Make Errands Easier

Apple has a new patent application (via AppleInsider) that could make it easier to manage shared household tasks like picking up groceries or remembering to grab a bottle of wine on the way home. The patent request describes a way in which one user can grant access to their location data to …

Find My Friends

Cloud-Based App Launcher Frame Lands $10 Million In Series A Funding

Frame, a cloud-based service that allows users to run desktop programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel directly from their browser, just announced that it has closed a $10 million Series A funding round.

Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Bain Capital Ventures and SQN Venture Partners …

Microsoft Excel

Messaging And The Apple Watch

Although the Apple Watch boasts the ability to instantly notify users with important updates — breaking news stories, changes to their bank account or the achievement of a fitness goal — its 42mm screen can be a major constraint for developers and designers.

This is especially true for messaging …

Apple Watch

Reserve Strap Promises To Extend Your Apple Watch Battery By 30 Hours

Reserve Strap just announced the final details for its Apple Watch battery band, which it claims will add an additional 30 hours of battery life to the device. The Reserve Strap will ship at the beginning of November and will cost a pretty staggering $249.99.

The “Specialized Thermoset Elastometer …


10 accounting apps for people who HATE bookkeeping

This post was brought to you by GetApp, your number one cloud business apps marketplace

For a rare breed of person, accounting is a business process that represents a joyful challenge. For the rest of us, just the thought of managing accounts leaves us reaching for an aspirin. But does accounting …


Yahoo overhauls its search engine for mobile browsers

Yahoo has updated its mobile search engine to now place images, videos and reviews in the spotlight. Announced in a blog post by Andrew Poon, Yahoo’s vice president of product management, the change is designed to make Yahoo Search in the US more immediately and directly helpful in the context of …


Your next Apple Watch could save you from carpal tunnel syndrome

Apple has been working on the Apple Watch’s heart-rate monitor ever since the wearable launched in April. First, it was taking your pulse every 10 minutes. Then, it was doing it every 10 minutes unless you were moving around because the company said that a resting heart rate is a better health …

Apple Watch

Top Apps For Spending Smarter In College


LearnVest is not only a full financial planner, with account management and budgeting tools, but it also offers specialized advice for spending and saving. LearnVest lets users speak with financial experts on the phone for free to ask questions and receive personalized assistance. The app …