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Flexibits announces upcoming Fantastical for Apple Watch app

Flexibits, makers of Fantastical 2, just announced an upcoming version of the super useful calendar app coming to the Apple Watch. Included in the teaser is the above preview of Fantastical made for the Apple Watch. We’ll have a full hands-on review of the new app when it launches so stay posted …

Apple Watch

Hands-on with Google Photos: Brand new app is impressive, but the service is not unique

One of the more popular announcements of yesterday’s Google I/O keynote was the immediate launch of Google Photos. This online photo service, which the company severed from its Google+ social network, was rolled out as a brand new photo app for Android, iOS and the Web.

It is designed to provide a …


Here's the best use we've seen yet for the Apple Watch's secret port

Though the Apple Watch's display stays off most of the time to preserve battery life, the Apple Watch's battery still lasts only about a day.

So in the same way accessory makers sought to extend the battery life of smartphones with battery cases and other energy-saving accessories, some have gone to …


10 Native iPhone and iPad Apps You Should Replace


Sometimes you love your iPhone, and other times you wish that it were a little bit different: that its features were more …


New Apple TV Hardware With Siri, App Store And HomeKit Said To Be Planned For WWDC

Apple had Apple TV news at its most recent special event, but it wasn’t the new Apple TV hardware some expected. That refresh is coming in June at WWDC, however, according to Buzzfeed’s John Paczkowski, and alongside it we’ll finally see an App Store for the set-top box, as well as an official SDK, …

Home Cinema

Here’s A First Look At Android M

Android M is still in its very early days; Google just released the first developer preview for use on test devices today. We flashed it onto a Nexus 5, and took a look around to see what was new. The OS is far from feature-complete at this stage, but you can still get a first look at some key …


Hands-on with Google's first Android M preview

After loading Google's first developer preview of Android M onto a Nexus 6, we've just had our first peek at what's to come when the big update is ready for consumer release in Q3. For starters, the majority of the most important features that Google announced today are nowhere to be found. The …


MooVee for iPhone aims to help you manage your growing movie watchlist

Following up on the success of the series tracking app TeeVee, developer CrazyApps has released a new piece of software aimed at moviegoers. The app, appropriately titled MooVee, allows you to keep track of movies you’ve seen and what you want to see.

The app’s UI is similar in some aspects to …


Google opens Inbox email client to everyone, adds undo send and signature options

Google announced today that its recently introduced Inbox email service is now open to everyone without an invite.

In addition to removing the need for an invite system, the company also added some new features – like the ability to set the default swiping option to delete messages rather than …


Too stupid to come up with crass Tinder chat up lines? Flints does it for you

Now modern romance has been boiled down to desperately swiping through Tinder – something a piece of meat can do as well as a human – the next step is to stop thinking entirely.

If you’re unable to generate your own crass, ill-thought out and otherwise tedious chat up lines on Tinder or any one of …


Moleskine brings stylish notebook aesthetics to calendar app, integrating maps, contacts & weather

As someone who does everything electronically, I’m always slightly bemused by people who still use pen and paper – but there is something about Moleskine notebooks that does occasionally make me wonder just a little if I’m missing out. The company today appears to be targeting people like me, with …


SwiftKey for Android gets a new look, 9 new languages and better Dashlane support

Third-party keyboard app SwiftKey just got a tasty update on Android, with a new look, increased language support and better integration with Dashlane.

Load up the latest version and you’ll see a new hamburger menu button on the left. This opens SwiftKey Hub, which lets you access personalization …


Shazam can now scan physical objects for augmented reality and exclusive video content

As Shazam teased earlier this year at CES, the company is planning to expand beyond its music recognition technology and into the visual space. Today, the company officially launched “Visual Shazam,” an interactive experience that users can obtain by scanning various products, QR codes or print ads.

Augmented Reality

Lenovo’s projector phone puts apps on the table, literally

Lenovo started selling more smartphones than PCs last year, then gobbled up Motorola when Google cast it aside, and has been doing some very intriguing things ever since. Here’s the latest: An entirely new kind of projector phone.

Pico projectors were trendy a few years back – and we even saw a …


Unicode of Death got you down? Here’s how to fix it

Some iPhone users are getting a flashback to 2013 as a new version of the so-called “Unicode of Death” has returned to wreak havoc with their iMessages.

The security exploit, which activates when someone sends you the message in the image above, reportedly forces jailbroken handsets into Safe Mode …


How I Feel About My Apple Watch After a Week

I've had my Apple Watch for a week now, and I'm ready to talk about my delivery time, how I feel about it, and how I use it. It's been mostly great, …

Apple Watch

OS X: 3 Tricks for Moving Files Around

Ever been curious about how you can use a keyboard shortcut to move files on your Mac? What about ways to drag and drop stuff without having to open …

Keyboard Shortcuts

The bug that can crash iPhones with a single message is back

A major bug found in the latest version of iOS causes phones to crash when they receive a special/malicious text message.

If someone sends you the below string of Arabic characters via SMS or iMessage, it can cause the Messages app to stop working and can take down the phone entirely if it appears …


How to shoot stunning 60 fps video with your iPhone 6

Clear, high definition video is all about a frame rate of 60 frames per second (fps).

Luckily, your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can shoot in this high-speed format that will smooth out your videos as well as make the results of your slo-motion editing a much more watchable experience.

If you want to …


Facebook ‘Marauder’s Map’ turns Messenger into a stalker’s dream

You’re no doubt aware that Facebook shares your location with friends, but what you probably didn’t realize is how precise that data is or how easy it is to extract from the service.

Aran Khanna, a student developer in Cambridge, MA, has created a Chrome extension that grabs location data from …


CarPlay support added to MLB At Bat iPhone app

There’s one more app joining Apple’s small list of road-ready apps for the car today as MLB At Bat for iPhone has been updated with CarPlay support.

MLB At Bat version 8.2 adds its own CarPlay interface for iPhone users with supported in-dash receivers in the car. The app’s game audio streaming is …


Ford's GoDrive brings app-based car hire to London

London is home to a number of car-sharing services, but over the past few months car makers have also been getting in on the action. BMW brought pay-as-you-go vehicles to the capital late last year, with Ford piloting a new service called City Driving On-Demand just a month later. For Ford, it …


Periscope Surfaces On Android

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app, has arrived on Android. After a debut on iOS early this year, the company’s Android app development under former Twitter for Android developer Sara Haider went full-steam on bringing Periscope to Google’s mobile OS. The Android version has all the …


Here’s what Microsoft Cortana will look like on iPhone and Android

Microsoft quietly confirmed today what Cortana will look like on iOS and Android devices later this year in a YouTube video introducing the “phone companion” app.

Cortana on both Android and iOS will look similar to their Windows counterparts and can answer the same queries across devices. On …


What does your Facebook status say about you?

Uh-oh, you may think you are full of love, but the research team found posting a lot about your romantic partner was linked to having low self-esteem.


Google I/O 2015: What you should expect

With Google’s annual conference right around the corner, we’re left anticipating what news is on the horizon. Though Google I/O is meant for developers, consumers can look to it for concepts they likely will see on their devices in a few months time.

So what are we going to get at I/O this year? …


How accurate is the Apple Watch's step counter and distance tracking?

CNET's Dan Graziano tested the step and distance accuracy of the Apple Watch. See how it stacks up against the competition.

There's no doubt that the …

Apple Watch

50 best Mac tips, tricks and timesavers


Your Mac can do millions of things, but sometimes even the best of us forget some of the cool stuff it can do - so we're here to help jog …

Mac Software

Hit the track with these running apps

These GPS-tracking apps can tell you exactly how far you run and act as a training coach.

Whether you're training for a marathon or just want to get …