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Siri theories: Our predictions for Apple’s September 9 event

Apple’s event invitation for its September 9 soiree only asks that you hit Siri up for more info. Just about everyone is doing it, and getting a mixed bag of feedback from our lady (or guy!) Siri.

Reactions seem to be static for each person; asking Siri to give you a hint multiple times won’t get …

Home Cinema

Enter The Matrix! This iPad App Lets You "See" Wi-Fi Signals

A new exhibition by Richard Vijgen reveals the invisible architecture of radio waves, all around us.

The invisible world around us pulses with radio waves, an electromagnetic tide that washes over everything. If you could see it, everything around us would ripple with information, like dropping a …

iPad Apps

Set your iPhone alarm to wake you to a song from Apple Music

Goodbye, terrible Radar tone, hello, song of your choice.

Jumping out of bed to the shrill sound of the default Radar ringtone of an iPhone alarm is …


How to AirDrop photos and videos between Macs and iOS devices

Nothing feels more futuristic and Star Trek than using AirDrop to instantly beam pictures and videos to others while you’re out and about. There’s no …


Get to know the iPad's new 'split-view' feature in iOS 9

Ever wanted to run two apps at the same time on your iPad? Well, now you can.

Enlarge Image

First we covered slide-over, now let's check out …

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Ten of the best back-to-school apps for kids

The summer holidays are either over or nearly over depending where your child is in the world. Parents are breathing a sigh of relief at the prospect of making a cup of tea without being screamed at / bundled into / forced to referee an over-aggressive game of split-screen Minecraft.

And their …


DeNA’s Mirrativ App Livestreams Any Game Or App On Your Android Device

YouTube isn’t the only one to introduce a live-streaming app this week. Just days after YouTube Gaming was outed, Japan’s DeNA — a prolific producer of games itself — has entered the scene with its own take, called Mirrativ.

Initially Android only, the app allows users to live broadcast literally …

Mobile Games

Google’s App Search Results Now Look More Like An App Store

Google has been working for some time to improve how it highlights mobile apps, and the data they contain, in its search results. And now, Android users performing Google searches for apps outside the Play Store will notice a big change in how apps are being presented in search results.

Where …


FAA starts testing its drone safety app

Back in May, the Federal Aviation Administration announced plans to test an app for drone hobbyists that'll ensure they're flying in approved airspace. The mobile software appears to be on schedule as B4UFLY is now in closed beta for iOS. Up to 1,000 UAV users will test the app that's primarily …


SocialBattles Is A Photo App For People Who Think Instagram Isn’t Competitive Enough

Andre and Sandro De Moraes must really like to see people compete.

The brothers previously created GoldMic, a now-defunct social network for hip hop battles. Now they’ve launched a new iOS app called SocialBattles, where users compete to post the most popular photos.

To start a battle, users either …

How to use the iPad's new 'slide-over' feature in iOS 9

Your iPad is learning new tricks with iOS 9, including the ability to let you view information from one app while using another.

Enlarge …


Instagram is losing its identity by introducing new photo formats

When Instagram first started out, it was promoting the retro feel of instant photos that Polaroid had successfully made famous in times gone by.

Limiting the format to a square was Instagram’s way of paying homage to the original size of instant pictures and using its filters you could give your …

Polaroid Photography

Connected oven with camera to hit Germany in 2016

A connected steam oven that includes a camera for live streaming will be available on the German market in April 2016, appliance manufacturer …


10 usability considerations for your mobile app

In a world dominated by mobile phones, finding a way to sell your product or service via smartphone is a good move. But when it’s your first time launching an m-commerce app, there’s a lot that’s easy to overlook. So I asked 10 founders from YEC the following:

What is the No. 1 usability …

Information Architecture

ReBoard Is An iOS Keyboard With Third-Party App Shortcuts

Since Apple finally opened up the system-wide keyboard to third-party developers, back in iOS 8, there has been a flood of alternative keyboard apps — from established Android keyboard brands like Swype and SwiftKey, to newcomers hoping their glitzy GIF/emoji keyboards will make an impact. And …

Keyboard Shortcuts

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus: The features, specs, pricing and release dates we expect

Read editors' take

Get ready for September 9

Read editors' take

Same design

Read editors' take

A9 processor

Read editors' take

Improved cameras

Read editors' …


Jeep hackers get new jobs at Uber's autonomous-car lab

Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have made a habit of getting the attention of the automotive world with their vehicle hacks. This year, the team showed an exploit that would allow hackers to remotely hijack a Jeep. That hack resulted in Fiat Chrysler recalling 1.4 million …


How to fix battery life issues in iOS 8.4.1

iOS 8.4.1 might have fine-tuned Apple Music, but some users are complaining about about battery issues after updating to Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

If you’re afflicted, the good news is that iOS 9 is right around the corner. The bad news? That doesn’t help you now, and iOS 9 will likely …


Google tells devs how to bypass iOS 9 app security features

• News

Google relies on ads for its revenue, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s undermining Apple by telling developers how to bypass some of the security settings Apple is implementing with iOS 9.

The App Transport Security (ATS) settings requires content which arrives on your iPhone to use the …


Huawei Watch listing may have just leaked that Android Wear is coming to iOS

Back in March, Huawei announced it was strengthening its wearables game with a stunning looking smartwatch. After months of waiting, the round-faced Android Wear device is finally available for pre-order on Amazon, but the pre-order page may have just revealed a special surprise.

The Verge spotted a …


5 Great Free Apps For Coping With Day-Long Airline Travel

Itineraries, maps, time-killers, and more.

The only thing worse than traveling is traveling all…day…long. Between the layovers, the delays, the endless lines, it’s a wonder we don’t see more modern-day meltdowns.

Take these apps for a spin the next time you’ll be spending all day in airports. They …


Facebook's M Is Here, and Google Should Be Worried

The new personal assistant tool was released on Facebook Messenger Wednesday to a select group of Bay Area users.

Facebook launched a new virtual assistant called M on Wednesday. If it does everything it promises to do, it will be time for a lot of competitors to worry -- one in particular.

M, named …


Why Doesn't Instagram Allow Me to Manage Multiple Accounts Like Twitter Does?

The other day I wanted to post a photo to Gizmodo’s Instagram account. I had to log all the way out of my personal account, dig up the password for …

News Push Alerts Are Becoming the Norm, But Do We Want Them?

News alerts have taken over my phone.

“James Holmes formally sentenced to life plus 3,318 years,” Smart News tells me.

“Labor board says franchise …

News Industry

PayAnywhere’s new iOS mobile card reader will bring Apple Pay to small businesses

Apple has teamed up with North American Bancard (NAB) for the launch of a new version of its PayAnywhere card reader, which will be available exclusively in Apple Stores and on Apple’s Website come September.

This opens the door for people to use Apple Pay instead of cash at small businesses, local …

Small Business

Samsung Pay beta arrives on every major carrier but Verizon

Samsung has opened the public beta of its new phone-based Pay service ahead of its official launch late next month. Beta participants will need to have a Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, or S6 Edge+ (unrooted, mind you) as well as a credit or debit card from US Bank (Visa) or Bank of America (Visa or …


Here’s what will happen when the new iPhone is announced: Apple is too predictable

Apple has… put out an invite! Smash the glass on the emergency alarm. Call out the national guard. Fire up the hot take machine. Or… get a grip.

We’ve got to stop playing this game. Journalists have been tripping over themselves for far too long when it comes to the latest sniff of a new thing from …


5 Factors to Estimate What It Will Cost to Build an App

Interested in building a mobile app? Here are the five key factors to consider when determining the appropriate mobile app development budget.

When it comes to your mobile app, if you cut corners on cost, quality will suffer.

Over the past six years as the founder and CEO of Applico, we've built over …


Compare the new Moto 360 against its larger predecessor

We've heard rumblings about Motorola's new version of the Moto 360 arriving in two sizes, and now we've seen some supporting evidence. In the latest round of supposed leaked images, we get a glimpse of the smaller version of the smartwatch alongside its larger stablemate. The OG model was quite …

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