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Photojojo launches Parabo Press iOS app for stylish photo prints

Your iPhone and iPad may be stuffed to the gills with photos, but the challenge of finding a super creative way to showcase the ones you really like — aside from sharing them on social media or email — can become overwhelming.

Photojojo — an online photography gear shop, together with Zoomin, a …


8 awesome paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now


Normally $2.99

Whiteboard is the easiest way to organize your tasks and be more productive in your day. From the to-dos at home, to the …


The (Predictable) Misunderstanding Of Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments launched this week, which caught none of Twitter’s most hardcore users by surprise. We knew it by the name of “Project Lightning,” I refer to it as “Project Glacier” because it slows things down for folks who aren’t use to drinking from the water hose.

One of the most talked about …

Marc Andreessen

Google Search now indexes iOS 9 apps with deep links, Safari will show app content by end of the month

In May, Google began allowing iOS developers to implement App Indexing so signed-in users can open content surfaced from mobile apps directly in Google Search (via the main Google app and via Chrome, or even installing iOS apps if they don’t have them). These indexed links were made available to “a …


SF Nerds Can Now Impress Dates With UberSELECT

UberSELECT, Uber’s higher-end car offering has finally rolled out to those in San Francisco. The service allows folks in the 7×7 to choose luxury cars for their ride, including BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, and Mercedes C-Class, according to a post on Uber’s blog.

UberSELECT rolled out to other cities …

San Francisco Bay Area

iPhone 6s: Beware Of The Touch ID Overheating Issue

At the “Hey Siri” event last month, Apple revealed that the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus has a second-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The next-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor makes it easier and faster to unlock your phone. Now many iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users are …

Apple News App

How to Record Retro VHS-Quality Videos on Your iPhone

Technology can move really fast. Just consider the format for which we consume videos and movies, which has transformed from film reels to VHS to DVD …

Apple News App

Assembly for iOS is a graphic design app for beginners and pros alike

Assembly is an iOS app that makes graphic design accessible, regardless of your experience or lack there of.

Ok, so it’s not going to be winning you any prizes since the designs are pretty basic (or minimalist, if you prefer) but it is sufficient for quick and impressive design on-the-go.

While I’ve …

Graphic Design

The Web has changed our relationships forever

Breaking up is never easy, and while 20 years ago there may well have been little or no post break-up contact between exes, 21st century technology – from social media to Whatsapp – means there are many new ways to open old wounds. With so many communications channels with which to get hold of …


Apple Says Battery Performance Of New iPhones’ A9 Chips Vary Only 2-3%

Apple has addressed the spate of chatter about differences in performance between A9 chips used in its new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. We’ve known for a while that some A9 chips were produced by TSMC and others by Samsung, a longtime Apple silicon partner.

Recently, people have been pushing and prodding …


Take A Peek At The World's Coolest Cabins

The popular Cabin Porn Tumblr is now a gorgeous coffee table book.

City-dwellers have been idealizing remote cabin life since well before Thoreau penned Walden, but our current hyper-connected, productivity-obsessed lifestyles have made the quest for calm feel especially pertinent. It's the …


PAUSE for iOS promises to soothe your mind and relieve stress

Stress is hard to avoid in today’s world and we are often guilty of turning to our phones, laptops and tablets as a distraction, which isn’t always the healthiest option.

Well, building on that concept, PAUSE is a new iOS app designed to help you combat stress or anxiety and regain your …


Chipgate fuels anxiety, relief and some laughs over iPhone 6s

Heading to social media to vent about Chipgate, some iPhone 6s owners are upset to discover that not all A9 chips are created equal.

Worse, some feel duped by Apple, which used two vendors to supply different versions of the chips in “identical” phones. Others worry about reports of inferior battery …

Apple News App

Your Tweets Can Reveal How Much Money You Make

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania successfully guessed income levels based on Twitter behavior.

As if your credit score forecasting your relationship success wasn’t crazy enough, now it turns out your tweets might be revealing how much money you make.

In a new study, researchers from …


How to Weaponize your Cat to Hack Neighbours’ Wi-Fi Passwords

What do you expect from your cat to come back with?? Perhaps with a mouse or a bird – none of your use. But what if she come back with your …

Is anyone creating anything original on mobile these days?

When it comes to mobile social networks, I’m feeling quite a bit of functionality fatigue.

Swipe left, swipe right, swipe up. Tap to see it before it ends. Watch now or it’ll be gone in an instant. Real-time updating your neighbor’s cousin’s live stream of a dog. See new filter updates once a …


Samsung chip might be ruining your iPhone 6s’ battery life

A new controversy is brewing online after it’s been revealed that not all iPhone 6s units get the same amount of battery life. The apparent culprit? The new A9 processors, which power Apple’s latest iPhones and were sourced by two chip manufacturers.

Apple dual-sourced A9 production from Taiwan …


Lightroom mobile app for iOS is now a standalone image editor free for everyone

Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile app for iPad and iPhone has generally been known as a companion app for the company’s desktop photo management tool. While it was always available free for download, it required the desktop app — and a subscription to Creative Cloud — to achieve a meaningful workflow.

No …


Periscope now has an embeddable ‘On Air’ button for broadcasts

Periscope now has an On Air button for websites (like The Next Web!) that tell everyone when a broadcast is live.

It’s a useful little tweak that anyone can use. All you have to do is enter your Periscope username (typically your Twitter handle without the ‘@‘) into Periscope’s button generator, and …


Pro.Com Launches Text-A-Pro For Flat-Rate Pricing On Handy Tasks

Pro.com, the handywork/installation site that instantly offers price estimates and connects you with a contractor, has today launched a brand new feature to the service. Called Text-A-Pro, the feature allows users to simply text message their task into the system and be sent a flat-rate price and a …


Fantastical 2 for iOS now supports 3D Touch and split-screen mode

Fantastical 2 is again distancing itself from the competition. With updates to its iPad and iPhone apps, users are getting access to 3D Touch and multitasking features, as well as a new Apple Watch complication.

The Apple Watch app now has a ‘go to date’ option, which lets you quickly access a …

Apple News App

Time waster alert: Google for iOS now plays GIFs in image search

An update to the Google iOS app will have you looking at a lot more GIFs — I promise.

You can now play GIFs in image search with a simple tap. Yass cat, here we come!

On the other hand, if you’re trying to be productive, the Google app now shows you map results when you search for an address, and you …


Android founder says next major wave of computing will be AI

In a talk at Code/Mobile, Android founder Andy Rubin said that he believes the next major wave of computing will be in the realm of artificial intelligence. Rubin, who left Google to start a hardware startup incubator called Playground Global, said that after spending some time in robotics at …


Android Auto is not spying on you, Google says

Google is denying claims made by a report earlier this week that suggested Android Auto collects more data than it should.

The report from Motor Trend …


The Dinner Parties That Transformed One Curious Foodie Into A Mobile App Master

Will Turnage is SVP of technology at the R/GA agency. And cocreator of the algorithm-powered cooking app, My Robotic Kitchen.

Will Turnage loves food. But he may love wielding data and technology to master cooking even more.

So for the last seven years, Turnage, senior vice president of technology …

Mobile Technology

Here’s why some iOS apps may be missing from your ‘purchased’ history

If you’ve noticed older apps aren’t available in your purchase history for iOS, you’re not alone. Apple has confirmed titles that a developer has pulled from circulation will no longer be available for download.

Speaking to Pocket Gamer, and Apple spokesperson said “if an app that you own is removed …


WhatsApp integrates Google Drive to make sure you never lose your photos, videos and chats

WhatsApp and Google announced a partnership today that sees the messaging app integrate Google Drive storage to make backing up and restoring chats easy.

The feature, which Google says is rolling out to WhatsApp users from today but will take a “few months” to reach everyone, backs up chats, voice …


How to nest folders in iOS 9

I’m not sure why iOS doesn’t officially support nested folders, despite the fact that people have been clamoring for them for years.

Needless to say, dropping a folder inside another folder is still a no-no in iOS 9.0.2 … unless you use this easy trick to nest your folders inside each other.

Here’s …


Porsche won’t use Android Auto because Google wants too much information

If you’re looking to buy a 2017 Porsche 911, you better have iOS. The car manufacturer won’t carry Android Auto because Google wants too much data.

According to Motor Trend, Porsche is uneasy with Google’s desire for data about your habits — and the car’s performance:

As part of the agreement an …


Clever iPhone tricks only power users know about

The iPhone has a lot of hidden features. Find out how to have a sleep timer for your music and other neat hacks.

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