By Emerald | Spirit filled, word inspired poems. Christian poetry and spirit enhanced words from Emerald's Notebook.

Beyond Here

I glory in that which you gave<br>Ever so precious irrefutable<br>Taking it all in, sinking deep<br>Into you for in you is my life<p>Beyond here is all my joy<br>This …


Journal of an Amateur Writer - My course to Haven

I bring my Heart

As I thirst with so much dryness<br>A hoaxed voice almost intended<br>But hushed at the rushing water<br>Where I kneel, my palms clasped<br>Feeling for you, longing …


Throwback Poetry from 2013

It was bright<br>Shimmering and slick<br>Life was a gorgeous princess<br>And was cherished more than nature itself<p>Then came the day,<br>The sun went down<br>And the …