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Watch: This flying drone folds its wings and dives into the sea, then relaunches itself

There's some cool science happening around multidomain robots, which are built to traverse multiple environments<p>I'm a sucker for bio-inspired …


How Ian Walsh Finished What He Started

Road to the Final: Pe'ahi Challenge<p>4:51<p>Tracking the path of the six surfers who made the Final at Jaws.<p>"Guys had been paddling it for a while, but …


Paige Alms on her Jaws victory and the future of women’s big-wave surfing

<i>This story originally appeared on SURFER. Words by Ashtyn Douglas.</i><p>Paige Alms works as a server at the Paia Fish Market in Maui a few nights each …


Lifesaver drones will soon be auto-detecting sharks and shouting at swimmers from above

Drone technology seems to be exploding in two different directions: camera drones for aerial videography, and drones with AI deep learning …



“ PETER HART – MOVING FORWARDS! ”<p><b>Words</b> Peter Hart <b>// Photos</b> C/O Hart Photography unless noted.<p>Originally published within the April ’17 edition.<p><b>In</b> …


From the Archives: Sailing Downwind? Set a Whisker Pole

No matter whether the journey is a trade-wind romp across a thousand miles of ocean or a daysail up the bay, a cruising boat that's not equipped with …


Updated: Mapping what's open and closed in the Caribbean

Travel Weekly's online guide to the Caribbean, in the aftermath of Irma and Maria: what's open, what's closed and when damaged resorts plan to …


US Navy rescues sailors and dogs after months stranded at sea

The sailors' engine broke down while they were en route to Tahiti. One of them told DW that they had often wondered if "today was going to be the day …

U.S. Navy

Why can’t we all just get along? #servicemessage #stopracism #theoceanroamer

13 years ago... #tbt #Sudan

One of the most difficult but rewarding projects I did. Very harsh life conditions. Top left: Taking a rest on Sanganeb atol top right: my dog Roamy bottom right: our living quarters for almost 2 years. Bottom left: my creation Throwback to 2005 #tbt #project Sudan Red Sea Resort #sudan

Silky Smooth SUP Surfing

While cranking 12 0’clock roundhouse turns is impressive, it’s not exactly relaxing. For many of us, just executing a few simple turns on a clean, …

SUP Surfing

Sally Fitzgibbons ready for world surfing title Grand Final

IT’S the closest, most nerve-racking race for the women’s world surfing title race in recent times but Sally Fitzgibbons says she wouldn’t have it …


Schmit Style

Youp Schmit (99NoveNove / Avanti) finished the 2017 season in joint 13th place alongside Italy’s Mattia Fabrizi (Patrik / Sailloft Hamburg) and …



PRESS RELEASE: Federico Infantino – ” I’m super stoked to that the WorldWide premiere of That’s Surf West, the new windsurfing and surfing movie shot …


Norway is building an insane underwater restaurant

Shoreline seafood restaurants are typically great places to enjoy an evening, but if you want to get truly up-close-and-personal with the watery …

Panoramic Photography



"Everything you picture in the Jaws movie": Teen girl thrown into water when 15ft great white shark rammed her kayak - Mirror Online

A teenage girl escaped a terrifying “Jaws-like” shark attack after being thrown from her kayak and hunted by a 15-foot beast.<p>Sarah Williams was …

Jay Weatherill

“Living” Chandelier Made with Algae-Filled Leaves Naturally Purifies the Air

Design engineer and biotechnologist Julian Melchiorri—who first gained attention by creating the first synthetic biological leaf—recently came up with an ingenious lighting design that is as beautiful as it is eco-friendly. His “living” chandelier <i>Exhale</i>, purifies air while lighting up your room and …


Design Forum: The Fever Is The Prescription

The CI 'Fever' handles flat and firing<p>Word around town is that people love–I mean <i>love</i>–Channel Island’s semi-new Fever model. Crafted and designed by …


Movie review: “Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton” looks at the life and work ethic of a surfing star

<b>Two stars. Unrated. 118 minutes.</b><b>By Kristen Page-Kirby</b>, <i>The Washington Post</i>It takes a lot of work to be a surf bum.“Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird …

Laird Hamilton

The Old Foes Choose Sides For The 36th The America S Cup

I am damn sick and tired of the story-go-round. What I mean is the re-hashing of old stories regurgitating old news to keep the Americas Cup in the …

America's Cup

Enjoy this moment of slowmo peace. My view This morning at @kokomobeachcuracao #nofilterneeded #beach #tropics #beachlife #theoceanroamer #consulting #curacao #carribean #tropical

The Ancient underwater city Heracleion - Abu Kir / Egypt

The city dates back to the 6th century B.C. and holds some of the most beautiful artifacts you could imagine.<br>Things like grand statues of gods and …


Go Deep, Go Long – Four Wild Paddling Destinations in the Lower 48

<i>It's no secret that I've nurtured a love affair with the rivers of the Far North. What captured me, decades ago, and what still holds me, is the</i> …

National Parks

Why Jack Johnson Wants You to Fall in Love with the Ocean

Jack Johnson, Singer/songwriter and conservationist<p>The voice behind hits such as “Upside Down” and “Better Together”—and, most recently, <i>All The Light</i> …


Smartfin Turns Surfers Into Citizen-Scientists

San Diego surfers may hold the (fin) key to unlocking the mysteries of climate change<p>Despite the lack of summer swell over the past three months, 50 …