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By Pat O'Brian | Car or Truck Camping in the USA

The Camping Guy

By Dianne Greenlay

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If you love camping, or if you hate camping, you are going to love THE CAMPING GUY.

“I …

Down vs. Synthetic: Which Insulation is Right for You?

When you’re shopping for a new sleeping bag or puffy coat, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is between down and synthetic …

Sleeping Bags

5 Items That Will Forever Change the Way You Think of Camping

Camping can be a lot of fun if you know how to do it right. Tent Camping with your family or friends doesn’t require roughing it. Make it fun and …


Inflatable Travel Holiday Camping Car Seat Sleep Rest Mattress Air Bed with Pump

Spring Camping and How to Avoid the Biggest Pitfalls

The sun’s shining, the birds are singing and your mind is already wandering to your local campsite. Spring is certainly an ideal time for camping, …


Are You Man Enough for Boy Scout Camp?

You'd like to be more trustworthy, loyal, helpful, brave, kind, and cheerful, right? Here's a 6-step plan to do it all. Honest

"Are you all right?" the lifeguard screams.

"Do you need help?"

I've swallowed a lot of lake water and can't answer. Gasping for breath, I glimpse my fellow Scouts lining the …


The 17 Keys to the Perfect Campsite

Use these strategies to improve your next outdoor adventure.


Camping is all about leaving behind the stresses of normal life. The sun becomes your alarm clock. A fire is your kitchen. And just being outside is your entertainment. Still, you don't want to be cold, hungry, or uncomfortable. …


Car Camping Essentials - JustCamping

Bring everything but the kitchen sink

When you go car camping, you aren’t limited to a large degree on what you can take with you. That’s the beauty …




Yosemite Valley

Icey Teton Beaver Dam

Reasons to go camping in spring!

Reasons to go camping in spring!

Spring is a great time to go camping in the UK. For a start, nature is waking up and everything is fresh and bright – including the new grass your tent is pitched on. Trees and flowers come into bloom and the birds are busy filling the air with beautiful birdsong! Warm weather can also be on the cards if you are lucky, 2011 has seen the warmest and driest April on record. Any rain that does fall in spring revitalises the rivers which is ideal if you intend to …

The Rain And New Beginnings

I sit here surrounded by the quiet taps of the falling rain. This is the second night of my before-Spring break and it has rained both nights. We are …

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Want to Cook Up a Storm While Camping? Here Are the Tools You’ll Need

After a long day of hiking, there’s nothing BA Test Kitchen manager and resident adventurer Brad Leone likes more than sitting around the fire, making a meal for friends. This is his mobile kitchen:

“It does everything from open a can of beans to sharpen a hatchet for …

Beyond S'mores: The Best Campfire Recipes

Food always tastes great at the campground. If you're like me, you like to try different foods from time to time. Here are the most popular camping …

Bison in Yellowstone campsite 2 of 2

Family Road Trip to Yellowstone

Hunt Camp Evening

Glowing domes


Canoe Camping Box Update

10 Things This Man Will Be Carrying When He Rescues You From an Avalanche

Here's what Nick Meyers, director of the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center in California, always packs in his bag

A fourteen-year veteran of the U.S. Forest Service, Nick Meyers has been the lead climbing ranger of the Mount Shasta Ranger District since 2010. His team is on call year-round to lead …


6 Outdoor Adventures That Don't Cost a Dime

Believe it or not, winter will end soon, and spring will bring perfect weather for experiencing the great outdoors. Fortunately, many of the greatest …


Road Trip: Cherohala Skyway, Tennessee and North Carolina

From National Geographic's Drives of a Lifetime Series

For more of the world's greatest driving tours, get National Geographic's new book Drives of a Lifetime.

Crossing the Tennessee–North Carolina border and the crest of the Great Smoky Mountains, this 42-mile (68-kilometer) long byway climbs to a …

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Buck Knives Compadre Series

Most people think of Buck Knives as the maker of beautiful and reliable, if unexciting, products. But that might change this year. New for 2015, the 113-year-old knife manufacturer is making classic camping tools sexier with their scarlet Compadre Series.

The lineup, which is shipping to select …


12 Most Creative Sleeping Bags and Unusual Sleeping Bag Designs - Part 3.

Collection of 'Most Creative Sleeping Bags and Unusual Sleeping Bag Designs' from all over the world.

Polo Backpack: Designed by Anna Perugini; it has …

Alps Mountaineering Meramac Tent Review - JustCamping

Leave home… but take your castle with you

Why would you need so much room in a camping tent?!

Who am I kidding… I ask this question while sitting in …