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By Pat O'Brian | Car or Truck Camping in the USA

The Best Meal You Can Cook over a Campfire | Men's Health

With this backpacker-approved recipe, there’s no reason to ever eat canned beans again

The recipe comes from outdoorsman Dean Hoath, who has been guiding tours through some of Australia’s most primitive parts since 1996. (He now works for Indigofera Ecotours.) Hoath uses a dehydrator (we like this …


CRKT Niad Climber's Knife

Designed by world record speed climber Hans Florine, the CRKT Niad Climber's Knife is the perfect blade to carry when you're heading up the slopes. …


Learn how to build a campfire when you’re camping or backpacking, as well as fire etiquette tips.

For many, the campfire is a beloved and indispensable outdoor tradition—a kinetic, luminous, dreamlike force of nature that for generations has …


Looking For Ways To Improve Your Camping Trips? Check Out These Great Ideas

One of the best ways to spend your vacation time is by camping out in the woods with mother nature! Make sure you're properly prepared with the …

EDC Magnesium Fire Starter

Use & Care

For dry tinder, hold the fire starter with the flint side up, resting it firmly on the wood or tinder. Press steel blade firmly against the …


Two Ways to Build a Campfire

In the wild, a simple fire can save your life. Demyan Hryciw, an administrator and instructor at REI's Outdoor School, teaches us step by step how to …


Cloud Comfort: The 9 Best Air Mattresses

Ah, the air mattress. As ubiquitous as the great and powerful futon and considered by many to be just as hideous. Yet there are times when you need …

Memory Foam

The Only 3 Knots a Hunter Needs to Know

The worth of a securely tied knot is undervalued in these modern times of zip ties and superglue. I know this is blasphemy, but duct tape can’t …


18 Camping Tips Everyone Should Know

Anyone that goes camping knows that it's always good to be well prepared so it makes things a lot easier and more enjoyable. So the next time you go


Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System

Stanley has been manufacturing thermoses for about a hundred years now, so it’s safe to say these guys know what they’re doing. When you’re looking …


What The Outdoors Can Do For Our Mood And Well-Being

What do you do to lift your spirits when you’re down in the dumps? Watch TV? Listen to music? Cry and eat a pint of ice-cream? Perhaps a better solution is to simply sit outside.

A connection with nature may actually help to make us happier and healthier individuals. Henry David Thoreau once wrote, …

Western Philosophy

25 Campfire Meals to Keep You Well-Fed in the Great Outdoors


Starting Your Campfire Just Got Easier

I’ve spent a majority of my free time over the last thirty years of my life out in the woods. In that time I have learned a lot about nature, …


Like a Pro: 25 Car-Camping Gear Essentials

BOULDER, COLORADO -- I used to be a backcountry camper. I went light. I brought only what I could carry on my back. Now, as the proud father of three Colorado native daughters, ages 2, 5, and 7, I'm ready to embrace my family's full car camping--and glamping--potential.

It's a whole new ballgame, …


The Car Camping Essentials of 2015

Photo: Michael Karsh

Car Camping Essentials

Pitching the ultimate base camp has never been easier.
—Sam Moulton

Photo: Michael Karsh

The Car Camping Essentials of 2015

Primus FireHole 100 stove

There are no fancy features and few moving parts on the FireHole ($150)—and that’s precisely why we like it. The …


Best Survival Axe: The Most Looked-for Axes, Hatchets And Tomahawks

Axes and hatchets are far more efficient and useful in the wilderness. You can achieve much more with them in comparison with survival knives, for …


Stay At The Campfire Camping T Shirt & Hoodie

5 Campfire Breakfast Recipes

Whether you're feeding one or 100, you'll find the campfire recipe that's right for you in Zac Williams' book Hungry Campers (Gibbs Smith, 2013).

Cool New Camping Gear 2015

The Coolest Cooler

We found this amazing cooler on Kickstarter. It was designed by Ryan Grepper who wanted to create the perfect outdoor cooler that …

14 Must-Haves for Camping With Kids

From putting up the tent to making s’mores at the end of a long day, camping is a great experience and can create some unforgettable memories. Things get a bit tricker when there are kiddos involved. Did you pack enough stuff to keep them entertained? Safe? Clean? While it can seem like a daunting …

Camping Pillows Are Essential to Optimizing Sleep during Outdoor Adventuring

If you are interested in embarking on an outdoor adventure, it is important to consider purchasing camping pillows as these products are considered …

DIY 45 Creative Camping Hacks Every Camper Should Know that are Borderline Genius

Use safety pins to keep the fishing hooks in your tackle box organized

2“Shake and Pour” Pancake Mix

2. “Shake and Pour” Pancake Mix: My neighbor …

Igloo All Terrain Cooler

Your cooler gets a workout during the summer, so make sure it can handle the extra action like the ATC All Terrain Cooler from Igloo can. It's …


Alaska Travel Essentials. Bear Safety: "How to Be Bear Aware".

316 Flares 316 Flares ×

As we began our trek through the wilderness of Denali National Park we knew we were not alone. Fresh footprints marked our …

Top Tier Camping Tips To Increase Your Experience

For a lot of people, camping can be a fantastic time to lay back and get re-acquainted with nature. Camping simply requires information and a …