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By Pat O'Brian | Car or Truck Camping in the USA

What The Outdoors Can Do For Our Mood And Well-Being

What do you do to lift your spirits when you’re down in the dumps? Watch TV? Listen to music? Cry and eat a pint of ice-cream? Perhaps a better solution is to simply sit outside.<p>A connection with nature may actually help to make us happier and healthier individuals. Henry David Thoreau once wrote, …

Our Best Camping Recipes - Bon Appétit Recipe

<b>Eating (very) well in the great outdoors</b> isn't hard. Pack up a cooler (or two) with all the fixings for chilaquiles, bacon-wrapped trout, skillet peach crisp, and yes, a proper cocktail—we're going camping.


Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt

The drive for continuous improvement is a great way to describe The Yosemite from Taylor Stitch. It's a shirt they've spent endless hours trying to …

Opinel No. 12 Explore Knife

Opinel's been making knives in the French Alps since the late 1800's. The Opinel No. 12 Explore Knife lets you take their blade-making expertise to …

How to Clean and Store Your Gear — Washington Trails Association

Fall is a great time to take stock of your hiking and camping gear, especially if you don't plan on hiking quite as much in the winter season. Before …


Put a Suunto M-9 compass on your wrist and never get lost again

If you’ve been searching for a hands-free navigation tool, look no further than the M-9 Wrist Compass from Suunto. Suunto who are well known for …


2 shoppers answer: Best portable solar charger for backpacking or camping?

I'm gearing up for summer camping with the kids and would like to be able to keep phones & tablets charged. Does anyone have any experience with …

50 Items (Besides your BOB) to Keep Handy for an Evacuation

Your bug out bag can’t hold everything you may want to take with you in an evacuation. It is filled with only the items you need for survival to get …


Video Review: Matchless Campfire Fire Starter Kit

Need to start a fire anytime, anywhere? This fire starter kit promises to do just that. But does it deliver? Watch our video to find out.


How to Start a Fire in the Rain: An Illustrated Guide

Knowing how to start a fire is one thing; knowing how to do it in the rain is a whole other. Whether you’re a frequent camper, or an avid hiker, it’s …


Suunto M-3 D Declination Adjustable Compass

Suunto M-3 D CompassThe Suunto M-3 D Compass is a baseplate style adventure compass with a declination adjustment that is optimized for use in …


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Super Survival Kit: 18 Essential Items for Backcountry Hunters

Go off the grid, and things can get ugly pronto. You need a kit that’s easy to carry and packed with everything you need to weather a three-day blow …

Eureka! Taron Basecamp 4 & 6

Tetragon HD 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8 Series Tents

Nightshade Sleeping Bags

Green River Air Pad

Amazon Outdoor Recreation: An Introduction to Car-Camping Tents

$6 Car Camping Kitchen

Like a Pro: 25 Car-Camping Gear Essentials

BOULDER, COLORADO -- I used to be a backcountry camper. I went light. I brought only what I could carry on my back. Now, as the proud father of three Colorado native daughters, ages 2, 5, and 7, I'm ready to embrace my family's full car camping--and glamping--potential.<p>It's a whole new ballgame, …


Canada's national parks will be free to all in 2017

Canada wants to be the destination of nature lovers in 2017.<p>Parks Canada will waive entry fees at the more than 40 national parks around the country, and they're throwing in a bonus for people who become Canadian citizens: a bonus free year of admission to the parks.<p>The opening of the parks is to …

National Parks

Travel guide to the best state parks in North Carolina

GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK (understandably) draws much of the attention in terms of North Carolina’s public lands, but the Tarheel State is …


The Best Tents for Summer 2016

<b>Editor’s Note:</b> This post has been updated to reflect our selections for 2016.<p>You’ve got your new favorite sleeping bag, your trusty fly fishing rod, …

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Tent

Setting up your tent is part science and part art. It’s a balance between experience and study. It can be hard to specifically say what’s right, but …


First Look: Big, Tall Tent From Nemo

Nestled between granite outcroppings in Idaho’s City of Rocks, the vertical reach of our green and grey Nemo Wagontop 4P tent pierces the sky like a …