New Zealand Polluted Cesspit

By The NZ Orator | So, you think that New Zealand is a "Clean Green Paradise"? Dream on. 95% of her lowland rivers are too polluted to swim in. Air pollution is a problem and Kiwis dump rubbish all over the countryside!

Ex-Marsden Point Oil Refinery worker with cancer wants compensation, claiming lead poisoning

A former Marsden Point Oil Refinery worker has won a battle to further probe whether cancers that riddle his body are linked to exposure to highly …

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Popular South Canterbury swimming spot closed

A popular swimming spot near Temuka in South Canterbury has been closed due to high levels of a toxic algae.<p>Just a teaspoon of cyanobacteria can kill …

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Cow disease found in North Island for first time

The cow disease Mycoplasma bovis has been found in the North Island for the first time, says the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).<p>MPI has …

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Water cut to 600 properties over toxic algae

Several Taupō lakeside settlements have had their water intakes shut down over fears of a potentially toxic algal bloom.<p>A public health warning has …

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Minister warned of critical pressure on natural resources

The Environment Ministry has warned its minister that pressures on New Zealand's natural resources are reaching a critical point.<p>It said the …

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Inquiry slams Ministry of Health, local councils for systemic failure on water standards

Controversy looms as the Government considers universal treatment of drinking water through measures such as chlorination.<p>The recommended move stems …

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Testing reveals asbestos in Temuka water supply

Asbestos has been detected in the Temuka water supply, the Timaru District Council announced on Wednesday. The council said it had expert medical …


State of New Zealand's drinking water slammed, with Kiwis exposed to potentially unsafe drinking water

Mangateretere Stream, which is near one of three bores supplying Havelock North's water, was identified as a likely source of contamination. Sheep …

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Trout-fishing lakes closed as MPI tests for disease

Two Canterbury high-country lakes have been closed to trout fishing because of a possible fish disease.<p>The Ministry for Primary Industries is …


Faeces to blame for 16 Auckland beaches too filthy for swimming

West Auckland's Ruth Kerr was once a regular swimmer at Titirangi Beach.


Dairy cows putting Selwyn drinking water at risk, residents told

Drinking water in the Selwyn District is at increasing risk of contamination as more dairy cows are being farmed there, local residents have been …

Water quality drops in four Canterbury swimming spots

Two Canterbury swimming spots have become unswimmable, and another two have dropped in quality.<p>The regional council has released its annual …

'What about us?' Residents concerned by decision to reject preschool next to Timberlink sawmill

Timberlink chief executive Ian Tyson says the Blenheim sawmill is complying with its resource consents.<p>A decision to block plans for a new preschool …

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Over zealous contractors destroy native trees planted by Christchurch community groups

A native planted by volunteers at Ernle Clark reserve in Cashmere cut off by contractors.<p>Over zealous contractors are destroying hundreds of trees …

E coli detected in Lake Coleridge water supply

Some Mid Canterbury residents are on a boil water notice after E coli was detected in the Lake Coleridge water supply.<p>Mid Canterbury residents on the …

Four out of five NZ bird species in trouble

Eighty percent of the country's native bird species are in bad shape, with some on the brink of extinction, and the environment watchdog is …

Contaminated Golden Bay lake's decline alarms residents

A Golden Bay lake has become an unswimmable, contaminated mess and residents say stormwater from a nearby dairy farm and housing is to blame.


ECan at fault over Canterbury subdivision's classification

Nearly 2000 homes lost power after a car crash that downed a pole and sent a person to hospital.<p>Former nurse Lesley Martin helped her mum die but …

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Greenpeace New Zealand’s Take on 100% Pure New Zealand

Greenpeace New Zealand lays to rest the 100% Pure New Zealand myth

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Hurunui's water to be chlorinated, blindsiding residents

Hanmer Springs will have its water supply permanently chlorinated.<p>The Hurunui District Council will permanently chlorinate its drinking water …

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