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Are gold sovereigns for you? | Look and learn in 4k part 1, don't miss it.

Should I collect gold coins?

Coin Collecting

The owners of this gold are no fools! | great gold choices for NGC Grading

The Britannia 2017 Anniversary Proof is now available from the Royal Mint | Designer Louis Tamlyn

1 oz Ghana African Leopard 2017-999 silver coin "Mistake"

From the Scottsdale Mint comes a new limited mintage Silver bullion coin from the Republic of Ghana, a nation on West Africa’s Gulf of …

The BU Plain Edge Sovereign with a mintage of 1817

Here's ALL 2017 Sovereign Types | Bullion, Proof, Strike on the Day, BU, Piedfort

A rare proof set of what are arguably some of the world's most beautiful coins is expected to fetch £200,000 to £250,000 at an auction of Coins and Historical Medals.

Royal Mint buys a stake in Sovereign Rarities Limited

The Royal Mint has bought a slice of a coin dealership in Mayfair, London, as it looks to capitalise on the growing interest in numismatics - or coin …

BREAKING NEWS | 3 New 2017 Pistrucci Sovereigns Released by Royal Mint Today

3 more 2017 special gold Sovereigns announced by the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint launched three additional sovereign anniversary coins to mark the iconic coin’s bicentennial. The sovereign was first struck in 1817 …


Here's what I think of Silver my ill-considered opinion ...

Silver Melt Value of Coins

This page lists the current intrinsic or melt value of common U.S. silver coins. This is not a listing of how much it costs the U.S. Mint to make …

The Royal Mint recently released the queens beast lion coin in 10 ounce bullion format. This coin has great presence, excellent value, is the start of a new series and above all offers great investment potential.

5 tips to avoid coin collecting disaster and losses

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Here's whats left of the old New Orleans Mint -O

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Here's 10 reasons why collector's collect stuff

Here's the ultimate guide to Chinese Panda Coins - Peter Anthony 3rd Edition

Last few available from Talisman Coins. Sold out at the mint

Rare gold coin will help pay for Indiana church's expansion plan

<b>CHICAGO --</b> A rare coin is helping change the future for an Indiana church.<p>The mystery person does not want the recognition for her good deed, but she …