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Facebook Finally Reveals Its Own Internet Drone, And It’s Huge

'Aquila' will beam invisible internet lasers from the sky

While Project Loon found an initial home in Sri Lanka, Facebook has its own update for its plan to provide wireless internet from the skies.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the completion of Aquila, Facebook’s first full-scale aircraft designed to …


Samsung’s new monitor doubles as a wireless charger, because it should

If you're anything like me, then the first thing you do when you reach the office in the morning is dig into your pocket, take out your smartphone, and place it next to your computer where you can catch any incoming calls or messages. With this in mind, Samsung's new SE370 monitor with built-in …


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaked images show front, software and stylus release method

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is all the hype right now. We have plenty of information on the new phone already, which we have compiled and shared with …


Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s New Rival

Upstart shopping site aims to be cheaper than Amazon, more practical than Costco.

If you haven’t heard of yet, you will very soon. The groundbreaking startup e-retailer has already accumulated 100,000 trial members in limited markets, and on Tuesday it will open fully to the public across …


It’s official: AT&T-DirecTV is a done deal

The Federal Communications Commission has officially voted to approve AT&T's $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV, blessing the biggest merger of the year and ending a months-long process of negotiation between AT&T and the nation's top telecom regulator.

The deal gives AT&T control of DirecTV's 20.4 …


Let’s take a moment to appreciate how great LTE is

Like a lot of you, I regularly find ample things to complain about with regards to my wireless carrier — yes, Verizon, your coverage is fantastic but …


‘Transparent’ Samsung truck could make driving much safer

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By now you’ve probably heard of Google’s self-driving car endeavor. The search engine giant is delivering reports on car accidents …

Mobile devices outstrip desktop internet searches

Google has been predicting the 'mobile eclipse' - the moment when web searches on mobile exceeded desktop - for years. They have been reminiscent of …

Mobile Devices

This Robot Can 3-D Print A Steel Bridge In Mid-Air

Autodesk and MX3D have teamed up on a robot that can actually "draw" city infrastructure, on location and without human intervention.

In 2017, Dutch designer Joris Laarman will wheel a robot to the brink of a canal in Amsterdam. He'll hit an "on" button. He'll walk away. And when he comes back two …


The next battle between Apple and Google is all about context

First shots were fired in 2013. That’s when Robert Scoble published his book on the rise of contextual computing: The Age of Context, citing Google Glass as the premier device of the new era. But it’s only now that Apple and Google – juggernauts defining the landscape of consumer technology – have …

Amazon now offers free shipping to non-Prime members for small items

Amazon just made it a lot easier for you to get free shipping on some items, even if you don't pay for its Prime service.

The company just rolled out a new program, called "Fulfillment by Amazon Small and Light," which offers free shipping in the U.S for certain small items that cost $10 or …


Google’s self-driving cars have autonomously driven over 1 million miles

Google today announced that its self-driving car project crossed the 1 million mile mark last week. CEO Larry Page originally challenged the team to drive 100,000 miles on public roads, and they have now done that 10-fold, or the equivalent of 75 years of typical U.S. adult driving.

If you’re …

2015 Internet Trends Report

KPCB’s Mary Meeker presents the 2015 Internet Trends report, 20 years after the inaugural “The Internet Report” was first published in 1995. Since then, the number of Internet users has risen from 35 million in 1995 to more than 2.8 billion today. The 2015 report looks at key Internet trends …


Google’s Chromecast is about to get a lot better for gaming, dual-screen apps and binge-watching shows

17 million Chromecasts and 1.5 billion content streams on, Google is launching new tools that will help developers enhance video and gaming experiences on its streaming device.

The new Remote Display API (beta) allows your smartphone or tablet to act as a second screen and negates the need for it to …


Here’s how a 353-gigapixel panorama is made

There’s megapixels and then there’s gigapixels.

Yes, the latter is actually a thing and it’s the hallmark of what’s being called “the world’s largest photo” at precisely 353 gigapixels.

How does a photo get that huge? It takes a lot of photos. Photographer Filippo Blengini alongside a five-person …

IRS hacked, thieves made off with 100K taxpayers’ data

Hackers accessed the servers at the Internal Revenue Service to steal data from as many 100,000 taxpayers, the agency disclosed today.

The thieves accessed the data through an online service provided by the IRS and took financial data related to users’ actual tax returns.

An online service called …

Internal Revenue Service

This quick test shows if your ISP is secretly throttling your internet speeds

While the Title II classification of ISPs as common carriers was a victory for all, there is growing concern that ISPs could go on with business as usual with clever tricks designed to skirt the rules of the classification.

While knowingly stepping outside the boundaries of the Title II …


Verizon vulnerability made it painfully easy to access customer info

On the off chance you've experienced some sketchiness with your Verizon home internet account over the past few weeks, we might just know why now. As first reported by BuzzFeed, a vulnerability in Verizon's customer service systems meant that attackers could have duped their way into the accounts of …


Wal-Mart will test new subscription service to rival Amazon's Prime

The world’s largest retailer will begin testing a subscription service for unlimited shipping like Amazon’s Prime this summer, as it looks for way to re-accelerate its digital sales growth.

Wal-Mart Stores WMT is developing a new tool to fight back at AMZN . The world’s largest retailer …

AOL deal may power Verizon’s soon-to-debut video streaming service

With its acquisition of AOL, Verizon has a big opportunity to deliver hyper-personalized video ads to an increasingly mobile audience. But the AOL deal also could play a powerful role in Verizon’s soon-to-launch video streaming platform, OnCue.

Verizon acquired Intel’s flailing video streaming …

Lily Isn’t a Drone — It’s A GoPro That Follows You Around

Meet the friendliest drone on the market.

Lily is a brand-new drone coming to market that makes drone photography easier than anything else out there.

That’s because the drone is made to follow around its user completely automatically — no controller necessary — tracking a GPS wristband and following …


Amazon’s delivery drones might stalk you to make a drop-off

Talk of Amazon’s delivery drones scarcely goes off the boil for more than a few weeks before some new bit of news or development brings them right back into the headlines.

The problem with the whole scheme, however, is while the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is slowly making changes to rules …

Amazon's newest delivery frontier: Customers' car trunks

Audi and DHL have partnered with the e-retailer to offer keyless access to Prime members' trunks.


Everything Microsoft announced at Ignite 2015

Today Microsoft is making a whole bunch of announcements about its enterprise tooling at the 2015 Ignite conference in Chicago. Here’s a roundup of all the news out of the show.

Microsoft previews organizational analytics in Office Delve, coming later this year

Microsoft today showed off at its …

Apple iOS 8 security problem puts mobile devices and apps at risk of crashing via Wi-Fi - Dallas Business Journal

Run away! In an affected area, an iPhone automatically connects to the rogue Wi-Fi network and won’t let the user switch it off or work offline. …

My Apple Watch arrived today. Here are my first impressions

It’s here. And I’ve been playing with my Apple Watch for about an hour.

I have the white Sport model. It wasn’t my first choice. I or ered it because this was the version that had the best chance of being delivered today and not some much later date.

That syncing feeling

Nothing was special about the …

Apple Watch

Samsung's Galaxy S5 Could Have Leaked Your Fingerprints to Hackers

Your fingerprint is a more valuable security resource than your password—you can change a password, after all. So it’s worrying to hear that …


DO THIS NOW: This amazing secret trick will give any Android phone a huge speed boost

We could spend all day counting all of the things that make Android a great platform, but for real smartphone enthusiasts, the operating system’s …


Jawbone’s brand new fitness tracker moonlights as a digital wallet

Jawbone on Thursday unveiled brand new fitness trackers meant to better compete against some of the upcoming hot wearable devices, including an even …