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Netflix Finishes Its Cloud Transition

At least for its streaming media busiess.

After a seven-year migration to the cloud, Netflix revealed on Thursday that as of January, it had moved the rest of its video streaming business to the cloud.

Since Netflix’s off-site initiative began, the streaming video company has become the poster child …


Even after tweaking your settings, Windows 10 is still a privacy nightmare

After Windows 10 was offered up as a free upgrade to any user currently using a legal version of Windows, reports started to roll in that Microsoft’s generosity was actually a thinly-veiled excuse to track users and collect data with its most invasive operating system yet.

It’s not believed that …

Microsoft Windows

One seventh of all human beings actively use Gmail

As part of the company’s Q4 2015 earnings report, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the company’s massively popular email service Gmail has …


Microsoft grabs domain. You do the math.

A Surface-branded smartphone could be coming soon.

Reddit user nok4us noticed Microsoft now owns; the URL redirects to the company's Surface website. Microsoft also snatched up, although it's less likely that an actual Surface car is going to be announced any time …


This Amazon Customer Service Story Will Freak You Out

Over the weekend a story appeared on Medium that will make any Amazon user wince. According to customer Eric Springer, all a hacker needs to unlock …


This Robot Can Solve a Rubik's Cube in One Second

Given a long plane ride and enough booze, I can just about solve a Rubik’s cube. The most talented humans can manage it in about five seconds; for a …


Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Took Off and Landed—Again

Today, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin accomplished a first among firsts: It launched and brought back to Earth the same New Shepard rocket that it landed …

Jeff Bezos

If your ‘find my phone’ app keeps sending you to this Atlanta home, it’s probably wrong

Michael Saba and Christina Lee are living a nightmare.

For the past year, the Atlanta couple has been fielding visits from angry strangers, sometimes accompanied by police officers, who believe their device is located somewhere within Saba and Lee’s home.

The reason? Popular “find my phone” apps …


Remodeling barely scratches the drywall of what VR can do for your home

You’re about to spend $37,000 on a custom kitchen. Do you want eco-conscious bamboo flooring or Corinthian tile? Stonebriar or garden sage paint for …

Home Improvement

Don’t trust the Internet of Things: when smart devices leak data

Update: Nest got back to us, saying that the researchers assumed incorrectly what the geo-location data was for, which actually was used for the weather station, not the user’s house:

“The authors initially made an incorrect assumption, which we pointed out to them before they presented their …

Internet of Things

Wal-Mart merges tech teams in online push

(Reuters) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc is merging an Arkansas-based division that develops computer systems for its stores with a fast-growing technology unit in Silicon Valley, aiming to hasten its move to compete in the online era.

The information systems division, based at the world’s largest retailer’s …


Microsoft Surface Phone to challenge iPhone 7

#SurfacePhone #iPhone7 – Microsoft Surface Phone to challenge iPhone 7 – Several reports were published last year claiming that Microsoft would …


Lowe’s Collaborates with Google to Build Project Tango App


Self-driving cars will come to car sharing before showrooms, GM says

DETROIT — Turns out, the first self-driving car you will ride in won't be one you own; it'll be one you order up on your smartphone from Lyft.

"The first mainstream deployment of autonomous vehicles won't be to customers but to a ride-share platform," General Motors President Dan Ammann told …

Car Sharing

Someone could have stolen your Wi-Fi password from this Internet of Things doorbell

Getting hacked sucks, but there’s something worse than that: getting hacked because of your own smart doorbell.

Ring is a popular smart doorbell that allows you to unlock your door from your phone, as well as see and hear visitors via a webcam.

Unfortunately for Ring, that same doorbell meant you …


You can track your phone, but can you track your pet?

It’s super simple to track your phone now, thanks to programs like Find my iPhone and Android Device Manager. Your lost keys are also a thing of the …

Samsung’s modular TV is the future display of your dreams

LAS VEGAS – In the original Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger clicks one button on a remote control to transform the TV built into the wall of his futuristic apartment from a small-screen newscast to a huge nature landscape.

Now, 26 years later, Samsung has done something very similar. At CES 2016, …


Facebook is opening up its Messenger platform so developers can build interactive chat bots

Facebook has allowed select developers access to an unannounced SDK that lets them build interactive bots in Messenger so users can get information, shop and pay for purchases within a conversation, reports TechCrunch.

The Chat SDK reportedly allows the creation of bots that can automatically …

Lumosity maker to pay $2m for falsely claiming its brain games make you smarter

Lumos Labs, the maker of the mobile brain training app Lumosity, has been ordered by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pay $2 million to the agency (PDF) for falsely advertising that its software can help users perform better at work and in school, and reduce or delay cognitive …

Samsung's leaked Windows tablet looks a lot like Microsoft's Surface

Everyone is copying Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Whether it’s Lenovo, HP, Google, Apple, or Dell, it feels like the entire PC industry is heavily inspired by Microsoft’s combination of tablet, removable keyboard, and stylus. One company we haven’t seen a Surface clone from is Samsung, which is …

Apple won Christmas 2015

Of all the activations of new tech products during the Christmas period, Apple made up half, a new survey reveals.

According to a study published by Flurry Insights, 49 per cent of all products activated over December 2015 belonged to Apple, beating nearest rival Samsung by nearly 30 …

Facebook made its Android app crash to test your loyalty

In an effort to see just how far it could go to get Android users to abandon its platform, Facebook reportedly sabotaged its mobile app in years past with errors that would cause it to crash for hours. The Information reports that Facebook wanted to test users' loyalty despite issues. Where the …


AT&T Phone Plans with Granfathered Unlimited Data to See a Price Increase

I've warned that this day might come, and, according to Engadget, it looks like January 8 is that day. Not only is AT&T bumping up the price for those of us with AT&T grandfathered unlimited data contracts, it is going to stop offering subsidized phones for signing up with a two-year agreement. If …

New York City is Replacing Payphones with WiFi Hubs

In an effort to keep up with the demand for fast public WiFi, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and LinkNYC have teamed up to replace 7,500 pay …


Foursquare has an amazing 'superpower' called Pilgrim that could finally let it take over your phone

One of the top-rated pizza places in Brooklyn on Foursquare is called Lucali.

The first time I went there for dinner a couple of months ago, I sat down at a table, picked up the menu, and felt my iPhone vibrate. It was Foursquare sending me a notification with one of the app’s millions of …


T-Mobile insists it’s not throttling YouTube, just ‘optimizing’ it

In November, T-Mobile introduced a new ‘Binge on’ service that zero rates video streaming from participating services so customers can watch as much Netflix as they please — provided they’re ok with a lower video quality.

Binge On, which is enabled by default for all customers, signed up Netflix, …


Politicians are trying to legalize 'hoverboards' in New York

"We want to make sure that if anyone is riding them, that they're not violating the law."

Plenty of New Yorkers will have woken up on Christmas morning and discovered a motorized two-wheeler, otherwise known as a "hoverboard," underneath their festive tree. The electric curiosities are currently …


Apple could make the iPhone 7 waterproof

A report from the Commercial Times (via MacRumors) claims that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus both have higher levels of water resistance than previous models, but Apple didn't describe them as waterproof.

It's unclear from the report what kind of steps Apple is going to …

Apple News

Why Apple should be scared of Facebook's and Google's messaging apps

There's a quiet revolution going on in messaging.

Companies like Facebook, Google, Atlassian, and Slack are expanding their messaging apps beyond merely sending text, video, and audio and into something a little bit more like an operating system.

On Tuesday, for example, The Wall Street Journal …