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Square releases NFC & chip reader; all vendors can now accept Android Pay, Samsung Pay and more

Accepting all forms of payment is important. At this point, credit/debit cards are everywhere, and many of us use them exclusively (I don’t ever …


Microsoft hopes you never see its most world-changing technology

There's a lot of hubbub right now around using data to make apps smarter.

For instance, Microsoft has given itself a mandate to develop "more personal computing," with algorithms that crunch tremendous data and help software get to know us over time.

We're already seeing the early fruits of that with …


Microsoft is moving closer to a desktop PC in your pocket

Microsoft could be about to bring desktop Windows apps, known as Win32 programmes, to Windows 10 Mobile phones running in Continuum mode, according to Kevin Gallo, vice president of the Windows developer platform.

A tweet from Ginny Caughey, a Microsoft associate on the Windows developer team, …


A Chinese tech company has developed a smartphone battery that charges to 50% in 5 minutes

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone giant, has developed a battery that can charge to 48% in around five minutes, the BBC reports.

Fast charging technology works by including sturdier components which can deal with a higher power input, according to Android Authority.

Qualcomm has also been experimenting …


9 sci-fi authors went to Microsoft’s research labs and wrote a book

What happens when you invite a group of sci-fi writers into a research lab? They write a book of short stories, of course.

And that’s exactly what happened when Microsoft opened the doors of its research labs to 9 of the world’s most prominent and award-winning science fiction writers this …

Science Fiction

This wristband keeps you from stressing over stress

Move over, Apple Watch, this sleek new wearable will actually teach you how to improve your health and let you look good doing it.

Today, Caeden, a maker of luxury headphones, launched pre-orders for its Sona wearable wristband. Designed for men and women, the band comes in leather and silicon and …


Anonymous claims first victims in war with Islamic State

After restating its intention to wage war on Islamic State following the attacks in Paris, online vigilante group Anonymous has begun leaking more details of communication channels it says are linked to the network, according to the Independent.

It’s not clear what the newspaper’s source is for this …

Islamic State (ISIS)

4 questions to ask before Dockerizing your applications

Docker is famously easy to experiment with. But for enterprises with monolithic applications that are interested in Docker, there is little information about how to actually use Docker. And significant debate — even among Agile enthusiasts — about whether or not the microservices model is even …

Amazon Web Services

Alibaba just proved it's more than just some Chinese company

Alibaba had a huge day on Wednesday. The company's 11/11 Singles' Day sales eclipsed analyst expectations with over $14 billion processed on the company's platforms in just 24 hours.

While this number is massive, and may or may not help quiet critics, the way the company made the boatloads of money …


This smart helmet gives you eyes in the back of your head

(By Ben Gruber, Reuters) – For Marcus Weller the idea started off with an accident. He was riding a motorcycle in Barcelona when he took his eyes off the road to look at a road sign and smashed into the back of a car. A couple of years later he dreamt about that accident, but in the dream Weller …

The Brain

Google's driverless car just got pulled over for driving too slowly

One of Google's self-driving cars just had a brush with the law: not for driving recklessly or dangerously but for going too slowly.

A police officer in Los Altos, California, was spotted pulling over one of the autonomous test vehicles near the company's headquarters.

Google has limited the cars to …


Android Wear doesn't need your phone anymore

Finally! A watch that doesn't need your phone to operate. Excuse me, I meant a smartwatch that doesn't need your phone to operate.

In a post on its official Android blog Wednesday, Google announced that cell support has arrived for Android Wear smartwatches, effectively untethering the devices from …


Google is considering building its own smartphone from scratch

Google launched Android many years ago without actually making a smartphone. Instead, the company partnered up with various smartphone manufacturers …


Microsoft has a new tool that can guess how you’re feeling from a photo

Microsoft’s past experiences with computer learning to let it do things like guess your age from looking at a single photograph have always been a fun glimpse at the future, even if they often couldn’t be considered reliably accurate.

Now, it has a new demo tool that will guess how you’re feeling …


Amazon Prime Now delivers Umami burgers, Sprinkles cupcakes and 99 Ranch Market groceries

The next time you get a craving for an Umami burger, truffle fries and a Sprinkles vanilla cupcake, just have them delivered.

Amazon Prime Now,'s one-hour delivery service for Amazon Prime members (requires $99 annual fee), is now delivering items from Los Angeles restaurants, including …


T-Mobile Stops Counting Netflix, HBO, Hulu, And Other Video Streams Against Your Data Usage

Watching Netflix on your phone is a great way to blast through some spare time — but it’s also a great way to blast through your monthly allotment of data in no time flat.

T-Mobile is using this as a competitive advantage. From this Sunday on, T-Mobile will no longer count Netflix (and a few other …


Amazon’s first physical bookstore is powered by reviews from its online shoppers

After pioneering and leading online retail for two decades, Amazon is opening its first-ever physical retail location, a bookstore, in Seattle. The shop will stock best-selling titles as well as books that are well received and reviewed on the company’s online store.

The Seattle Times reports that …


Alibaba probably sold more than $45B in fake or ‘shoddy’ goods last quarter

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba likely sold over $45 billion worth of counterfeit or “shoddy” goods on its various marketplaces last quarter, based on its gross merchandise volume (GMV) of $112 billion for that period, according to a new survey from China’s state-run news agency Xinhua.



Microsoft kills unlimited OneDrive storage as it realizes the true meaning of the word 'unlimited'

Remember when Microsoft started offering unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 users? Well, that offer is no more. On Monday, Microsoft announced it will stop offering unlimited storage for Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscribers, giving those users 1TB of OneDrive storage …

Microsoft wants to challenge Amazon in yet another way

The Amazon challenger shares more details about its business and a new plan for same day delivery.

Online retailing upstart plans to enter the on-demand shipping wars. The Amazon AMZN challenger plans to debut same day delivery in San Francisco and New York soon.

Jet introduced its …


Apple just invented a way to keep your iPhone screen from cracking

Anyone who’s ever owned an iPhone knows the heart-wrenching horror that comes with accidentally dropping it. Seemingly everyone has cracked or …


Lowe's 3D Printing with Made in Space

This new tool will make astronauts' lives a lot easier

It’s going to the International Space Station.

There’s a great scene in Apollo 13 where a group of NASA engineers are dumping out boxes of materials that can be found on the spacecraft, which is in big trouble. They have to figure out how to fix a critical filter problem with only the objects that …


IBM's purchase of The Weather Company's digital assets is all about the data

At first glance, IBM's purchase all the digital assets of The Weather Company, except the broadcast network, might seem an odd fit.

Why would a company best known for its consulting business, "Smart Cities" Initiative and Watson computing division want to absorb a company filled with weather and …


For the first time, Americans will do most of their holiday e-shopping on mobile devices

New projections from Adobe say that mobile shopping will hit an important tipping point this holiday season.

Adobe said that, for the first time ever, the majority of online shopping visits in the U.S. — 51 percent — will be on mobile devices. The data comes from the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe …

Mobile Devices

Samsung's Galaxy View is an 18-inch tablet/TV you carry around like a briefcase

The Samsung Galaxy View is a silly-looking device that's not quite as silly as I was expecting it to be.

As a tablet, the Galaxy View's 18.4-inch screen is gargantuan. But as a small, personal TV, the huge full HD resolution screen is more immersive than an iPad or 13-inch laptop. Samsung says the …


Twitter launches new analytics tool that tells brands what users are saying about them

Twitter has launched a new tool out of beta that’s designed to help brands better understand just how much of the conversation on Twitter is focused around them. With its new Brand Hub, Twitter says marketers can now better understand their share of the conversation, key audience demographics, and …


Apple is refusing to unlock an iPhone 5s for US law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies in the US have hit back at Apple for not unlocking an iPhone that could help them solve a criminal investigation they're working on.

The US Justice Department wants Apple to bypass the lock screen on an iPhone in compliance with a search warrant but Apple is refusing to …

Law Enforcement

MasterCard wants to bring the technology behind Apple Pay to more wearables

MasterCard wants you to be able to make purchases with everything from wearables to key fobs, so it’s bringing the technology behind Apple Pay to more devices.

Today, the company announced at Money2020 it’s partnering with a variety of appliance makers to make Internet-connected devices capable of …