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The Case For 'Data Governance'

, Contributor<p>I have long had an aversion to the term, “Data Governance.” As one senior executive put it, “it sounds like ‘Data Government,’ and that can’t be good!” For analysts and data scientists who aspire to innovation and data experimentation, governance can imply restriction, limitation, and …


U.S. says cybersecurity skills shortage is a myth

The U.S. government has released what it says is myth-busting data about the shortage of cybersecurity professionals.


Battery breakthrough will let phones charge in seconds and last for a week

A new type of battery that lasts for days with only a few seconds' charge has been created by researchers at the University of Central Florida.<p>The high-powered battery is packed with supercapacitors that can store a large amount of energy. It looks like a thin piece of flexible metal that is about …


Russia has banned LinkedIn

<b>London (CNN) —</b> Russia has officially banned LinkedIn.<p>The country's communications regulator has blacklisted the social network for professionals because it has not complied with personal data storage regulations.<p>The site was inaccessible from Russia on Thursday.<p>LinkedIn had been found to be in …


This augmented reality tool could totally change med school

Facebook Buys Stolen Passwords

Facebook has admitted that it trolls the black market for stolen passwords in an effort to beef up its own security and protect its users who may use …


China Unveils Three Major Decisions Within Three Minutes - Bloomberg

As the world focuses on the race for the White House, China unveiled three major decisions within three minutes of each other on Monday.<p>Among a raft …


More websites were viewed on mobile devices and tablets than desktops for the first time ever this month

Our internet reading habits are becoming increasingly mobile.<p>October was the first month ever when more web pages were viewed on mobile and tablet devices than on desktop and laptop computers, according to the web analytics firm StatCounter.<p>While this doesn’t necessarily mean more people are using …


Surface Studio and Dial hands-on: Microsoft made desktops exciting again

Microsoft has been going toe-to-toe with Apple’s hardware the past year or two. The Surface 2-in-1 concept is finally starting to catch on, the Surface Book was one of the best laptops I’ve ever used, and now the company is looking to reinvent the desktop with the Surface Studio and it’s quirky …

Could a Defensive Hack Fix the Internet of Things?

sponsored by<p>Could a Defensive Hack Fix the Internet of Things? Warning: Bricking Devices May Disarm Hackers But Trigger Unintended Fallout Jeremy …

About 100,000 devices helped take down the internet via a cyberattack

<b>UPDATE: Oct. 26, 2016, 12:48 p.m. EDT</b> This post has been updated to amend Dyn's analysis of the number of devices used in the DDoS cyberattack.<p>A massive cyberattack on Friday on a key piece of internet infrastructure included around 100,000 individual devices that were coordinated using a piece of …


GE Mobilizes ‘Bot Army’ Sentinels

Software destroys cloud apps that fail to meet security, compliance standards<p>FAIRFIELD, Conn.—When General Electric Co. developers deploy to its cloud systems an application containing vulnerabilities or unauthorized data, a Reaper Bot is there to halt or destroy the app before it begins …


Attackers 'Hack' ATM Security with Explosives

sponsored by<p>As U.S. ATM Operators Face EMV Deadline, Physical Attacks Surge in Europe Mathew J. Schwartz (euroinfosec) • October 17, 2016<p>Europe has …