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Security flaw can let rogue Wi-Fi networks hijack your Apple devices

Scanning your iPhone at a coffee shop? You’d better read this. Apple Inc.’s iOS 8 mobile operating system has a security flaw that affects more than …


My Apple Watch arrived today. Here are my first impressions

It’s here. And I’ve been playing with my Apple Watch for about an hour.

I have the white Sport model. It wasn’t my first choice. I or ered it because this was the version that had the best chance of being delivered today and not some much later date.

That syncing feeling

Nothing was special about the …

Apple Watch

Samsung's Galaxy S5 Could Have Leaked Your Fingerprints to Hackers

Your fingerprint is a more valuable security resource than your password—you can change a password, after all. So it’s worrying to hear that …


DO THIS NOW: This amazing secret trick will give any Android phone a huge speed boost

We could spend all day counting all of the things that make Android a great platform, but for real smartphone enthusiasts, the operating system’s …


Jawbone’s brand new fitness tracker moonlights as a digital wallet

Jawbone on Thursday unveiled brand new fitness trackers meant to better compete against some of the upcoming hot wearable devices, including an even …


Walmart And Target Being Crowded Out Online By Amazon Prime

As Amazon Prime debuts its one- and two-hour delivery program in cities across the U.S., new data suggests the e-commerce giant’s annual subscription service is starting to crowd out online competitors like Walmart and Target , despite the best efforts of these big-box retailers.

Market research …


New aluminium battery for smartphones can be charged in a minute | Reuters

(Reuters) - U.S. scientists said they have invented a cheap, long-lasting and flexible battery made of aluminium for use in smartphones that can be charged in as little as one minute.

The researchers, who detailed their discovery in the journal Nature, said the new aluminium-ion battery has the …


Lowe's: The Home Improvement Retailer Of The Future

In other blogs I’ve looked at how cutting-edge companies like Amazon and Apple are getting closer to their customers by using consumer data to take the friction out of the purchasing process. That’s why you may be surprised that one of today’s leading lights in the retail space is actually a home …

The Future

Amazon's Dash button--Not an April Fools' joke

Never, ever want to run out of coffee, toilet paper, razors or trash bags again? Amazon has a button for you.

The online behemoth launched Amazon Dash on Tuesday. Although that was one day before April Fools', it actually is a real product, the company says.

Dash is a small oval electronic device …


Spylight for iOS lets you buy the clothes from your favorite TV shows

Have you ever been watching a TV show or a movie and wondered where you could buy the clothes? Well, Spylight is the answer.

Spylight is a nifty new app for iOS that allows you to “shop the screen” quite literally. There are two ways you can do it – by holding your phone up to the TV while the show …


Why Netflix Chose NGINX as the Heart of Its CDN

In the few years since its introduction, Netflix’s online video streaming service has grown to serve over 50 million subscribers in 40 countries. …


Samsung says foldable-screen smartphones could be out next year

Curved displays on smartphones have finally hit the mainstream. Sure, you may not have one in your pocket just yet, but between models like the LG G …


Amazon says the FAA is so slow, the delivery drone it approved is already obsolete

Last week the Federal Aviation Administration finally gave Amazon permission to begin test flying its delivery drones outdoors. But in testimony before a Senate subcommittee today, Amazon argued that the government wasn't moving nearly fast enough. "This approval came last Thursday, and we’re eager …


The fall of cable is coming

Cable is amazing. For as much as people justifiably rag on cable providers, the actual content and breadth of channels is absolutely mesmerizing. …


The Algorithm That Tells the Boss Who Might Quit

Employers want to know who has one foot out the door.

As turnover becomes a bigger worry—and expense—in a tightening labor market, companies including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Credit Suisse Group AG and Box Inc. are analyzing a vast array of data points to determine who is likely to leave a post.

The …


Amazon’s Drone Delivery Dreams Just Took a Step Closer to Reality

But don't expect a drone on your doorstep anytime soon

Amazon’s hopes of delivering shipments to customers via drones got a little more real Thursday as federal regulators granted the company approval to test its unmanned aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave Amazon’s drones what’s …


Comcast could get dragged kicking and screaming into joining Apple’s TV service

Despite initial reports that content from NBCUniversal (which is owned by Comcast) won’t be a part Apple’s rumored TV streaming service, contract …


Windows 10 Upgrades Will Be Free, Even for Pirates. No Joke

Windows 10 is coming this summer, Microsoft has confirmed, and will be free to anyone using Windows 7 or better. Even people who didn’t pay for …

Microsoft Windows

Open Source Works. Just Ask Facebook

Facebook's latest open source project is already winning over the likes of Dropbox and Netflix.The post Open Source Works. Just Ask Facebook appeared …

Dyson invests $15m in technology that may double smartphone battery life

Dyson is investing $15m in a new type of battery that promises to double smartphone battery life and allow electric cars to drive over 600 miles per charge.

The British vacuum company was alerted to the University of Michigan spin-off called Sakti3, which has developed next generation solid-state …


One company is trying to sell a smartwatch that powers phones, tablets, TVs, and more

Near the end of 2013, a company called Neptune came out with a crazy idea: build a playing card deck-sized smartwatch that could run without a smartphone. It accomplished that feat at the expense of being large and ungainly, making Android Wear behemoths like the Moto 360 look svelte by comparison. …


Disney’s $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband

If you want to imagine how the world will look in just a few years, once our cell phones become the keepers of both our money and identity, skip …

Walt Disney Company

How Netflix Reinvented HR

Artwork: Freegums, Good Vibrations, 2011, acrylic on wood, 8′ x 15′

Sheryl Sandberg has called it one of the most important documents ever to come out of Silicon Valley. It’s been viewed more than 5 million times on the web. But when Reed Hastings and I (along with some colleagues) wrote a …

USB Type-C: I've Never Been So Excited About a Dumb Little Port

The future of cables is finally coming and it's god damned fantastic. Welcome to USB Type-C.By now you've no doubt heard how USB Type-C is the single …

Google Fiber

Adopting Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Architectural Design

In some recent blog posts, we’ve explained why we believe it’s crucial to adopt a four-tier application architecture in which applications are …

Box buys small security startup to court more risk-averse clients

Fresh off its IPO in January, Box has made its first acquisition of the year, buying a small security startup called Subspace, the company said on Wednesday. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but all seven Subspace employees will be joining Box and the startup will be closing up shop …


Google confirms Android Pay: a mobile payments layer 'anybody can build on'

Google has announced that it's working on a new mobile payments framework named Android Pay. Speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google exec Sundar Pichai confirmed that this would not be a new product for users, but an "API layer" that allows other companies to support secure payments …


Samsung's new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge put design first

Following countless leaks and endless teasers, Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones. The pair of S6 phones succeed the Galaxy S5, Samsung's prior flagship announced one year ago, and will be available across the world starting on April 10th. All four major US …

Samsung Galaxy

Your First Look at Google’s Reconfigurable, See-Through HQ

Our first look at Google's new headquarters.The post Your First Look at Google’s Reconfigurable, See-Through HQ appeared first on WIRED.