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French Butchers Ask For Protection After Threats From Violent Vegans

French butchers say they're under threat from militant vegans. And they've asked the French government for protection. What's at stake, say butchers, is not just the right to eat meat — but a way of life.<p>Didier and Sandrine Tass run their butcher shop on a busy street in Paris' 15th arrondissement. …


Chicago Is Proud To Be Anti-Ketchup

A writer took a picture of a sign on Chicago-area expressway that said, "No texting, no speeding, no ketchup."

Text Messaging

Trump Responds To Fallout From Helsinki

At the White House yesterday President Trump walked away — sort of — from his controversial statement in Helsinki that drew widespread condemnation.

Donald Trump

Empowering Kids In An Anxious World

Rates of anxiety and depression among teens in the U.S. have been rising for years. According to one study, nearly one in three adolescents (ages 13-18) now meets the criteria for an anxiety disorder, and in the latest results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Youth Risk …


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Life Immortalized In Song

With the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the nation is focused, once again, on the make-up of the Supreme Court. And yet Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the best-known member of the current court; at 85 she continues to be a cultural phenomenon. A …

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Economic Integration At The Northern Border

Few American and Canadian businesses are as tightly linked as Twin Rivers Paper's mills. Its mill in Edmundston, New Brunswick, makes pulp for its paper mill just over the river in Madawaska, Maine.


Sen. Chris Van Hollen On The Democrats, Russia And The Midterms

Democrats are calling for congressional action to protect the midterm elections from Russian intrusion. NPR's Noel King talks with Sen. Chris Van Hollen.

Chris Van Hollen

Migrants Describe Unsanitary And Overcrowded Detention Conditions

As young children are reunited with their parents after being separated at the border, there are fresh concerns about the way they are treated inside the detention centers.


Marking Nelson Mandela's 100th Birthday

The late statesman Nelson Mandela would have turned 100 years old Wednesday. Writers, politicians, and activists are marking the date with readings from a collection of his letters.

Nelson Mandela

Archaeologists Find 14,500-Year-Old Bread

Archaeologists in Jordan's Black Desert found the burnt remains of bread, baked more than 14,000 years ago. It proves people were making bread far earlier than originally known.


Maria Butina To Appear In Court

Maria Butina, a Russian graduate student living in the U.S., has been charged with working as an unregistered foreign agent. She is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.


News Brief: Trump Walks Back Comments, Russian Student Charged, Migrant Detentions

President Trump takes that Helsinki comment back. Another thread in the story of alleged Russian influence in U.S. affairs. And disturbing stories from migrant detention facilities, from those inside.

Donald Trump

Trump Supporters React To Helsinki Comments

As condemnation of the summit between Trump and Putin mounts in Washington, we head to rural Texas to hear how Trump supporters in Burnet County are reacting to criticism of the president.


Medicaid Under The Influence: How Drugmakers Sway Medication Options For Patients

Eight months pregnant, the drug sales representative wore a wire for the FBI around her bulging belly as she recorded conversations with colleagues at a conference in Chicago. Her code name? Pampers.<p>Her company, drugmaker Warner Chilcott, was using payments and perks to get doctors to prescribe its …

Health Care

Put Your Face In It: How Gaming Helped Me Understand My Dog

I have this dog. His name is Brian, and he's a whippet, plus some other skinny-dog ingredients. He looks like this.<p>Great, right? In that image, it's fairly easy to see that he's thinking, "I am beautiful, in every single way; words can't bring me down." But a lot of the time, figuring out his …

Breath of the Wild

The Midnight Hour

Tiny Desk concerts usually take place in the afternoon.<p>It might come as a surprise for a 1990s-era hip-hop artist and composer to deliver a sultry set of jazz fusion — one that seems better suited for midnight hours in a smoky club than late afternoon in a newsroom office — but keep in mind, the …


Lawsuit Says Migrants Subjected To Dirty Detention Facilities, Bad Food And Water

Migrants detained in recent months at the U.S.-Mexico border describe being held in Customs and Border Protection facilities that are unsanitary and overcrowded, receiving largely inedible food and being forced to drink foul-smelling drinking water.<p>In a lawsuit filed against Attorney General Jeff …


Tenants Sue Kushner Cos. For Alleged Harassment, N.Y. Governor Launches Probe

A promotional video for the Austin Nichols House — a swanky, renovated condominium building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, owned by Jared Kushner's family — showcases airy modern apartments where sunlight spills in through "Egyptian Revivalist style" casement windows to fill loft-like rooms from their …

Real Estate

Former Equestrian Says She Sprayed Pig's Blood In Lover's Home As Revenge For Affair

Lizzie Purbrick, a former champion equestrian, admitted in a British court that she scrawled rude messages inside her lover's house in pig's blood as revenge for an affair.<p>She said she discovered her partner, conservative member of Parliament David Prior, was sleeping with another woman. So in May, …

Great Britain

How To Be A Savvy Consumer Of Science News

Astrophysicist Adam Frank has a cheat sheet for how to not get overwhelmed or snookered by science headlines.<p>Transcript<p>ARI SHAPIRO, HOST:<p>The news overload we all feel can extend to the world of science. Our friend from the world of astrophysics, Adam Frank, has offered to provide some tools to help …


Nelson Mandela's Prison Letters: 'One Day I Will Be Back At Home'

Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013, would have been 100 years old on Wednesday. A new book is out to mark the occasion, <i>The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela.</i><p>These deeply personal letters, many to his wife, his children and his closest friends, have never previously been published.<p>They were compiled by …

South Africa

EU And Japan Sign Trade Agreement That Was 5 Years In The Making

The European Union and Japan signed a trade agreement Tuesday making it much easier to sell goods in each region. With a veiled reference to President Trump's trade policies, European officials say they're taking a stand against protectionism.<p>Transcript<p>ARI SHAPIRO, HOST:<p>The Trump administration is …


Why Cash Is King In Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, getting paper currency can be a major problem due to a country-wide shortage. NPR looks at how that's playing out on the ground, and what it takes for people there to get their hands on cash.<p>Transcript<p>ARI SHAPIRO, HOST:<p>Hi, Ailsa.<p>AILSA CHANG, HOST:<p>Hey, Ari.<p>SHAPIRO: You know I was just …

South Africa

'Better Than Super': Russia Reacts To Trump-Putin Summit In Helsinki

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, a master of diplomatic verbosity and sardonic barbs, summed up the results of the Helsinki summit in just three exuberant words: "better than super."<p>After four years of getting short shrift by his American counterparts, Russian President Vladimir Putin was …


Arms Control Surfaced In Helsinki, But It's Likely Just Talk

For all the bad blood between the U.S. and Russia over the years, they still inspect each other's vast nuclear arsenals and both have sharply curtailed the number of nuclear weapons poised to launch. That is thanks to two arms control treaties, which are now at risk.<p>But at their Helskini summit, …


Fed's Powell Says A Long Trade War Could Hurt U.S. Economy

A trade war with China, the European Union and other trading partners is casting some doubts about the U.S. economic future, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Tuesday.<p>And the longer it goes, the more potential harm it could cause, Powell told the Senate Banking Committee at a hearing …


Usain Bolt, The World's Fastest Man, Is Sprinting Toward Soccer

The fastest man in the world could soon be the fastest soccer player in the world. Usain Bolt, world record holder in the 100-meters and 200-meters, is about to sprint into a professional soccer career.<p>Transcript<p>ARI SHAPIRO, HOST:<p>The world's greatest sprinter is taking his talents to the soccer …

Michael Jordan

How The Spread Of Fake Stories In India Has Led To Violence

In India, fake news can be deadly. About 20 people have been lynched by mobs, amid social media messages of kidnappers on the loose. Police are trying to teach first time smartphone users how to discern fact from fiction online.<p>Transcript<p>AILSA CHANG, HOST:<p>Here in the U.S., online misinformation or …


'Washington Post' Reporter Describes Violent Clashes Happening In Nicaragua

Following another weekend of violence and protests against Nicaragua president Daniel Ortega, NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with <i>Washington Post</i> reporter Joshua Partlow, who was inside a church that was attacked by pro-Ortega forces.<p>Transcript<p>AILSA CHANG, HOST:<p>In Nicaragua, nearly 300 people have been …


A Look At The Efforts To Monitor A Network Of Twitter Accounts Tied To Russia

Following the Trump-Putin summit, NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks to Bret Schafer, a social media analyst at the Alliance for Securing Democracy, about which hashtags and links are trending among Russia-linked Twitter accounts.<p>Transcript<p>ARI SHAPIRO, HOST:<p>The Russian campaign to influence Americans did not …

Social Media