TRUMP: NEWS, Views & Attitudes

The majority of the news here will still be found in my main news magazine. Not all. This magazine will focus almost exclusively on the most important issues regarding Trump and friends, and the reactions to them. Coverage may include implications of ongoing events, comments and actions. For those who wish to delve more deeply into news pertaining to Trump without anything else, this is for you. It's a good way to check on what's transpiring. I will often put more than one article in on a topic to provide different perspectives- be they alternative viewpoints or news from other countries, as they respond to Trump. It was due to the vast amount of news generated regarding Trump, that it seemed to call for a separate magazine. This starts in earnest at the end of his first week in office. Given the many charges of "fake news" I shall continue what I have committed to in other magazines of import, and continue to vet as well as include more than one source for a given issue when possible. I have tried to vet article in here, if you do see something which proves false, please advise me asap! All comments are welcome. I do request that regardless of your viewpoint you refrain from personal attacks upon others with whom you may not share a viewpoint. if you can elucidate and provide sources etc, it would be invaluable to the community as a whole. Welcome!!