THE UPSHOT: VISUAL ARTS — (+Photography & Art; Photojournalism; +Articles With Visual Impact & Pertaining To Visual Arts )

Unique, Noteworthy, Informative— It's been said a picture paints a thousand words... Journey across lands, from mountain peaks to grains of sand, underwater and in the depths of caverns... as well as photojournalism- depicting moments from the best of in world's events to the worst. Exciting sporting events, and hidden wonders. A journey of beauty and imagination. Videography & Art: Photography News; Art Exhibits & more: You’ll find a few videos included as well. Occasionally they are videos which are related to news events, yet are best captured through video. Other times they are artistic presentations for a purely visual experience. The same applies regarding some artwork which will be added now as well. Finally, you will also find some articles written about photography, covering topics ranging from photography techniques to ethics in photojournalism. The comments section is your place to let me know what you do and don't like as well as to make suggestion regarding coverage you may like to see more of. Have a wonderful day. 🌞