Earth in Crisis: Climate Change • War • Refugees • Natural Disasters • Food Security • Pandemics • Extinctions — We are facing the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. Our earth is in critical shape. We face crises created by issues stemming from climate change, wars, improper stewardship of the earth through war, deforestation, misuse and abuse. Many events may seem independent of one another. They usually are not. We are seeing the beginning of serious water wars. Climate change refugees place unexpected pressures upon places to where they run. The earth cannot sustain us as we live today. When it comes to food security alone, we must ensure people are not just able to eat enough to feel full, not just enough to barely survive, but rather we need access to healthy food, with nutritional value. Without that nobody and nothing can thrive. That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Sadly, as I start this new magazine I do so due to the many humanitarian crises worldwide demanding urgent attention. There is a dire, urgent need for attention and action.