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This Ex-Muslim Started a Tumblr for Women Who Have Abandoned the Hijab

I talked to Hiba Krisht about the 15 years she spent wearing the Muslim head covering against her will and how Islam can hypersexualize women.<p><i>Hiba Krisht. All screenshots courtesy of interview subject</i><p>A little over a year ago, Hiba Krisht started writing about her experiences as an ex-Muslim and …

Brad Pitt prankster unrepentant over red carpet attack

The Ukrainian prankster detained after accosting Brad Pitt at the world premiere of Maleficent, the Disney fantasy starring Angelina Jolie, has declined an opportunity to apologise for his actions.<p>Vitalii Sediuk told the Hollywood Reporter he was trying to hug Pitt when the incident occurred at the …


Pivotal royal pictures from Prince William's family tour - CNN.com

<b>Australia (CNN)</b> -- Major royal tours like the one the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on this month act as milestones in a royal career.<p>The images that come out of them will be used in perpetuity to illustrate an ongoing history of monarchy. In New Zealand and Australia there have been …

How to Be Popular, ’50s Style: ‘Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek’

When 15-year-old Maya Van Wagenen had trouble fitting in at middle school, she looked to a popularity guide from 1951 for answers. Read an excerpt …

Under the Bridge

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العالم مليء بالطيبين . ان لم تستطع ان تجد واحد منهم كن انت احدهم