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By Andrea Bigiarini | By the Flickr group


The Dancer


A Sound Man: Dan Bailey 2015/10/14

In the name of...


Backyard Flowers In Black And White 6

abstract /41

We're All Here

In tribute to Richard Avedon. From my series "Anthropomorphic life"

Woman Waiting

The Enchanted Hour

Within in you without you. From the series " if these walls could talk"

At the Vintage Fair

This must be the place (Barcelona Airport Transit Zone)

Let the caged bird fly.

Lost in a Time

From the series " If these walls could talk"

From the series " If these walls could talk"

Missori M3.

Vivian Maier Exhibition /5

Vivian Maier Exhibition /2


A Tale of Reconstruction


Robin the deep thinker

Rock star mom.

Queen Pace

Going around with Raffamuffin Vibes