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By YASU MASUDA | Good Morning Planet! Let's go out and take some photos as we are still alive! @LeoNovel.

A Window into the World of Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus is known for her unsettling photographic portraits of people on the outskirts of society. She also was one of the first photographers to …

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Richard Misrach<br>Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, California<br>Recommendation by DeWitt Cheng<p><i>Continuing through May 30, 2015</i><p>The seemingly contradictory …

San Francisco

30 of Our Favorite Products for Spring

As we collectively begin to stow away our winter coats, and begin to dig around for our summer clothes, many of us will realize that favorite concert …

New Balance


6th and Market, San Francisco... #FOTOMISH 🌀🚀🌀🚀

Richard Misrach: Being(s) 1975–2015

Review<p>Richard Misrach: Being(s) 1975–2015<p>On View<p>Fraenkel Gallery<p><i>Solo Show</i><p>This Fraenkel Gallery survey of more than thirty years of Richard Misrach’s …

San Francisco

A sneak peek of our next exhibition #TheHeartisaLonelyHunter, curated by @Katy_Grannan. Dru Donovan, "Untitled", 2009 http://t.co/xV8C2jOjQC

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself. Jiddu Krishnamurti For @dan.cristea #tinycollective

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are. Ernst Haas #tiny_collective

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. Henry David Thoreau #tiny_collective

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it. - Danny Kaye #reflection #archive #tiny_collective

While fame impedes and constricts, obscurity wraps about a man like a mist; obscurity is dark, ample, and free; obscurity lets the mind take its way unimpeded. Over the obscure man is poured the merciful suffusion of darkness. None knows where he goes or comes. He may seek the truth and speak it; he alone is free; he alone is truthful, he alone is at peace. Virginia Woolf. #tiny_collective #archive

The more often we see the things around us - even the beautiful and wonderful things - the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds - even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less. Joseph B. Wirthlin #tiny_collective

Great! Richard Sadler shoots Weegee http://t.co/zQYZpYhbHi

Vivian Meyer, Self-Portrait http://t.co/rO0cwOsEgq

Lina Scheynius’ Photography Observes Moments Of Quiet Intimacy And Sensuality

This is the personal blog of Bobby Caputo<br>Traveling Photographer from Queens, NY.<p>Music Lover, Coffee Drinker, Beer Nerd, News Junkie.<br>I post what …


​Suspending Time: Miniature and Landscape Photography - Photographs by Yoav Friedlander | LensCulture

<i>I base my thesis on the recognition that our world is informed by images. Photographs represent and replace experiences, memories, landscapes and objects. Our past still exists in the form of photographs, and we will move on to a future which be is based on those photographs and the context through</i> …

Tattoo Artists Cover Breast Cancer Survivors’ Scars With Beautiful Tattoos

Mastectomies, or surgical removals of all or part of a breast, can be life-saving procedures for people suffering from or at risk of developing …


Sweetness follows

When I first saw some pictures from Nicholas Nixon’s “The Brown Sisters” – probably almost 20 years ago – I dismissed the collective as a gimmick. I …

Michelle Obama

SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS: Fall 2015 MPS in Digital Photography Program

Clay McBride<p>Large Format Print Week with<p>Celebrity and Portrait Photographer Greg Gorman<p>Clareese Hill<p>Ksenia Tavrina<p>Photography Icon Bruce Davidson …

The Storytellers Vol. 5

Every Monday we ask our audience to share their stories with us on Instagram. We would love for you to join us and share what each photo says to …


Explore 'Battleship Island,' the isolated city that's sat untouched off the coast of Japan since 1974

Because of its distance from shore, the island became a permanent home for the mine's workers and their families. Hashima became a self-contained town, with homes, stores, and streets. Much of the architecture above ground was dedicated to large concrete apartment buildings to house the island's …

6th and Jessie streets, San Francisco, 11:04pm. #FOTOMISH 🌀🚀🌀🚀

Las Vegas, NV | May 1, 2015 "ITS ON!" Manny Pacquiao @mannypacquiao looks to the light. Tomorrow he faces off against @floydmayweather in what is being called the biggest boxing match since Ali Vs Frazier. . Follow me and @marvilacar as we document the fight for @ESPN #espnmag . #onassignment #photojournalism #documentary #reportage #sports #sportsphotography #boxing #maypac #mannypacquiao #themannyteam

Las Vegas, NV | May 2, 2015 Manny Pacquiao lands a right during the richest fight in the history of boxing. But undefeated champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather held onto the win with a unanimous decision to end the so called "Battle of the Century." . Shot #onassignment for @ESPN with my partner in crime @marvilacar Thanks for following our coverage! #maypac #mannypacquiao #floydmayweather #boxing #sports #photojournalism #notthebestfightever

What the New York Times gets wrong about its own immigrant street-art project

The New York Times Magazine, with an assist from photographer JR, has turned a bunch of recent immigrants into street-art stars. For the magazine's "Walking New York" issue, they commissioned JR to take photos of 15 immigrants who've come to the city in the past year or so — and then pasted …