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How I Made My Zine & Zine Making Series




A Quick Beginner's Guide to Astrophotography

If you're interested in trying out astrophotography, it's a fun, but very different genre to get into. This helpful video will give you some quick …

How to interact with strangers to get the most out of your street photography

Street photography doesn’t only require photographic skills and capturing the right moment. It also involves interaction with the strangers, which …

NASA Video Of Aurora Borealis From The ISS Will Take Your Breath Away

NASA proves once and for all that astronauts have the best job in the world.<p>If it wasn’t bad enough that NASA astronauts get the prestige of being …

How To Photograph Fireworks

Here are some of Serge Ramelli´s best tips to shoot fireworks:<p>1. Recommended gear: Tripod, Lens 24-70 or equivalent, not too wide and remote<br>2. In …

Looking for a new coffee table? Try this gorgeous piece from my very talented friend Greg Natale! This piece certainly adds style and glam!! @gregnatale More images over on the Facebook page...just search for A Designers Mind! #homedesign #lifestyle #style #designporn #interiors #decorating #interiordesign #interiordecor #architecture #landscapedesign

Check it out! Mid Century Industrial Smoked Glass Task Lamp with Edison Bulb, L 11" x D 11" x H 22", $175 #midcentury #midcenturylighting #midcenturylamp #tasklamp #industrial #industriallamp #sunbeamvintage #LosAngeles #HighlandParkCA

Tom Hoops Photography

Let’s talk about portrait photographer, Tom Hoops.<p>Tom Hoops is a British photographer who lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. He is well known for …


Oct 1, 2015 at 3:52am UTC

Travel Sketching 101

I’ve been sketching my way around the world for five years now, and I can safely say the practice has forever changed me as a traveler. I love how my sketchbook slows me down, throws all of my senses wide open, and paves the way to spontaneous encounters with locals and fellow visitors alike.<p>So, in …


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Photo by Ekin Kucuk from "A Glimpse of Burn Diary". See full story on

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash Cover Live)

SHENDeVERË Bar / Besian Mehmeti Architects

<i>Text description provided by the architects.</i> SHENDeVERË is a new bar located off the margins of a busy boulevard in the city center, a retreat of …


Tim Burton Movie Head Portrait Series

Two Faced-Table

The “Duale” table wears this name because it can have two different sides if we return the plank. The work on duality and clear lines was made by …

Life on Flores, the Indonesian island that time forgot

A trip across Flores is like stepping back into the Indonesia of William Dampier and Joseph Conrad. Buffalo still plough the fields here and old women still chew betel nut while they weave fine <i>ikat</i> textiles by hand in the old ways. Flores is more than twice the size of Bali yet, until recently, has …

Asia Travel

20 Cool Photos for Sale - Photographs courtesy Paris Photo | LensCulture

Paris Photo is perhaps the largest and most significant art fair for collectors of photography. As always, the experience is exhilarating, inspiring — and ultimately visually overwhelming. There's just too much to see!<p>With hundreds of the world's most successful photo and art galleries presenting …


Oneiric Autumn - Photographs and text by Frang Dushaj | LensCulture

The first image from this series, Submerged, is the one that fundamentally oriented my approach to the project as a whole. I was inspired by those misty days during mid-fall, when the lines between sky, land and water begin to blur, when things begin to look clearer and much more indistinct at the …


Lords of the Mangrove - Photographs and text by Felipe Jacome | LensCulture

In the northwestern corner of Ecuador live the tallest mangrove trees in the world. Amidst the trees’ towering, almost fantastical, roots, you will often find (young) members of the local Afro-Ecuadorian communities. Some are simply playing in the forests but most are there to make a living, to …


The Wall of the Wonders

Project info<p>The Malecón from Havana, Cuba, represents more than 8 km of concrete. It is one of the most emblematic places that distinguishes the city, and is one of the most visited sites by Cubans and tourists. It is like a sofa with the best view on any spectacle that takes place nearby.


The Riders of Destiny

Project info<p>Romi Perbawa has spent four years documenting the child racers of Sumbawa Island in Indonesia. Held at the end of the rice-harvesting season, these races often involve children as young as 5 years old, with the horses they ride regularly racing at incredibly high speeds. Shockingly, …

City Politics

Rainy Days