how to work out minecraft PE

By Nolan | Minecraft PE is a great building game. *if you build a house you can go in it. To place a block touch anywhere in the world of minecraft. (*PE means poket editoin)

AU New Releases: Splatoon Splashes Exclusively On To The Wii U

This week at Australian retailers, Nintendo's third-person shooter Splatoon hits the Wii U on May 30.<p>In the game, players control creatures called Inklings who can change between a humanoid form and a squid form. In the humanoid form, players can shoot ink onto the stage, marking the territory of …


What you need to know about 'Minecraft'

Chances are that if you don't play <i>Minecraft</i> yourself, you've probably at least heard of it or know someone who does. The charming indie game has invaded nearly every facet of pop culture, casting its blocky spell on everything from Legos to feature films and has even been used for tourism. With …