NJ Fights for $15

By NJ Working Families | In 2015, Working Families launched its effort to bring the nationwide Fight for $15 to New Jersey. Less than a year later, we're in striking distance of a real living wage. Check it out.

Assembly, Senate Leadership Come Together on Minimum Wage Legislation

<b>By Michael Hill</b> <i><br>Correspondent</i><p>“It’s too important not to be able to come together,” said Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto.<p>“We always knew we would come …

Minimum Wage

N.J.'s top Democrats join forces on $15 minimum wage

New Jersey Senate and Assembly leaders on Friday announced a joint effort to raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour.


A fight is coming in N.J. over pensions, minimum wage, sick leave

Business groups are banding together to fight Democratic lawmakers' proposals on sick leave, $15 minimum wage and mandatory pension payments.

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Democrats in New Jersey Legislature Agree on $15 Minimum Wage Plan

New Jersey's minimum wage would rise to $15 an hour over five years under a new proposal from the leaders of the Democrat-led Legislature.<p>Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and Senate President Steve Sweeney unveiled the initiative Friday during a statehouse news conference. The announcement was made …

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A big victory in the fight for $15!

Yesterday, we stood with legislators to introduce a bill that would raise New Jersey’s minimum wage to $15, which would allow hundreds of thousands …

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Minimum Wage Hike Battle Back on the Agenda in Trenton

<b>By David Cruz</b> <i><br>Correspondent</i><p>The push for a $15 an hour minimum wage will get a boost from legislation that Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto says he will …

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N.J. Democrats will push for $15 minimum wage

State Assembly Democrats announced they want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour

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N.J. should be 'embarrassed' by high poverty rate, Assembly speaker says

Lawmakers will develop an array of bills in the coming weeks to address New Jersey's growing poverty, despite evidence that the state's economy is …


Trenton's anti-poverty agenda has uncertain price tag

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Democratic lawmakers have embarked on an ambitious agenda to fight poverty, but the price tag to taxpayers is …

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Why is NJ’s Poverty Rate So High? And What Can Be Done to Lower It?

Insufficient funding or poor management of state programs in seemingly disparate areas -- including welfare, job training, aid for the disabled, food …


As Interest Increases in 2016 Presidential Election, Central Jersey is “Feeling the Bern”

<b>HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—</b>Bernie Sanders, the US Senator and former Congressman of Vermont, is running for Democratic Party's nomination for US President in …

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Raising the N.J. minimum wage simply makes sense | Editorial

Nobody wakes up one morning and says, "I hope I get a job that pays minimum wages when I grow up!"<p>But in today's economy, many workers - most of them …


Why no raise? 4 reasons, but there's hope

Nicholas Reed has seen enough of the job market to know that if he ever wanted a comfortable life, he would have to return to college.<p>At 27, the …


Mercer County Freeholders Call on State to Raise Minimum Wage

On December 10, Mercer County became the third county in New Jersey to call on the state government to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 per …


Complications for NJ minimum wage boost

CLOSE<p>Several GOP candidates are against raising the minimum wage but they're in the minority of Americans.<p>“Taxes too high. Wages too high. We’re not …

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The New Year Did Not Bring An Automatic Increase In New Jersey's Minimum Wage

<i>By Mike DeNardo</i><p>TRENTON, N.J., (CBS) — With the start of the New Year, the minimum wage went up in 14 states. But not New Jersey.<p>When New Jersey …


Mercer 3rd county in N.J. to endorse $15 minimum wage

The resolution calls on state legislators and the governor to support legislation that would raise the minimum wage

Minimum Wage

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Last week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced that he is taking advantage of a state law to raise minimum wages without the involvement of the …


Fulop and the ‘Fight for Fifteen’

Fulop at a Tuesday ‘Fight for Fifteen’ rally.<p>On Tuesday, the national day of action in the “Fight for Fifteen” movement, Jersey City Mayor Steven …

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Essex board 1st in N.J. to call for $15 an hour minimum wage

The Essex County freeholders passed a resolution in favor of the movement.

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New Jersey minimum wage holding steady for '16 : WHYY

New Jersey’s minimum wage will not be going up next year.<p>A constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2013 links annual minimum wage hikes to the …

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NJ’s Minimum-Wage Workers Won’t Be Getting Automatic Increase This Year

New Jersey voters in 2013 voted to hike the state’s minimum wage and also seemed to guarantee regular annual increases by linking the hourly rate to …


In Newark, activists call for $15 minimum wage

NEWARK — Keke Ford, 27, knows what she would do with some extra cash if she had it: send her nine-year old son to football camp.<p>"I'm trying to scrape …

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Airport Workers in Newark Join Strike Against Airline Contractor

<b>By David Cruz</b> <i><br>Correspondent</i><p>Cabin cleaners at Newark airport joined with others at seven airports across the country for a one-day work stoppage to …