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Your Guide to Running at Any Level

Want to be a better runner? Whether you're a beginner or a serious runner, here are running tips and training plans to get you there.<p>Getty Images …

The Ultimate Guide to Packing Lunches

New ways to eat leftovers, inspiration from a Rubik's Cube and more ideas for delicious brown-bag cuisine that'll please everyone.<p>Give Oil and …

Healthy Eating

How to Photograph Food For Professional-Standard Shots

A great food photograph can do a lot of things – it can make a viewer hungry, it can convince a diner to order a dish and it can sell a hell of a lot …

Allah Ke Bando Sirf Allah Se Daro

"Hazrat Ibn e Abbas Razi Allahu Ta'ala Anho se Riwayat hai ke,Nabi e kareem Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam ne farmaya:"Jo Shaks 1 din ka Aetikaf bhi …


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Islam - The True Religion


Allah is my best friend =)




Treasures of Islam

A Cute Letter from a newly married Indian girl to her mother<p>Dear mom,<p>Like every normal girl, I was excited about marriage right from my childhood …



ذَٰلِكَ الْكِتَابُ لَا رَيْبَ ۛ فِيهِ ۛ هُدًى لِّلْمُتَّقِينَ This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah - یہ کتاب (قرآن مجید) اس میں کچھ شک نہیں (کہ کلامِ اللہ ہے۔ اللہ سے) ڈرنے والوں کی رہنما ہے (AL Baqarah 2:2) #Hannanbinasim

Lucy Cavendish says goodbye to dieting and hello to 'mindful eating'

From the Dukan diet to Caveman to Intermittent Fasting, Lucy Cavendish has tried it. So what happened when she renounced diets for good in favour of eat-what-you-like-when-you-like 'food mindfulness’?<p>This is what I had for lunch today: nuts. That’s it, really. I had some nuts and then a few seeds …


Beauty how to: Softly defined eyes

The best products to recreate the look in Alexander Wang's autumn/winter 2013 collection.<p>BY <b>Sonia Haria</b> | 06 July 2013<p>Alexander Wang may be a fan of 1990s grunge, but the make-up at his autumn/winter show was oh-so modern, a brilliant example of a subtly defined eye.<p>To achieve the look, the first …

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✿✿✿ RAMADAN IS JUST 27 DAYS AWAY ✿✿✿ Let's Prepare ourselves for this blessed month Abu Hurayrah (RA) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) took a promise from him for three things : that he should not sleep without (offering) the witr (salah); he should keep three fasts every month and he should pray the (salah of) duha. [Tirmidhi, Book # 8, Hadith # 760] ►JOIN: Islam is the Solution for Humanity


Would you wear it?

<3 Alhamdulillâh... another Jumuah (Friday) - The master of all days, has come again. <3 Are you waiting for this day? Don't pass the day without doing many good deeds & getting loads of Rewards! MashaAllaah! <3 Here are the sunnahs you can do today: !!►► [REMINDER] 1 - Praying Fajr in congregation [al-Bayhaqi, classed as saheeh by al-Albaani, 1119] 2 - Before and during Salaat al-Jumu’ah (Friday prayer): ➲ Bathing on the day of Jumuah [Bukhari & Muslim: #1951 & #977] ➲ Going early to Jumuah prayer [Bukhari & Muslim: #929 & #1964] ➲ Walks to Jumu’ah prayer [al-Tirmidhi, 496] ➲ Listening attentively to the Jumu’ah Khutbah (Sermon) [al-Bukhaari (934) & Muslim (851)] 3 - Seeking the hour of having one's prayer answered on Jumuah day [Bukhari & Muslim: #935 & #1969] 4 - Reading Surah Al-Kahf [al-Haakim, 2/399; al-Bayhaqi, 3/249] 5 - Sends blessing on the Prophet Muhammad (sallAllaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) [Ibn Majah, #1085); Abū Dawūd, #1047] Visit this link - to read on detail | Mobile Users Share Link - ►► Please Share and Remind Others to do these Sunnah also, as you will get reward too by doing it, Insha Allaah! Don't miss the Opportunity! Grab & Act! ***


Cause we are young

بسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم اے اللہ ! تو محمد محمد صلي اللہ عليہ وآلہ وسلم اور ان کي آل پر رحمت نازل فرما اے اللہ پاک !میں گناہوں میں غرق ہوں ،میرا شریر نفس مجھ پر ہر وقت حاوی ہے،میں شیطان کے بےشمار چنگلوں میں الجھی ہوں،تیرے سوا کوئی میرے گناہوں کو معاف کرنے والا نہیں،تیرے سوا کوئی مجھے نفس کے شرور سے بچانے والا نہیں،تیرے سوا کوئی مجھے شیطان کے چنگلوں سے رہائی دینے والا نہیں،میں بہت کمزور ہوں ، اپنی تمام تر کمزوریوں اور گناہوں کا اعتراف کرتی ہوں،مجھے معاف کر دے۔ مجھے ایک پل کیلئے میرے نفس کے حوالے نہ کر،مجھے شیطان کے چنگلوں سے رہائی دلا کر اپنی رحمت میں داخل کر لے،یااللہ میری یہ دعا اور میری تمام دعائیں میرے حق میں میرے تمام بھائیوں بہنوں دوست احباب کے حق میں قبول فرما اور ہم مسلمانوں کو ہمیشہ نیکی کی توفیق دے۔ آمین ثم آمین یا رب العالمین

For all those who didn't give up excuses today! Dla wszystkich tych, którzy nie poddali się dziś wymówką!