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FDA approves a new artificial sweetener

Say hello to advantame, aspartame's intensely sweet cousin, which got the nod to enter the U.S. food market on Wednesday from the<p>Food and Drug Administration. Advantame -- which does not yet having a catchy marketing name -- is the sixth artificial sweetener on the U.S. market to receive the FDA's …


What We Can Learn From Humans Who Don't Age

A closer look at the science behind two unusual little girls, who have appeared on Dateline and Good Morning America.<p>Perhaps you've seen them on <i>Dateline</i>, or <i>Good Morning America</i>. Gabrielle Williams and Brooke Greenberg are girls who don't seem to age at the same rate as the rest of us. Nine-year-old …

Kawasaki Disease Wafts to Japan on the Wind

Air from China brings a major cause of childhood heart disease to Japan, study finds.<p>The agent of Kawasaki disease, a potentially fatal illness in children, floats into Japan on seasonal winds from northeastern China, according to a report published today in the <i>Proceedings of the National Academy</i> …

La Jolla

Whatever happened to the great apes of Europe?

It was more than 14 million years ago that ancient apes departed Africa and began radiating throughout Europe and Asia, according to scientists. So why don't we see apes in Europe today?<p>Researchers in Spain argue that a variety of great apes went extinct in Europe about 7 million years ago because …


Proteins Could Form The Heart Of New Electronic Gadgets

How protein switches might work in chemical detectors and other electronics<p>Wonder if it will catch on. A new paper, posted on the database arXiv, introduces a name for a new field of research: proteotronics, or the study and development of electronic circuits with proteins as a plug-in …

5 Apps For A Citizen Science Summer

With summer just around the corner in the northern hemisphere (and that nasty winter not quite a distant-enough memory), a lot of us are looking for any excuse we can to go outside. Here are five citizen science apps that will give you all the reasons you need to get some fresh air.<p><b>Noise …

How The Rising Status Of Cats And Dogs Could Doom Biomedical Research

Scientific organizations worry that a movement to grant more rights to pets could spill over to mice and lab rats.<p>In November of 2010, 26,000 scientists descended on the San Diego Convention Center to attend the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. They weren’t alone. On the first day of …

World's worst planes: The aircraft that failed

The history of aviation is littered with aircraft that failed to live up to expectations. Here are some of the most serious aviation failures – from nine-winged monstrosities to a plane with flapping wings.<p>It's more than 110 years since mankind first took to the air in a powered aircraft. During …


The Medical and Microbiological Consequences of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol consumption has been a part of human activity for millennia though not everyone does so responsibly. Back in the 1800s, public health officials first took note of the issue of alcohol abuse, which was known then as intemperance. They were keenly aware there was a link between the amount of …

Scientists Discover Carbon Cycle Is Out Of Whack

Scientists who track carbon say the way it cycles from the atmosphere back to earth and into plants and animals has apparently changed. It could be the whole planetary carbon treadmill is speeding up.<p>Transcript<p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST:<p>Next we'll report on another of those signs that scientists monitor …

Wild mice actually enjoy running on exercise wheels

Findings dispel the idea that wheel running is a product of captivity, indicative of a neurotic or repetitive stereotyped behaviour that may be associated with poor welfare<p>According to a newly published study, wild mice frequently and voluntarily run on an exercise wheel if provided access to them …

Scientists find new way to combat drug resistance in skin cancer

Rapid resistance to vemurafenib – a treatment for a type of advanced melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer – could be prevented by blocking a …

New meteor shower may peak this week: Why we haven't seen it before

There's a new meteor shower coming this week. Maybe!<p>From midnight to dawn PDT on Saturday morning, Earth might pass through a stream of debris left in the wake of a comet hundreds of years ago.<p>The result could be a spectacular light show with as many as 200 meteors falling gracefully toward Earth …


New battery turns wasted heat into energy - Futurity

Researchers have developed a new battery technology that captures low-temperature waste-heat and converts it into electricity.

Clean Energy

Comb jellies have evolved totally different brains - Futurity

Comb jellies took a different path to neural complexity and use a new neurochemical language that doesn't exist in other animals, say researchers.


Oil and gas 'footprints' disturb forest songbirds - Futurity

As oil and gas development fragments the forest, songbirds get pushed out and "generalist" species move in.


Soil microbe secrets could help halt superbugs - Futurity

Soil microbes could reveal ways to curb gene-sharing among infectious bacteria, potentially preventing the spread of antibiotic-resistance.


Extra-hairy microbes make biodiesel sustainable - Futurity

With engineered microbes, biodiesel plants may be able to stop creating hazardous wastes and eliminate fossil fuel from their production process.


What Does It Take To Make Meat From Stem Cells?

More than you might realize<p>Made with some breadcrumbs, egg, and 20,000 lab-grown cow muscle cells, the world's first lab-grown burger made its debut last year. It was a proof of concept, evidence that you can make meat in lab. The technology is too difficult and expensive to show up grocery stores …

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The Food of the Future Is a Greenish Brown Plant Paste From Finland

Ambronite is green, but at least it's not people.<p><b>Compared to Soylent, which is chemical</b> powders, flour, and oil, and Soylent Green, which is people, Ambronite seems downright normal. It's not, of course: Like Soylent Green and Soylent, Ambronite is a "drinkable meal" intended to replace a regular, …

Environmental Health

Yelp reviews can reveal sources of food poisoning, study finds

Yelp is the newest resource for government inspectors trying to track down cases of food poisoning. By sorting through restaurant reviews left on Yelp, New York City's Health Department has been able to identify and investigate disease outbreaks, ultimately finding food-handling violations at …

Target immune system to treat gum disease - Futurity

A component of the immune system may offer a new target for preventing or even reversing gum disease, researchers say.

Dental Care

Mummy X-rays let you peel its body

X-Men: meet the real mutants

As X-Men: Days of Future Past is released, we look at real-life humans who can withstand sub-zero temperatures, face death without fear, and have the reflexes of a fly<p>In 1963, when comic book legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first created the X-Men, they could have had no idea what they had spawned. …

Conan O'Brien

Experimental Malaria Vaccine Blocks The Bad Guy's Exit

For the first time in decades, researchers trying to develop a vaccine for malaria have discovered a new target they can use to attack this deadly and common parasite.<p>Finding a target for attack is a far cry from having a vaccine. And the history of malaria vaccines is littered with hopeful ideas …

The Life Cycle Of Ideas

How scientific concepts rise and fall<p>Every scientific idea has its day. Theories are born and experiments are designed; results are put to the test, then disproved or accepted as canon. As scientists discuss an idea, they cite the paper that proposed it in their own work. Then, as the conversation …

The Saatchi medical innovation bill will put patients at the mercy of quacks

The medical innovation bill, also known as the Saatchi bill, claims to encourage innovation in treatments for the benefit of patients. But closer analysis suggests it could actually have the opposite effect<p>The government has recently consulted on the medical innovation bill – the so-called “Saatchi …

Unveils the ‘Global Selfie’ We Made on Earth Day

NASA has taken the wraps off a 3.2-gigapixel "Global Selfie" that was built from 36,422 images shared on social media one month ago, for Earth Day.<p>The space agency says more than 50,000 pictures from 113 countries and regions around the world were posted on or around April 22, using the …

Earth Day