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An evening view of O-Kun-de-Kun Falls.. One of our favorite hikes in Michigan.. I posted a video a couple of days ago of my wife playing in the waterfall just upstream from this one. Thanks for sharing Michigan Nut Photography..

A shot from behind the wild and scenic O-Kun-de-Kun Falls.. I first attempted this shot a few years ago but didn't see a way of getting to the base of the falls. I found a way this time, and got a nice shower in the process.. Thanks for sharing Michigan Nut Photography

Cedar Butte Centennial Hike: July 12 & August 12 Join former wildlife biologist Richard Sherman for a hike to the top of Cedar Butte in the South Unit of the park. The location has the distinction of being the most important breeding ground for bighorn sheep in the South Unit. It has historically been used as a place to sequester oneself while seeking visions prior to the Sundance. Wear long pants and sturdy hiking boots for hiking over rough terrain, and bring lots of water! Meet at the White River Visitor Center at 8:00a.m. for both hikes.

“When I first open my eyes upon the morning meadows and look out upon the beautiful world, I thank God I am alive.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Siyeh Creek - Glacier National Park ~ Comments, Likes and shares are always appreciated

“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” ~ Dalai Lama ~ St. Mary Lake - Glacier National Park ~ Comments, Likes and shares are always appreciated

"Spend time with nature. Spend time with your soul." ~ Anthony Douglas Williams ~Haystack Creek - Glacier National Park, Montana ~ Comments, Likes and shares are always appreciated

“We are as much alive as we keep the Earth alive.” ~ Chief Dan George ~ Flathead Lake, Park ~ Comments, Likes and shares are always appreciated

A dreamy picture of a sunrise along the Ohio & Erie Canal at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. Last fall, photographer Wookie Kim went on an epic 45-day trail running road trip, driving to more than 30 national parks – from Cuyahoga Valley to the Grand Canyon – and running a trail each day. Wookie says: “In all, I ran almost 500 miles of trails, gained 70,000-plus vertical feet, hit 33 states and had one unforgettable experience. It was the trip of a lifetime.” iPhone courtesy of Wookie Kim.

Sunset Blast Good morning folks. I hear quite the storm over my bedroom right now, thought it might be nice to look at these instead. 😀 ♡In and around the lake♡ © Christian Dalbec Photography ✩EXPLORE the SHORE✩

Storm over Devil's Tower

Happy Independance Day! For the photographers out there, here's the scoop on how to shoot tonight's fireworks: 1) Pre-focus near where they're shooting the fireworks off (unless you have a strong foreground element such as the lighthouse in this shot. If you have a strong foreground element, focus there). After you prefocus, change your focus system to manual focus and don't bump the focus ring. 2) Manual settings: ISO 100, f/11ish 3) Setup on a sturdy tripod with a wide angle lens. 4) Set your shutter speed to "Bulb" or "B". 5) Connect a shutter release cord to your camera. 6) Click the button on the shutter release cord AND hold it down when a firework gets launched. 7) Let go of the button after it finished exploding. Here's the tricky part: If the fireworks are far away or it's really dark out, you'll need to boost your ISO to 200 (or) open up your aperture to f/8. Sometimes you need to do both. In this instance, I ended up shooting at ISO 200, f/8 for 6.8 seconds. Have fun and Happy Independence day!

Devil's Tower and the Milky Way

This seldom seen waterfall is on the Kadunce River. It's inside the slot canyon and the only way to reach it is either go up the river, climbing over waterfalls or down the river descending via ropes. I've done it both ways. Once you are in the canyon, there is no escape other than up or down. This last weekend, we did the climb up. The water was much higher than I recommend for a trip up the river. At this point, we had to wade chest-deep water to get between the two falls on the right (river left) and then ascend a sliver of rock between the two falls. It was hard reaching the sliver of rock, because the force of the waterfalls kept pushing us out. Definitely, wouldn't do it again at this water level. I sort of chuckle a bit when it comes to waterfall names. I recently read a waterfall book that had two "new" names for waterfalls on the Kadunce River. Not sure where the author heard the names or whether or not she made them up. Regardless, the waters on the Kadunce were also named by whitewater kayakers. This 25- to 30-foot waterfall is known as mandatory piton. It's called that because you will hit the wall when you come down the falls in the whitewater kayak.

~ The Old Coast Highway ~ Here's another look at the stunning old coast highway through California's beautiful redwood forests, as the sun begins to peek through morning mists. This is such a beautiful trail -- have you visited the redwood forests? :)

~ Perfect Yosemite Morning ~ Yosemite's stunning granite pinnacles and lush spring foliage are perfectly reflected in a small meadow pond just after sunrise.

~ Golden ~ The California coast is great for beautiful sunsets like these! This is the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse near Mendocino, which has been guiding ships since 1909 -- and yes, they really do keep that stunning lens gleaming and rotating all the time! :)

~ Yosemite Morning ~ The beautiful Merced River reflects early morning sun gleaming on Yosemite's stunning granite peaks, including the famous El Capitan.

~ Camas Blossoms ~ Camas bulbs were an important food for Pacific Northwest Native Americans. Camas grows in meadows, often wet ones, and the bulbs were carefully harvested at flowering season (to avoid confusion with a similar poisonous plant called death-camas, which has white flowers), and then steamed. Have you eaten these ancient treats?

~ They Watched the Stars ~ This beautiful old home in Eastern Washington gave this family a great view of the stunning Milky Way each night!

~ Seattle Fireworks ~ Eventually every photographer has to try her luck at catching some fireworks. I've combined the prettiest bursts of this year's 4th of July Seattle show into this beautiful composite image. And yes, that is a ferry speeding past the Space Needle! :)

~ Stunning Moraine Lake ~ I've just returned from an incredible 2 weeks in Canada's stunning Banff and Jasper National Parks! I have so many amazing images to show you ... here's one of my favorites of what may be the world's most beautiful location to photograph, Moraine Lake. Do you see the lovely woman in the lower corner, overwhelmed at the lake's beauty? That's pretty much how I felt for this entire trip! :)