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Solving Two-Step Equations

Algebra Word Problems - Mixture Problems

Simplifying Variable Expressions , Example 1 , Intermediate Algebra , Lesson 24

Algebra - Complex Numbers

College Algebra: Review 1 - Systems of Equations

Lec 04 - Linear Algebra | Princeton University

Lec 02 - Linear Algebra | Princeton University

Lec 01 - Linear Algebra | Princeton University

Repaso de algebra (parte 1: Suma y Resta)

Algebra: Introduction to Algebra

College Algebra Lesson 1: Equations

Algebra - Completing the square

Simple vs Compound Interest

Simple vs compound interest<p>Simple vs compound interest is not hard to understand. Basically, simple interest is interest paid on the original …

Compound Interest Formula

<b>P</b> = principal amount (the initial amount you borrow or deposit)<p><b>r</b> = annual rate of interest (as a decimal)<p><b>t</b> = number of years the amount is deposited …

Evaluating an Expression with Two Variables

Evaluating an Expression with Two Variables<p>A mathematical expression can have variables as part of the expression. If x=3, and y=5, the expression 7x …

Dividing Fractions


A fraction describes a part of a whole. The number on the bottom of the fraction is called the denominator, and it denotes how many equal parts the …


A circle is a geometric shape that we have seen in other lessons. The circle to the left can be used to represent one whole. We can divide this …


De Moivre's Theorem Roots of Polar Complex Numbers

Projection of a Vector onto another Vector

Dot Product & Angle Between Vectors

De Moivre's Theorem powers of Polar Complex Numbers

Vector Application Examples PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION

Writing Vector in terms of Magnitude & Direction Example

Product & Quotient of Polar Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers in Polar Form

Converting Equations Between Polar & Rectangular Form

Converting Coordinates between Polar and Rectangular Form