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Photos: These wildlife photography winners will put a smile on your face

A pelican losing its lunch and an elephant falling on its face, both relatable behaviors made much more humorous by a well-timed camera click.<p>Judges …

@aipad. Love rooms with no art!

Lions Gate Bridge with the City of Vancouver in the background. #aerialphotography #imagesofcanada #vanconventions #HelloBC @taloncopters #MyVancouver #tourcanada #604Now #ExploreBC #instagramvancouver #vancitybuzz #nikoncanada @nickdidlick #nickdidlickphotography #taloncopters #visualmediaproducer #vancouver #vancouverphotographer #vancouverphotography @nikontop #nikontop #bcplace

On the job

YETI Presents: In Current


GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME - Over the past 5 years I've made it part of my post-shoot workflow to write down little notes after each shoot to remind me what worked well, and what I can do to improve next time. - Sometimes these notes include little thoughts like "Keep shooting what inspires you," or "Spend more time experimenting" but more often than not, they look more like "Slow down," "Take the time to make the shot perfect," or "Don't rush." In short, it all boils down to the simple fact that all good things take time. - At a wedding or on set it's SO easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of everything going on around you and to lose focus on what we're there to do. We're not just there to create, we're there to create beautifully. We're there to turn what we see into the most beautiful version of itself. To do that, we may need to step back and think about it (duh). We might need a second to decide which lens would make it look it's best or to make sure our settings are where they should be. It's easy to take a good shot in a rush but sometimes you need time to take a great one. - This as a another public reminder to myself because I'm sure that someone else may have needed to hear this too. If you feel yourself getting caught up in the shooting whirlwind, slow down and remind yourself that ALL GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME. - As always, questions are more than welcome (duh). I'm currently teaching/camping in Iceland so I'll reply as soon as I can.

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A #360view from the top of #ludlowcastle in #Ludlow England. #nickdidlick #nickdidlickphotography #ontopoftheworld

Ski Jumping

Ice Hockey Final

5 Films That Influenced Christopher Nolan

Before Christopher Nolan was a blockbuster director, he was a kid who loved movies. Here are the five films he identifies as his biggest</i> …

Sonar | Trailer (2015)


Remember the movie? Shot at my @nikonschool workshop in #Hollywood #nickdidlick #nickdidlickphotography #nikonambas…

Peter Lik Photography Origins Video Documentary


Composition In Storytelling


The Boy with a Camera for a Face

My Life Sucks! Best of Devinsupertramp 2015!


Haneda Airport Tilt Shift and Time Lapse

Vancouver City

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Watchtower of Turkey


The Cave Excursion

The Foundations

Watch Ringo Starr Talk Passion for Photography in New Short Film

He'll always be known as the Beatles' drummer, but <i>Rolling Stone</i> Films sheds light on Ringo Starr's other life's work in a new original short, "Ringo …

Scott fly rods - behind the scenes


The Final Stitch: Making the Super Bowl's Footballs - INSIDE THE NFL


70MM of Hateful

What makes a photographer when everyone is taking pictures

<b>KEN VAN SICKLE, Photographer:</b><p>If you walk out of the front of the Flatiron Building and you walk straight across the street, you walk right through my …

Affordable Field Recorders for Filmmakers

Field recorders are an absolute must when going into any production. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most affordable options for …

Stunning photos showcase national parks one whole day at a time

This cover of this month’s National Geographic features a unique way to look at U.S. national parks: a whole day at once. Shot by acclaimed …

National Parks