College Bound? Time to Submit Your FAFSA

October means it’s time to find free money for college and find out how much additional financial aid you may qualify for by submitting the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid.

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College Bound? Time to Submit Your FAFSA
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    FAFSA Applications Open Oct. 1

    Despite the headlines, college is still the surest path toward better lifelong earnings. But a degree is far more likely to pay off if you haven't borrowed a small fortune to get it. Those who submit their FAFSA early stand the best chance of getting more free money for school.


    A college’s financial aid staff uses your EFC to determine your financial need. They take the school’s total cost of attendance, including tuition, fees and room and board, then subtract your EFC to calculate the maximum amount of need-based aid you’re eligible for.

    2023-24 FAFSA Checklist

    Financial Aid Guide

    Your Guide to Financial Aid

    Your Guide to Financial Aid

    Financial aid includes free money like grants, scholarships and work-study, as well as government loans that you repay. You’re likely to end up with a combination of sources, but you should always maximize all free aid before turning to loans. If you do borrow, choose federal loans before private options.

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