A Campaign For Progress: Paid Family Leave in NYS

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While US Lags on Paid Maternity Leave, Some States Make Progress

While the United States is the only developed country in the world that does not offer paid maternity leave for new mothers, both of the current …


New York Enacts Groundbreaking Paid Family Leave Law

Now the fourth state to offer paid family leave, New York recently passed the most generous and ground-breaking paid family leave policy in the …

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GUEST VIEW: N.Y. actions will help fight poverty

Across the Mohawk Valley, many hard working people remain in poverty. Despite full-time jobs and a strong desire to succeed, too many people find …


Politics In Real Life: Paid Family Leave A Big Concern, Not A Top Campaign Issue

Nancy Glynn, 27, called it her "NICU diet," but it wasn't about weight loss. It was about financial survival.<p>When her son, Hunter, was born two months premature, he was 2 pounds, 10 ounces and fighting for his life. Hunter was in the neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, for more than a month.<p>The …

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New York’s Paid Family Leave Law Trumps All Others - CJC Human Resource Consulting and Services

<i>What Empire State employers need to know</i><p>New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law last month the most generous paid family leave policy in the …

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Gov Cuomo has officially signed $15 min wage and the nation's strongest paid family leave law #NYLeads https://t.co/oOEn2gBExe

New York Lawmakers Pass Trailblazing Paid Family-Leave Policy

While many people spent April 1 trying to sort real stories from April Fools’ jokes, New Yorkers were able to legitimately smile at some surprising …

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New York Just Introduced the Best Paid Family Leave Policy in the Country

Last Thursday, New York passed a historic bill to mandate guaranteed paid family leave for nearly everyone who holds a job in the Empire State. The …

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New York's pioneering paid leave policy: What you need to know

By now, you've probably heard that New York is leading the nation with one of the most progressive paid leave policies in the nation. On March 31st, …

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Andrew Cuomo: N.Y.’s answer to economic anger

Across our country today, people are angry. They are angry because middle-class and working-class families have been going backward...


New York just passed the most generous paid family leave law in the country

New York state just passed the nation's most comprehensive paid family leave policy yet, guaranteeing that all New Yorkers — men and women, employees of small and large firms, and full-time or part-time employees — can take three months of partially paid time off to take care of a new child or a …

New York Just Created a Revolutionary New Family-Leave Policy

You say you want a revolution? A political, social, economic policy upheaval that will dramatically alter the playing field for millions of Americans …

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NY Needs Paid Family Leave - Shatzkin Systems - **


NY Needs Paid Family Leave Go Green Technology Inc **


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Business owners rally for paid family leave in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Wednesday a group of business owners will be calling on lawmakers to support Governor Cuomo’s push for paid family …

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PHOTO GALLERY: Rally for paid family leave

Local Groups Call For 12-Week Paid Family Leave

Kathy Medovich is a nurse and a supporter of paid family leave in NYS. She was at work the day her mother died. "The morning that she passed away, I …


Cuomo Remembers Late Father at Paid Leave Rally

Courtesy of NY Gov. Cuomo's Office<p>by<p>3.10.16 2:45pm<p>On March 10, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held a rally for his paid family leave legislation. The …

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Cuomo's push for state family leave gets Nancy Pelosi boost

Gov. Cuomo's push for a 12-week state paid family leave program received a boost Thursday from House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.<p>"How …

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Cuomo: A chance for historic family leave in NY

This year, our state has a chance to take a historic step forward to restore fairness, opportunity and economic security to working families. I’ve …

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Paid family leave won’t hurt NY businesses

Your Feb. 20 article about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s paid family leave proposal highlighted fears and criticisms from some businesses that are simply not …

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Flanagan Credits Klein On Paid Family Leave

Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan credited the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference Jeff Klein on Tuesday for advancing the …

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Make family leave for all

Every working person deserves the option of paid leave to care for and bond with a new child or to assist and spend quality time with an ill or dying …

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New Yorkers Deserve Paid Leave

During the Paid Family Leave Campaign's February 2nd Albany Advocay Day, paid leave legislation passed the New York State Assembly by a margin of …