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How to Do a Lego / Star Wars Stop Motion Animation

Introduction: How to Do a Lego / Star Wars Stop Motion Animation<p>Lego is one of the best ways to do a stop motion animation.<p>It is easier than using …

How to Animate Found Objects

So it’s good to know that when you’re animating found objects, you can animate with almost any object you can find though some objects work better …

How to Storyboard Your Animation

So you don’t always have to make a plan when you’re creating a stop motion animation, but it’s a pretty good idea to go in with a plan. And one way …

What Is Stop Motion Animation?

What is stop motion animation? Stop motion animation is basically when you take a photograph of something and you change that subject you’re …

How to Make a Stop-Motion Animation Brick Film

Step 1 Write a script Write a script for your film. Consider what blocks and figures, known as minifigs, you have and your familiarity with filming …

How to Animate an Explosion

A fantastic thing to practice animating are explosions. Explosions are, of course, can be very serious things, but in the case of animating, we can …

How to Animate Fire

When you’re creating a stop-motion animation, it’s fund to give yourself challenges. One particular challenge I really enjoy is the animation of …

The 10 Best Stop-Motion Animated Movies Ever

Everett<p>This week's "Lego Movie" utilizes a blend of computer animation and stop-motion animation -- the kind of animation that, up until this point, had been utilized for countless fan-made Lego movies. The process is simple and painstaking -- each figure or puppet or doll is moved incrementally, …


Afternoon Animation: Tissue Animals Look Like Stop Motion Harry Potter "Patronus Charms"

Monkeys, horses, snakes, and more delicate creatures come to life.<p>There are so many insane stop motion videos out on the web, but sometimes keeping it simple is best. "Tissue Animals," by Hitoshi Sato, Fuyu Arai, Motoki Ohno, and more stays within that mentality to create an impressive short in …

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11 Awesome Lego Facts That Will Make You Want To Break Out The Bricks Again

Back in 1998, LEGO (or as we casually refer to them, Legos) was one of the original toys to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, and there are good reasons why. In a way, Legos can be seen as the iconic "building blocks" of so many people's childhoods all over the world. Even if you …