Public Cloud or Private Cloud?

Source: Nuday Networks There are two main models for cloud-based computing, the private cloud, and the public cloud — which option you choose depends on your business’ requirements. What’s the Difference? A public cloud is hosted off-site usually by a vendor, all services and support operations are provided from a usually distant location via internet connectivity. A public cloud network usually hosts data for multiple companies and is generally open to the public as well. Access to your data is usually just cordoned off with an authorization key and security protocols. Because the public cloud is maintained for general use, it provides one-size fits all solution that cannot be tailored to your businesses requirements; you have no say in how a public cloud is run. A private cloud is a server with infrastructure and architecture dedicated to the operations of just one organization. They can be hosted either on or off-premises, but in no circumstances, a will they offer services to other customers. This option provides all the benefits of a locally based hardware server that you can tailor to your needs. In a Yankee Group’s cloud computing survey, 67% of respondents preferred private clouds over 28% opting for public cloud networks. #PrivateCloud #PublicCloud #Datacenter #Colocation #toronto Source: Nuday Networks

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