Modern Kitchen Remodeling

By negar | Cooking, eating, drinking, cleaning, spending time with family, socializing — many home activities take place in the kitchen. That is why you need to carefully consider each and every aspect of your remodeling project to make your kitchen both functional and beautiful. But some kitchen remodeling misconceptions can completely ruin your kitchen. Here are common misconceptions about modern kitchen remodeling that you should avoid at all costs for renovating it into a practical and elegant kitchen. 1. No Need for a Designer Taking designing your kitchen for remodeling as a DIY project is a huge mistake. People think they can save money on the designing part and can easily plan out a sample plan for the contractor to follow. In reality, it can actually waste a lot of your money, energy, and time. 2. Hire a Cheap Contractor It may seem like a tempting option, but never go for a contractor charging unbelievably low price for their services. There is a good chance that they will use low quality materials or unskilled labor inexperienced in performing renovation tasks. 3. Save by using Cheap Material Any reputable and professional remodeling studio will recommend you to go for high quality material by spending on a few extra bucks rather than using cheap material. 4. It looked good in a Friend’s House You need to understand that your home is unique and different from any other in your neighborhood or your friend’s circle. You may be inspired by the look and feel of your friend’s modern kitchen, but it is highly unlikely that it will go well in your home as well. 5. Renovate without Checking the 3D Design Most homeowners don’t even know about this technology. Professional kitchen remodeling companies have access to latest software that allow them to provide their clients with 3D design of what their modern kitchen will look like after remodeling. 6. No Warranty is needed If your remodeling company has finished their work on your modern kitchen design and after one week, the kitchen faucet starts leaking or any plumbing has come off, you will have no choice but to get it repaired yourself. On the other hand, if you have hired a company that offers warranty on their services, you can have peace of mind that you will covered be even if any issues arise afterwards. #modernkitchen #kitchen #remodeling #kitchenremodeling Source: Tango Design Studio