5 Kind of bubble wrap for packing

These are the 5 kinds of this plastic wrapping accessory for moving that you should know about : 1- Anti-Static Bubble This kind of packaging wrap comes in pink and is often used to bundle up electronics such as laptops and other computer parts. You can buy Anti-Static Bubble in rolls that are 12 inches wide. 2- Bubble Pouches Bubble pouches are the most common type of bubble wrap that many people are familiar with. 3- Bubble With Dispenser This is similar to item number 2 except that it comes with a dispenser. For people who pack many different items in a day, this can come in handy as you don’t have to hold the roll of wrap and cut it manually. 4- Clear Bubble Wrap When you use this type of wrap, you can see through the plastic material and see the item inside. 5- Kraft Bubble Paper This type of plastic wrap comes in different sizes and can fit many different things such as lotions, glass items, and other fragile things that are classified as breakable. #Bubble Wrap #Packing #Packaging #Wrapping Source: BoxShop http://www.boxshop.ca/5-kinds-bubble-wrap-need-know/

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