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How devs deal with making enemies that feel 'okay' to kill

Combat is such a common aspect of many video games that engaging with it feels natural, at least when it’s done correctly.<p>When you’re hunting down …

Game Design

How to implement 2D isometric view in Unity

Our <b>Pushy & Pully</b> game has some isometric view in place. If you still don’t know the game let me show you an screenshot:<p>As you can see the view is …

Game Development

A treasure trove of handheld video games from the '80s added to the Internet Archive

Tiger Electronics. Coleco. Konami. Bandai.<p>These are all familiar publishers for gamers from the '80s. Back in the days when Nintendo's biggest …


16 Steam Features You Probably Don't Know About

Like the thousands upon thousands of games it hosts, Steam has secrets. Secrets that its pays to know about.

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Super Nt review: the absolute best way to play Super Nintendo in HD

Super Nintendo games are in the midst of a widespread revival, but if you've ever tried to connect something that's almost 30 years old to a modern …


Blog: What makes a crafting system unique?

Let's talk about the crafting system in Evil Islands, and how it does something that makes it really unique. ...

Game Design

Blog: How marketing drives engagement in free to play games

The role of marketing in free to play games is often underestimated. In the modern understanding of marketing, you need to accompany customers after …

Game Development

Blog: Creating 2D particle effects in Unity3D

Technical artist David Finseth of Synapse Games explains how the particle effects in Spellstone and Animation Throwdown were created in Unity3D. ...

Game Development

The tools used to design Rayman Legends

<i>Rayman Legends</i> owes a lot of its success to the UbiArt Framework, an engine originally developed for the game's predecessor, <i>Rayman Origins</i>. …

Game Development

Blog: Cuphead, cruelty, and selling unfairness to you

This is a breakdown of the many different ways Cuphead uses randomness to create unpredictable exciting fights. ...

Game Design

Blog: Using minimalist containers to create advanced data structures

In this post I show how to use the minimalist container types from my last post to create more advanced data structures. ...

Game Design

Developing Rogue Legacy on a budget

What does it mean to be budget-oriented? As Kenny and Teddy Lee explain, it's about prioritizing game mechanics and focusing on gameplay first. They …

How MidBoss encodes a player's game data in shareable 'death cards'

Promoting a game by automatically embedding screenshots in social media sites is a common practice, particularly among developers whose games live on …

Game Development

Art Design Deep Dive: Using a 3D pipeline for 2D animation in Dead Cells

"To make up for the lack of bandwidth and still deliver on quality, we had to find a pipeline that could give us great looking pixel art, without …

Game Design

Blog: How to make healthy games

Ramin Shokrizade identifies the two core consumer needs, and suggests that by meeting those needs directly we can improve product success and …

Game Design

Designing great hitboxes for a 2D beat-'em-up with swords and shields

Gamasutra chats with the creative director and lead programmer of 2D beat-'em-up Wulverblade about the tricky process of dialing in satisfying …

Game Development

Blog: Pricing considerations for your game

Putting a price on a years work is super hard. Let's explore some basic pricing stuff you should consider and think about. ...

Game Development

7 uses of procedural generation that all developers should study

In the right game — <i>Diablo</i>, <i>Rogue</i>, <i>Spelunky</i>, <i>Daggerfall</i>, <i>Elite</i>, <i>Spore</i>, even the likes of <i>Football Manager</i> — procedurally-generated content is magical. It …

Game Design

Devs weigh in on the best ways to use (but not abuse) procedural generation

Devs on Into the Breach, Astroneer, and Moon Hunters chat with Gamasutra about how they've learned to best use proc-gen techniques in their games -- …

Game Design

Q&A: An indie dev's guide to hiring, casting, and directing voice actors

Voice acting is crucially different from other art assets in game dev, either visual or audio, in that there's no such thing as "off the shelf" …

Game Design

New Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Revels In The Glory Of The Series' History

The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection does a lot to celebrate 30 years of the series' focus on one-on-one fighting action. While Capcom has released other fighting game collections in the past, such as Street Fighter Anniversary Collection and Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, the 30th …

Street Fighter
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Native Americans

A Noble Quest In Need Of Divine Intervention

Despite offering an endless tapestry of intriguing tales to draw from, the events of history remain criminally ignored by video games. Sure, exotic …

Axiom Verge: Metroidvania At Its Finest

Even though it's at the end of its life I am still finding reasons to turn on my Vita. The most recent reason? Axiom Verge. AV is a game that had …

Indie Gaming

Dune II and the three rules of a good licensed game

Why I Love: Auroch Digital design director Tomas Rawlings examines what made the seminal real-time strategy game such a massively influential success

Monster Hunter

Aliens invade the planet in trailer for Left 4 Dead-style shooter Earthfall

An extra-terrestrial apocalypse threatens to wipe out humanity in a new trailer for Earthfall.<p>Developed by indie team Holospark - whose talent …

Left 4 Dead