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RNC Chair Priebus: You'll Know Trump's Immigration Policy 'Very Soon'

After a week of different statements and positions on immigration, where does Donald Trump stand on the issue?<p>According to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, we're going to find out "shortly."<p>"Now he's reflecting on it and his position is going to be known," Priebus told NBC's …

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ComPRESSed: Priebus and Plouffe - NBC News

Meet the Press - August 28, 2016

Meet the Press - August 28, 2016<p>(BEGIN TAPE)<p>CHUCK TODD:<p>This Sunday, Trump 3.0. Donald Trump's evolving positions on immigration. Is he now against deporting undocumented immigrants?<p>DONALD TRUMP:<p>There certainly can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people.<p>CHUCK TODD:<p>Or is he still for …

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Data Download: GOP Registration Advantage May Be Hype

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump is struggling in the polls, but his unconventional campaign cites one big hope as the fall election season nears: Trump's ability to bring out a new army of voters to the polls.<p>Throughout the year the candidate has routinely cited the record number of …


MTP Data Download: GOP Registration Advantage? - NBC News

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Political Correctness on College Campuses - NBC News


Panel: Race to the Bottom? - NBC News


David Plouffe Calls Donald Trump a 'Psychopath' - NBC News

David Plouffe

Full Interview: David Plouffe Talks Clinton Foundation, Donald Trump - NBC News

David Plouffe

Priebus on New Trump Hires: 'I Go With the Flow' - NBC News

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Priebus: Donald Trump's Immigration Plan is Not Like Jeb Bush's - NBC News


Full Interview: RNC Chair Priebus on Immigration, Trump and Decision 2016 - NBC News


Democrats Look To Take Back Senate

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calls the GOP's odds of keeping control of the Senate "very dicey." Charlie Cook, editor and publisher of the Cook …

Mitch McConnell

Pollster: ‘This is a Race to the Bottom’

Pollster Peter Hart, who just conducted a Wisconsin focus group with some likely voters, says the candidates, the pollsters and the media have given …


Trump Wavers on Central Campaign Theme

As the Trump campaign tries to pitch minority voters, Donald Trump's position on immigration seems to keep changing. NBC’s Katy Tur reports on the …

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Presidential Campaign Brings the Alt-Right Out of the Shadows

The alt-right, a mostly anonymous internet subculture, has been introduced to the mainstream thanks to the 2016 presidential campaign.<p>First Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hired controversial political figure Steve Bannon to a major position within his campaign. Then Hillary Clinton …

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Coburn: 'Alt-Right' is 'Total Fringe'

Former Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) says Donald Trump "may enliven" some of the "total fringe" conversation of the “alt-right” movement, but "he doesn't …

Tom Coburn

Clinton: 'Alt-Right' Taking Over GOP

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton's attempt to link him and the Republican Party to the "paranoid fringe" and "stoking" racial resentment is "a …

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First Read: Trump's Stunning Flip-Flop on Immigration

<i>First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.</i><p><b>Trump's stunning flip-flop on immigration</b><p>Earlier this week, we wrote that Trump was weighing the possibility of backtracking -- as difficult as it seems …

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First Read's Morning Clips: Where Does the GOP Go From Here?

<b>OFF TO THE RACES: Where will the Republican Party go after 2016?</b><p>Don't miss the third installment of our United States of Trump series by Leigh Ann Caldwell and Benjy Sarlin, with photos from Mark Peterson and video by Matt Rivera. In this chapter, our team looks at where the GOP will go from here. …

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Trump Rallies in Dark Red States

With only 76 days to go until Election Day, Donald Trump spends valuable time in safe Republican states like Texas and Mississippi. Chuck Todd …

2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Trump Begins Major Push in Urban Communities

Donald Trump says he's willing to soft his approach on immigration and is planning a series of urban and minority outreach events. Chuck Todd digs …

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Clinton Campaign Rips 'Inaccurate' Report on Foundation Donors

Clinton campaign senior advisor Joel Benenson says an AP report that more than half of the people outside of government who met with Hillary Clinton …

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First Read: The Clinton Conundrum

<i>First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.</i><p><b>The Clinton Conundrum</b><p>The latest controversy over the Clinton Foundation -- the allegation that special access was given to Foundation donors when Hillary …


First Read's Morning Clips: A 'Softening'

<b>OFF TO THE RACES: A Softening</b><p>Speaking about deportations, Trump told Sean Hannity "there could certainly be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people."<p>From "Over five years, former president Bill Clinton earned $17.6 million from the world's largest for-profit education …

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Louisiana Governor 'I Asked' President Obama to Delay Visit

After a round of criticism, President Obama tours flood-ravaged Baton Rouge. Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA) explains why he asked the White House …


Attacks on Clinton Emails, Foundation Persist

Even when she's not on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton can't escape questions about the Clinton Foundation and her use of a private email server …

Hillary Clinton

Clovis: Trump Appealing to 'Real People' in Minority Outreach

Co-chair Sam Clovis says Donald Trump's minority outreach is appealing to "the average voter" who "lives under the oppression of, in many of these …

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For Trump's Campaign, the Candidate is Also the Landlord

Donald Trump's presidential campaign is paying Donald Trump a lot in rent.<p>The GOP nominee's campaign fought back on Tuesday after criticism of drastically increased rental costs at the team's own office space at Trump Tower in Manhattan, attributing a four-fold increase over two months to an …

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