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Admin Official: U.S. Likely to Take In More Syrian Refugees This Year


Meet the Press Transcript - August 30, 2015



This Sunday, the Trump effect. When Donald Trump talks--


Make America great again.


The rest of the Republican field listens.


With your help, we can make this country great again.


How Donald Trump is …

Donald Trump

Trump Talks, the Other GOP Candidates Listen

Donald Trump

Scott Walker On The Controversial Milwaukee Stadium

Scott Walker

Scott Walker: Don't Elect 'Someone Who Hasn't Been Tested Before'

Scott Walker

Does Joe Biden have a Shot at Winning the Democratic Nomination?

Joe Biden

Reporting from Katrina Then and Now

Did Hurricane Katrina Save New Orleans by Destroying It?


Richard Engel: U.S. Considering Major ISIS Strategy Change

Islamic State (ISIS)

Admin: ISIS Fight Will Be 'Long-term, Multi-year Campaign'

Islamic State (ISIS)

Scott Walker's Full 'Meet the Press' Interview

Scott Walker

NERDSCREEN: Is There Room For Joe Biden In This Race?

Will Joe run? That's Vice President Joe Biden, of course, and that's been the topic in Washington this week as he's publicly flirted with the idea.

If Mr. Biden decides to run, the most difficult task for him may come in cobbling together a coalition capable of challenging Democratic front-runner …


Scott Walker: $250 Million to Bucks Arena is 'Fiscally Responsible'

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended his plan to invest $250 million in taxpayer dollars in a new basketball arena as "fiscally responsible" in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" this Sunday.

"You're talking about being a fiscally responsible person, I am. That's precisely why I did this," he …

Scott Walker

Scott Walker: Politicians 'Trying To Distract' With Birthright Citizenship

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker again declined to clarify his position on birthright citizenship, arguing that it's necessary to secure the border and enforce immigration laws before addressing the issue.

"Whether it's talking about the 14th Amendment or anything else, until we secure the border and …

Scott Walker

Walker on His Poll Numbers and Views on Birthright Citizenship

Scott Walker

A Social-Media Murder


National Review Online

Social Media

First Read's Morning Clips

OFF THE RACES: Trump still on top, per Q poll

A new national Quinnipiac poll shows Trump in first place among GOP voters at 28 percent, with 12 percent for Ben Carson and seven percent apiece for Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

The same poll shows Hillary Clinton at 45 percent, Bernie Sanders at …

Donald Trump

Is Biden Stoking the Fire - Or Throwing Cold Water on It?

First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.

Biden: My heart and soul "are pretty well banged up"

We heard Vice President Joe Biden talk about his thoughts on a 2016 run for the first time since the …

Joe Biden

The Battles of New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina was a disaster of nature and of government, and President Obama and George W. Bush—who are in New Orleans this week to observe the storm’s tenth anniversary—would probably disagree on which force deserves more blame. Our view is that while nature’s fury is eternal, the Gulf …


Lessons From the Murders of TV Journalists in the Virginia Shooting

The slaying of two journalists Wednesday as they broadcast live to a television audience in Virginia is still seared on our screens and our minds, but it’s a moment not only to mourn but also to learn lessons.

The horror isn’t just one macabre double-murder, but the unrelenting toll of gun violence …


First Read: Donald Trump's Constantly Moving Targets

First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.

Trump's constantly moving targets

When he first entered the presidential race, Donald Trump attacked Mexico and Mexicans. Then he targeted John McCain. …

Donald Trump

Press Pass with Jamil Smith: 'People Are Past Hope and Change'

The political conversation regarding race, gender, and sex in America tends to put the public on edge, but Jamil Smith isn't shying away from controversial debates in his new podcast 'Intersection.'

The Senior Editor at The New Republic launched his podcast in the hope that "people will get a better …


What Biden Can (And Can't) Do as He Mulls a 2016 Run

As Vice President Joe Biden mulls a presidential run, he is legally allowed to discuss the 2016 campaign with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (as he did on Saturday) and speak with potential donors (as he's planning to do after Labor Day).

He's even allowed to "test the waters" by making a visit to the early …

Joe Biden

First Read's Morning Clips

OFF THE RACES: What another recession might mean for 2016's Benjy Sarlin explores what another recession might mean for 2016: "The consensus among major economic forecasters is modest growth ahead, but it's surprising how little the possibility of a recession or substantial slowdown is …

Jeb Bush

First Read: Jeb Bush Punches Back at Donald Trump

Jeb punches back at Trump

It began last week in New Hampshire, but escalated yesterday in McAllen, TX: Jeb Bush is increasingly punching back at Donald Trump. He argued that Trump's immigration plan to round up all undocumented immigrants isn't "grounded in conservative principles," saying: "The …

Donald Trump

Three Answers, One Week: Scott Walker on Birthright Citizenship

Republican presidential candidates spent much of last week responding to Donald Trump's call to end birthright citizenship - the United States citizenship automatically granted to children born in America regardless of their parents' immigration status.

And one candidate in particular had a series …

Scott Walker

Sanders: 'I Don't Know' How Biden Run Would Impact 2016 Race

CONWAY, N.H. — Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said that he isn't sure how Vice President Joe Biden's potential entrance into the 2016 Democratic primary race would affect his chances to win the nomination.

"Politics is not a soap opera. We should not be going around making terrible attacks on each …

Joe Biden

Presidential Field Reacts to Stock Market Plummet

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both jumped on Monday's news of a plummeting stock market to argue that the volatility makes the case for their very different campaigns.

In social media posts, Trump warned that China "will bring us down" and that "nobody has a clue."

The Dow Jones industrial average …


First Read: How a Biden Run Could Actually Help Hillary Clinton

Why Biden running could actually help Hillary Clinton

The Joe Biden buzz continues -- after the vice president met with Elizabeth Warren on Saturday and after the Wall Street Journal reports that he's increasingly leaning toward a White House run. Yet despite how a Biden bid could initially hurt …

Hillary Clinton