We need to build a sustainable world, living within the world's resources, less wastefully, more equitably. There is so much we need to do, so much we have to change. The good news - so many people are doing what needs to be done. This magazine celebrates recent progress. Be inspired.

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    SUSTAIN ME - JULY 2020
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      investing in climate change

      Banks and investors are providing money and pressure to incentivise green business.


      Using AI to solve waste problems

      Solving waste is a big problem and big data solutions will be needed. Early applications of AI to waste reduction are emerging. We will need more.

      50% Of Food Grown Globally Is Wasted. Can AI Fix It?

      50% Of Food Grown Globally Is Wasted. Can AI Fix It?

      We waste 1.6 billion tons of food every year while 25 million starve and another billion are malnourished. Can AI fix it? If one startup in Berlin is successful, just maybe. The global food supply chain is mind-bogglingly complex. Tens of millions of farms feed millions of grocery stores and …

      renewable energy

      The march towards 100% renewable energy is gaining speed and footfall.