GPS Vehicle Tracking System

With the proliferation in the number of cars, graph of car thefts is also increasing and so is the reason behind the popularity of car anti theft devices. Finding the right one is a tough and complex decision as a numbers of factors are required to think upon prior to opt best one that ensures you the peace of mind and of course a better sleep. Your beloved car is a long term investment and that obviously needs a comprehensive protection. A thief or a vandal can choose many ways to wreck your car or steel your car and wreck havoc on your life. Merely locking the doors, parking in the safe area and removing valuable things from car do not ensure your car from theft attempts. Even, nowadays, tyres are not safe.So introduction of technology becomes indispensable to safe guard your car against thefts. Prior to finalize an anti car theft device you should ensure weather it offers following services: 1. Anti Theft Call Alert instead of only message. 2. Geo Fencing 3. Live Location 4. Fuel Monitoring 5.AC on/off status 6. Vehicle Immobilization 7. Mobile App 8. Warranty 9. ARAI certification 10. Repairable BlackBox GPS Technologies has developed a versatile features enabled anti car theft device called Puma-The Vehicle Guard to protect your car from theft. Puma Guard provides a wide range of features to secure your car under any circumstance.It is the only patented GPS device of India and boasts ARAI certification. Puma Guard is a complete solution to the worries of car owners and provides all features that a customer needs. Puma-The Vehicle Guard comes with 2 years PAN India warranty and is fully repairable. It has a highly responsive user friendly mobile app for both IOS and Andriod phones. To learn more : Visit: Contact : 7888936187